’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ recap: Ed calls off Liz wedding, Loren plans drastic makeover, and Sophie admits to dryspell with Rob


90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Ed Brown calling off his wedding to Liz Woods without telling her, Loren Goldstone planning a drastic “mommy makeover” and Alexei Brovarnik trying to sabotage it, and Sophie Sierra admitting her sex life with Rob was bad during the Season 8 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s new season stars Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly, Alexei Brovarnik and Loren Goldstone, Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud Sherbiny, Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone, Ed Brown and Liz Woods, and Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem.

The cast also includes Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne, Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez, and Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda from the latest season of 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? features married couples trying to make their relationships work in America following the K-1 visa process, except for Liz and Ed, who began the season as engaged Americans.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? cast will “continue to navigate the highs and lows in their relationships including everything from preparing for first impressions with the in-laws, to managing significant cultural differences, to working through turbulent family dynamics and more,” according to TLC.

Below is what happened on Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s eighth season.


Nicole yelled at Mahmoud in front of her friends, and she apologized to them for making them feel uncomfortable.

“But enough is enough,” Nicole vented.

Nicole’s friends wanted to see her relationship work, and one of the women said her heart was breaking watching Nicole and Mahmoud fight.

Nicole’s friend Julian — whose partner Olga came from the Ukraine — asked Mahmoud to be patient, and he acknowledged that Nicole had said mean things to her husband.

“I’m here for… only two days. I don’t have anybody here in this country, and she just embarrassed me… And she has alcohol at home. I don’t understand why she’s doing that. I’m here,” Mahmoud lamented to the 90 Day Fiance cameras.

Mahmoud said he was trying to adapt to American culture but Nicole needed to meet him halfway, especially when it came to how she dressed in public.

Julian pointed out how showing a little bit of back was meeting him halfway and that Nicole dressed more conservatively than most of the women in Los Angeles.


Mahmoud told the cameras that Nicole was asking for too much and she’d need to accept him for who he is, a traditional Muslim man. Mahmoud felt disrespected, and he questioned whether his marriage was going to work out long-term.

After the fight, Mahmoud was looking at his suitcase and moving his belongings around, which infuriated Nicole. Nicole told him to stop and calm down, but Mahmoud continued packing and attempted to leave the apartment with his things.

Julian tried to stop Mahmoud in his tracks, but Mahmoud begged Nicole’s friends to just let him go.


Kobe’s leg was hurting after his handball game, and Emily wasn’t in a good mood after speaking to Kobe’s concerned and disapproving friends. Emily was upset that Kobe’s friends had so many doubts about her.

Emily told Kobe that his friends were worried they weren’t going to be happy in the long run.

“If your friends don’t like me… and they’re bringing it up now after two years of marriage and two kids, why would they even come to our wedding? I don’t want someone at the wedding who doesn’t want you to be married to me,” Emily explained.

Kobe said there was no way he’d get married in Cameroon without his friends present, and Kobe thought this was another example of Emily trying to control everything.

“I’m putting my foot down. My country, my rules. My friends are coming to the wedding — the end,” Kobe concluded.

Emily then brought up how she heard KObe had been dating his ex-girlfriend when she met him in China. When Emily met Kobe, he had told her that he was single, and then he proposed to her right away.

“Why would you propose to me if you were dating someone?” Emily asked.

“That’s crazy,” Kobe replied. “I don’t know where all of this is coming from. It’s bullsh-t.”

Kobe didn’t appreciate Emily “digging” into his past when they had only been in Cameroon for a few days. The pair fought about it, and Kobe asked his wife to believe him and trust him.

Kobe said he spoke to his ex-girlfriend once in a while and she was well aware of his relationship with Emily. Emily said if Kobe was lying to her, they’d have a big problem to deal with.

Emily, Kobe, Emily’s parents, and one of Kobe’s friends then had a blast at an amusement park. Emily realized while having fun with her family that she should loosen up a little bit and give Kobe the benefit of the doubt.

Emily and Kobe later went out to a club with Kobe’s friends.

Emily put on a good face and was hoping to blend their cultures together. Emily also wanted to show Kobe’s pals — who expected Emily to stay home, cooking and cleaning — how much fun she could be.

