’90 Day Fiance’ recap: David and Sheila experience a shocking loss, Jasmine makes new demands, Riley and Violet hit a stalemate, and Christian won’t move on Cleo


90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured David and Sheila waking up to an “awful” shocking incident, Statler feeling uncomfortable in Dempsey’s home, Jasmine demanding Gino buy her a new engagement ring and hire a lawyer, Riley and Violet at a stalemate, and Christian and Cleo struggling to initiate intimacy during the Season 6 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The eight couples starring on the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days include Gino Palazzolo, a 53-year-old from Michigan, and Jasmine Pineda, a 35-year-old from Panama; Amanda, a 31-year-old from Louisiana and Razvan, a 26-year-old from Romania; and Riley, a 48-year-old from Pennsylvania, and Violet, a 43-year-old from Vietnam.


The rest of the couples are Christian, a 30-year-old from Minnesota and Cleo, a 32-year-old from England; Tyray, a 33-year-old from California, and Carmella, a 27-year-old from Barbados; David, a 42-year-old from Nebraska and Sheila, a 31-year-old from the Philippines; Meisha, a 43-year-old from Minnesota, and Nicola, a 46-year-old from Israel; and Statler, a 33-year-old from Texas, and Dempsey, a 28-year-old from England.

According to TLC, Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days will follow long-distance relationships and document how each couple found each other as well as their first in-person meeting in a foreign country “and the unexpected surprises, cultural clashes and dramatic twists” along the way.

“This season serves up an explosion of emotion with all the highs and lows of dating across the globe, as marriage proposals dangle in the distance,” the network teased.

In most 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cases, a pair of lovebirds are hoping to get engaged and begin the K-1 Visa process.

After traveling across the world, the couples will determine if love can conquer all as they experience challenges such as language barriers, interfering families, cultural differences, age gaps, ex partners, and baggage from the past.

Below is what happened on Episode 9 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ sixth season.


After David’s first night in Sheila’s home, the 90 Day Fiance crew “got word that something had happened at Sheila’s home,” according to an onscreen graphic. “They rushed there to meet her and David.”

Sheila was then shown saying that she felt “heartbroken.”

David had finally gotten to meet Sheila’s family, and then they went to bed. The next morning, David said “an awful thing” happened.

“Sheila’s mother had died,” David revealed, before telling Sheila, “I am just gutted about this. I wish I could make you feel better.”


Sheila explained that her mother had fallen down near the stairs because the steps weren’t nailed down properly and so they gave out from beneath her around 5AM. David and Sheila apparently found her lying by the stairs when they woke up in the morning.

Sheila told the cameras that the incident happened unexpectedly, right after David and her mother had met.

Sheila was in tears and sobbed in the street as her mother’s body was taken away and David was attempting to console her.


The body of Sheila’s mother was brought to a nearby chapel, and so David accompanied Sheila there.

David said he was in complete shock and didn’t know what to do. He found the situation very overwhelming and understood that Sheila was going to need time to grieve and mourn this loss.

Sheila shared how it’s customary to stay with a casket for 24 hours in the Philippines or else it’s bad luck, and so she planned to stay with her deceased mother that day alone.

Sheila cried hysterically in the chapel, and it was clearly a painful time for everyone involved.

David, meanwhile, went back to his hotel room and allowed Sheila some space to heal. Sheila was thankful to have David with her, comforting her and respecting her wishes.

A few days later, it became time for the funeral. David hated seeing Sheila so sad, and Sheila admitted that she felt physically and mentally exhausted after crying for days. Sheila said she was going to miss her mother terribly and the idea of her being gone was a tough pill to swallow.

Sheila also cried about her fear she may have fallen short of her mother’s expectations.

After the funeral, Sheila decided to stay with David in his hotel while her son stayed with family and friends. Since Sheila had so much to deal with, David felt “out of place,” like it was a burden for him to be around.

Sheila was struggling to focus on David because she hadn’t given herself enough time to grieve. She was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to love David in the way that he wanted to be loved.


After the couple’s “productive” session with a therapist, Gino said he was feeling pretty good. The pair had been advised to just have fun, create new memories, and have fun times together — and they were trying to do just that.

Jasmine was shown picking out a piece of jewelry for her little sister Liz’s 20th birthday. Jasmine wanted to get her a nice gift since she had been “dealing with all the crap” between Jasmine and Gino.

While the couple was in the jewelry shop, Jasmine asked to look at engagement rings because she “accidentally lost” the one Gino had given her. Gino didn’t really believe Jasmine’s story because she didn’t seem happy with the ring to begin with.

When asked if she actually liked the ring, Jasmine responded, “It’s meaningful, but it’s not one I would actually buy for me — or for any other person… Sometimes I was wearing the ring from my previous marriage, which was nicer.”

