Netflix Sets Olivier Marchal French Police Action Movie: ‘Bastion 36’

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Bastion 36 Netflix French Movie Everything We Know

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Netflix is working with esteemed French director Olivier Marchal on what will be his third major project for Netflix. Titled Bastion 36, here’s the rundown on what’s known about the upcoming thriller which is now in production as of April 2024.

Based on Michel Tourscher’s novel Flic Requiem, the film is set in modern-day Paris

Here’s the full synopsis courtesy of Netflix:

“Antoine Cerda, a senior police officer with the prestigious Investigation and Intervention Brigade is transferred to the Anti-Crime Brigade after being sanctioned by the General Inspectorate of the French National Police. He then turns his back on his former comrades and unit, led by the charismatic Sami Belkaïm.

Thirteen months later, two officers from his old squad have been killed in less than 24 hours. When a third goes missing in mysterious circumstances, Antoine Cerda decides to carry out his own investigation. His inquiries will reveal an intense police rivalry and take him on a terrible downward spiral”

Olivier Marchal is directing the movie, and Gaumont is producing it. Marchal is also behind the film’s screenplay.

Netflix has worked with the director before, as we mentioned above. He’s collaborated with Netflix twice thus far. His first project with Netflix was the film Rogue City, released in 2020. That movie went on to feature in the top 10s in over 70 countries, and it performed particularly well across Europe. In France, the film was featured in the movie top 10s for 24 days, and even longer, it was featured in Germany, where it resided for 30 days.

Marchal’s second major project was Blood Coast (Pax Massilia), a six-episode action thriller series set in Marseille and following a rogue police captain and his team. Marchal has hinted that the series will be returning for a second season, but our understanding is that season 2 is still awaiting full greenlight. That series similarly did good numbers for Netflix, featuring in the top 10s in close to 90 countries and featured in the global top 10s for 3 weeks, picking up 59.1 million hours watched between December 3rd and December 24th, 2023.

Who’s starring in Bastion 36?

Cast Grid For Bastion 36

Pictures via IMDb / Unifrance / Allocine

Five cast members came alongside the initial announcement.

  • Victor Belmondo who has previously starred in Breaking Point, Bardot, and the Netflix Original mini-series Notre-Dame
  • Tewfik Jallab, who was just seen in the aforementioned Blood Coast, playing the role of Lyes Benamar. He’s also known for Spiral, Coeurs Noris, and La Marche.
  • Yvan Attal is best known for Les Choses humaines, Le Brio, and My Dog Stupid.
  • Juliette Dol can be seen in 20Something, Love at Second Sight and Section Zero.
  • Soufiane Guerrab plays a key role in Netflix’s flagship French series Lupin and also featured in District 13: Ultimatum and A Brighter Tomorrow.

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