But the gathering didn’t go well. Kobe’s friends spoke over Emily when she was talking, and when she interrupted them, they called her “bossy.” Emily felt she couldn’t do anything right with them and was never going to win, and so she stormed out of the club alone.

ED and LIZ

A producer asked Liz, who appeared upset, like she had been crying, what just happened.

Liz announced, “Ed canceled the wedding.”

Liz explained how she was at a loss for words and didn’t know what happened. Liz and Ed had gotten into an argument in front of his family a few days earlier.

Apparently, Ed had cooked a meal that was way too spicy for Liz’s daughter, Ryleigh, and then Ed asked her to stop being a baby. Liz didn’t appreciate that, and she called Ed out for it.

“He attacked me back, saying, ‘Look at you, you’re crazy,'” Liz alleged. “So at this point, we’re arguing in front of his family.”

When Liz woke up the next morning, she said Ed was gone. And then one day later, Liz received a message from her bishop, sending his apologies and condolences about the wedding being called off.

“Ed canceled our wedding without even telling me,” Liz lamented to the cameras. “This fight isn’t anywhere compared to the fights we used to have, so I don’t understand any of this.”

Liz was shocked and confused Ed had canceled the wedding over “taco pasta.” She wondered if Ed was getting cold feet and never really wanted to get married.

“I don’t think I could’ve shown this man anymore effort and that he means everything to me,” Liz cried.

“I don’t know of anyone else who would fight for him the way that I fought, and I think that’s a special kind of love,” she added.

“To not even have a conversation with me? I’m really mad, I’m broken and I’m hurt. He’s staying at his sister’s and he’s ignoring me… I am dying inside right now, waiting to have a conversation with him. What a coward — a weakling!”

Meanwhile, Ed was relying on his sister Elizabeth for support and comfort. Ed told Elizabeth how Liz’s blow up had embarrassed him in front of his whole family, and he accused her of having escalated a small fight into something huge.

Ed claimed that Liz had yelled at him and flipped out, and so he didn’t think she respected him. Ed predicted that things with Liz weren’t going to change and their fights would continue, and so he wanted to cut ties with Liz before allowing that to happen.

Ed apparently received his wedding deposit back from the venue, and Elizabeth noted how Ed and Liz simply weren’t meant to be together. Elizabeth said it broke her heart to hear how Liz had spoken to her brother, and she wanted to see Ed end up with a nice Christian woman.

“I know if I continue down this path and marry Liz, I’m going to be miserable for the rest of my life, and I don’t want to be divorced. It would be a nightmare. It wouldn’t be a good thing for her or for me, especially me,” Ed explained to his sister.

“I need her to know that we’re not moving forward together, but I haven’t told her yet… Out of the last 13 times, this is really going to be the final [breakup].”

Ed determined that he and Liz weren’t going to get married, no matter what, and that he was done.

Ed claimed this breakup was different because he wasn’t angry at Liz; he just realized that they’re not meant to be together. Ed said he could see “clearly” that things weren’t going to work with Liz and that she needed to go and “live her own life.”


Rob made Sophie breakfast, a little salmon on crackers. Sophie had moved back into Rob’s place, but Sophie admitted things were a little awkward as they tried to have a happy relationship and ignore the elephants in the room.

Rob put Sophie’s wedding ring in a cube of cheese as a surprise, but Sophie complained to the cameras about how she didn’t even like cheese and it was going to make her ring smell bad.

“This isn’t even the ring,” Sophie complained to Rob.

“You haven’t seen it in so long that you don’t even remember what the ring looks like,” Rob quipped.

Rob told the cameras that if it really wasn’t Sophie’s ring, he wasn’t going to say or change anything about the situation. He apparently thought it was funny. He was just happy to see her wearing it again.

Since Sophie and Rob were trying to get along and be nice to each other, Sophie made an effort to show interest in Rob’s “baby,” which was his pet tarantula. Sophie even touched it and thought it was soft.

“I realize that I can come off like a bit of an assh-le sometimes in the way I say things,” Rob confessed to the cameras. “So I’m really focusing on being less reactive to help us.”

Rob and Sophie were still in love, and they intended on working things out.

