When will the DC Series ‘Titans’ Leave Netflix?

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when will dc series titans leave netflix

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Most Netflixers worldwide can enjoy all four seasons of the hit DC series, Titans. We’ve got good news and bad news regarding its future on the service, however. The bad news is that the series is only licensed to Netflix and will eventually leave. The good news is that it won’t be for a good few years.

Running for 49 episodes, Titans is the big-budget DC series that followed an unlikely team of misfits combating evil and other perils. The show’s core characters included Batman’s former vigilante partner Dick Grayson, Kory Anders, Rachel Roth, and Garfield Logan.

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Netflix actually carries the global rights to Titans, with the sole exception being the United States. In the US, the show began with the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service before transitioning to HBO Max for its third and fourth seasons, which was later renamed just Max.

Sadly, the sister show to Titans, Doom Patrol, wasn’t sold to Netflix internationally and resides on Prime Video in most countries.

Below, you can see the show marketed as a Netflix Original on the Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel:

Netflix got new episodes following their conclusion airing weekly on Max in the US:

When will Titans leave Netflix?

So we know that Titans will eventually leave Netflix, but when?

Our intel currently suggests that Netflix will have the rights until the end of 2028. That’s five years following the final season being added to Netflix.

This removal date lines up with many titles that have been licensed exclusively (or non-exclusively) to Netflix in recent years from Warner Bros. Television (the owner of the underlying rights to the series).

Although the exact date of when it’ll leave will likely come in 2028, our current intel suggests that it may be leaving on November 4th, 2028, although we wouldn’t rule out it being taken off on June 25th, 2028 either.

Of course, all removal dates are subject to change and renewal.

Despite this being potentially one of the last major licensed titles from DC to come to Netflix (at least from what we know right now), the streamer still has a few DC comic adaptations in the works.

The Sandman is still on track for a second season at Netflix, and the closely aligned Dead Boy Detectives also made the jump to the streamer despite originally being at Max. Sweet Tooth is also coming back for one last season.

Will you miss Titans when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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