‘Big Mouth’ Season 8: Final Season to Release on Netflix in 2025

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Big Mouth Season 8 Coming To Netflix In 2025

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After graduating from high school, fans of Nick Kroll’s adult animated comedy Big Mouth await an eighth and final season, which is now confirmed to be coming to Netflix in 2025. Below, we’re keeping track of everything you need to know about the final season of Big Mouth on Netflix.

One of the most successful comedy series on Netflix to date, Big Mouth has been entertaining and educating millions of subscribers worldwide since September 2017.

We’ve known since May 2023 that Big Mouth would be returning for an eighth and final season on Netflix. With an eighth season, Big Mouth will overtake Grace and Frankie, and Orange Is the New Black will be the longest-running Original on Netflix.

For the past several years, the release of the latest season of Big Mouth has become an annual fixture in the Fall, but that won’t be the case for the final season.

Instead, Netflix has confirmed that the final season will debut in 2025. The news came as Netflix revealed its upcoming lineup for Annecy Festival 2024, with Big Mouth set to be one of the shows and movies Netflix showcases throughout the event. A making-of session will occur during the festival on June 13th, 2024, with Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin in attendance.

We’ve got our first look at Big Mouth season 8, which takes some cues from the bible with its Last Supper homage:

Big Mouth Season 8. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2024

Big Mouth Season 8. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2024

What can you expect from the eighth and final season of Big Mouth?


nick big mouth season 8 netflix everything we know so far

Picture: Netflix

Unlike his classmates, Nick does not attend Bridgeton High School. Instead, his mom sends him to a private school in the vain hope that his behavior will change and that he won’t follow the path of his older brother, Judd.

Nick had spent most of the season trying to get closer to an older student, but after an awkward encounter, that came to a swift end. Now lonely at his new school, Nick was recruited to Mrs Cornhill’s “sad boys club.” However, Nick meets Andrew, a fellow club member, but after striking up a quick friendship, the pair leaves the sad boys’ club.

After the new Andrew meets the old Andrew, it’s evident that next season, the pair will be fighting over Nick’s best friend’s position. With Mrs Cornhill’s promise that her sad boys will return to her, Nick has to be careful that he doesn’t lose both Andrews as friends.


andrew big mouth season 8 netflix everything we know so far

Picture: Netflix

Everyone’s favorite perverted Jewish teenager, Andrew, finally took ownership of his actions and apologized to Timon for accidentally fondling her breasts. However, that didn’t stop her boyfriend, Pumba, from beating the hell out of him.

With Andrew turning over a new leaf, he might be able to save his disastrous start to life in high school. However, he will be spending the start of next season fighting for the position of Nick’s best friend against the new Andrew.


jessi big mouth season 8 netflix everything we know so far

Picture: Netflix

Thanks to getting on the wrong side of Lulu, it looked like Jessi would have a rough time in high school. However, after finding a way to befriend Lulu, Jessi ditched hanging out with Nick’s older sister and the popular kids and officially became one of the stoner kids.

Jessi was one of the smartest students in Bridgeton Middle School, so it will be interesting to see if befriending Lulu and the stoners will impact her grades.


missy big mouth season 8 netflix everything we know so far

Picture: Netflix

Missy was initially extremely excited about life in high school with asexual boyfriend Elijah, however, he dropped a bombshell on her that he was no longer going to Bridgeton High, and would be attending a religious school elsewhere. High school then terrified Missy and filled her with dread.

Missy eventually came clean about her feelings about high school, which resulted in her dad agreeing that she should be homeschooled instead. However, her mom is more reluctant to the idea and only agrees that it should be temporary. While initially happy at the idea of being homeschooled, Mona reminds Missy that without high school, she won’t be meeting any boys anytime soon.


jay and lola big mouth season 8 netflix everything we know so far

Picture: Netflix

Despite being one of the worst students at Bridgeton Middle School, Jay was able to graduate so long as he attended summer school with Coach Steve. Jay struggled to come to terms with Lola dating his older brother, as he still loves her. At least for Jay, he has a place in high school amongst the ‘basement dweller kids’ such as Nick’s older brother Judd.


mtthew big mouth season 8 netflix everything we know so far

Picture: Netflix

Matthew quickly found his place in high school amongst Bridgeton High’s Queer Choir, aka the B-High Quee-Choi. He’s also made some progress at home with his religious parents, who have begun to teach Matthew’s siblings about LGBT relationships. However, it is heavily hinted that Matthew’s dad is in the closet or bi-curious.

We expect Matthew to thrive as a member of the B-High Quee-Choi and may find himself a new boyfriend and officially move on from Jay.

What is the episode count of Big Mouth season 8?

The final season will feature a total of ten episodes. This will take the final episode count to 81.

Note: Contains contributions from Kasey Moore.

Will you be sad to see Big Mouth end after eight seasons? Are you looking forward to the final season? Let us know in the comment below.

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