Later on, Sophie admitted to her friend that she and Rob hadn’t consummated their marriage. Not only that, but the pair hadn’t slept together in six months. Sophie admitted that her sex life was really bad at the moment.

Prior to getting married, Rob and Sophie had sex about twice a week. Sophie said Rob needed her to dress up in order to get turned on, and Sophie’s friend thought there was a big problem there.

Sophie’s friend just wanted her to be happy, even if that meant hooking up with a woman again. Sophie had hooked up with women a couple times in her past, but she never confessed that to Rob.

“We had so many issues, I just didn’t want to add on top of that,” Sophie explained to the cameras.

Sophie said she didn’t like talking about her sex life with Rob because it was embarrassing, and she wondered if his interest in porn and women online played a role in his struggle to have sex without fantasy being an aspect of it.

Sophie’s friend suggested that Sophie and Rob should go to therapy together, and so Sophie considered it. Sophie wanted to improve the couple’s sex life, and she wondered if therapy would be just the ticket.


Patrick and Thais were shown packing for their trip to Brazil, and they were going to be joined by Patrick’s brother John.

Patrick predicted the trip was going to be overwhelming, especially because they were going to be flying with their baby Aleesi and their dog. Patrick also joked about how John tended to cause trouble.

Thais was worried about how her dad was going to react to Patrick because Patrick had never asked for her father’s blessing to marry her. Patrick insisted he had tried at one point and Thais’ father said no.

Thais wanted Patrick to speak to her father in Portuguese and ask for his blessing once again. Patrick thought it was “pointless” since he already wed Thais and they had a child, but he said he wanted to do right by his wife.

“If my father rejects Patrick, I’m afraid my relationship is going to change between me and my dad,” Thais lamented to the cameras.

After a long trip, Patrick and Thais finally arrived in Brazil. Thais touched base with her dad, Carlos, who called Patrick “a little bastard.” Patrick couldn’t believe that they had just touched down in Brazil and Thais’ dad was already calling him names.

Patrick and Thais returned to their old apartment in Brazil, which Patrick’s father owned. Patrick, however, paid rent for the place, where he and Thais had made many memories.

Patrick’s dad then showed up to the apartment, and Thais wasn’t happy because she had been hoping for a night alone with her husband before reuniting with John.


Loren and Alexei were shown celebrating Ariel’s first birthday with a big party. The couple, who had known each other for 10 years, has three children together: Shai, Asher and Ari.

Alexei boasted about being “the king of the castle,” but he said he and Loren didn’t want to have any more kids.

“I really think it’s time to do something for me,” Loren explained. “I’m having surgery next week. I’m doing a mommy makeover. I’m doing it naturally. I’m getting sucked and tucked and tightened and toned!”

Loren explained how she was doing a tummy tuck, a 360 liposuction from her chin, arms, upper back, lower back, and her thighs. She was also doing a fat transfer, with that lipo, to her boobs.

Loren’s friends thought she was crazy because they claimed she didn’t have any stretch marks or cellulite. Loren, however, said she couldn’t exercise and tone her stomach after having three c-sections in two-and-a-half years.

“My abdominal muscles have separated, and they won’t go back,” Loren said.

“It’s physically uncomfortable. I love my children, but my body just didn’t get a break. It’s been a really busy three years! So having this mommy makeover will actually help me feel better.”

Loren, who was battling body dysmorphia, said she wants to be 50 and look like she’s 35-years-old.

Loren anticipated the surgeries would boost her confidence and help her mental and psychological health. She felt she was reclaiming her body after having kids.

Loren said she didn’t like eating in front of people and the surgery would help her finally get rid of the body dysmorphia.

Alexei said he didn’t have a choice in the matter but to support his wife, but none of her friends or family — including her opinionated mother — agreed with her having the elective surgery.

Alexei was worried and stressed about having to take care of his three children while Loren would be recovering and out of commission. He predicted they’d both be cranky after her surgery and it wasn’t going to be easy.

“I’ll talk to the doctor and see what he says. That might be my last chance to kind of maybe sabotage the whole thing, if I really feel badly about it,” Alexei shared with Loren’s mom, who then asked Alexei to give it his best effort to stop Loren from going under the knife.

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