Gino thought that was “terrible,” but Jasmine insisted that she didn’t care about her ex-husband and so wearing a ring from him didn’t bother her or mean anything.

“You were being cheap about replacing [my ring] and you were not giving me a new one, and so I found a solution,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine picked out a ring she liked, but Gino said she didn’t need one yet. Gino explained that their immigration case was probably going to get resolved in 13 months, but Jasmine didn’t want to wait that long.


Jasmine suggested they should hire a lawyer, but Gino said it didn’t make sense to hire one before that 13 months was up. Gino told Jasmine that if she wanted to pay for the lawyer, she could hire one.

Gino said he didn’t want to waste money, which made Jasmine clap back, “So I am a waste of money?!”

Gino told the cameras that he knew how to go about the K-1 paperwork because his ex-wife was from Brazil and he had brought her to the United States successfully. Gino accused Jasmine of “manipulating” him by trying to convince him to buy her a new ring.

“You do not tell me what to do. I’m the one who did the paperwork and took hours… filling everything out. I know what’s going on and you are clueless,” Gino snapped at Jasmine.

Jasmine called Gino a “jerk,” and he demanded for her to change her attitude or else they were going to have some big problems ahead.

Jasmine thought paying for an immigration lawyer to accelerate their visa process was not a wasteful or bad decision. If it meant being together faster, Jasmine thought it was the right move to make.

“I feel like I mean nothing to him,” Jasmine said after tearing up in the jewelry store.

Gino had reacted to Jasmine’s anger with more anger, and so he felt bad about that later on. Gino had reflected on himself and realized he behaved exactly how the therapist had asked him not to.

Jasmine felt no urgency from Gino to bring her to the United States, and so she felt more invested in their relationship than he seemed to be.

However, Jasmine decided to have fun for her sister’s birthday and not harp on the negative.

The pair enjoyed some laughs on Liz’s birthday, but then Jasmine told Gino that she always faked orgasms with him.

“Just kidding!” Jasmine said.

That night, when the trio enjoyed some ice cream, Gino gave Jasmine a promise ring and vowed to do better as a partner. Gino also said he’d try to give Jasmine “more meat,” which made her laugh.

Jasmine said she liked the ring, especially because it had two hearts on it, but Gino said he was going to buy her a real engagement ring once she moved to the United States to be with him.


Statler didn’t sleep well in Dempsey’s trailer because it was very cold on the farm overnight, and so she seemed a little stressed.

Statler said being cold was her “version of hell,” and so she worried that she had gotten in over her head with assuming she’d be okay with Dempsey’s humble living arrangement.

Dempsey didn’t like hearing that Statler felt uncomfortable, and the England native wondered if that was her fault or just the circumstances of her home.


That morning, Dempsey, a self-described spiritual and holistic person, saged her house to get rid of bad or negative energy. Dempsey put the smoking sage near Statler’s crotch and joked about how a lot of work needed to be done in that area.

Statler joked about how “being a slut isn’t a bad thing,” but Dempsey joked that the sage believed otherwise.

Dempsey said she lived in caravans for most of her life because her family had traveled around setting up carnivals. Dempsey was one of three siblings — three girls — but her big sister had died at age 19 from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I left home when I was 18. I was just so unhappy. I couldn’t live my life anymore without my sister being there, so I was just staying on couches and moving around from house to house… But then I met my friend Ben on the farm,” Dempsey explained.

Ben had offered Dempsey a job on the farm, and so she took it since she had nothing else to do. Dempsey worked for a staycation business and taught herself to look at the bright side of things and remain optimistic about her life.

Statler woke up to some construction outside and she couldn’t take a hot shower. Statler also didn’t want to “take a dump” outside in a field.

“Dempsey doesn’t know that I want to move in with her, but I’m realizing that I’m not comfortable here,” Statler said in a confessional.

“I am freezing cold, I don’t feel like there’s a lot of space for me, and I’m out in the middle of nowhere… and that scares me because I don’t have another plan. My lease is about to end [in the U.S.] and all of my eggs are in one basket. I feel like I’m over my head.”

Dempsey then introduced Statler to her close friend Ben, who thought the women were total opposites, like “chalk and cheese.” He was also shocked to hear Dempsey had hooked up with Statler and been intimate so soon.

Statler said Dempsey’s communication with her was a little off while she was in Thailand, and so Statler was feeling a little insecure and wondered if stuff had happened there. Statler planned to ask Dempsey about her trip later on.

That night, Dempsey cooked Statler dinner, and Statler did her best to help chop and prepare vegetables.

Dempsey assured Statler that she didn’t cheat on her in Thailand, but then Statler admitted she had cheated on someone in the past. Dempsey viewed that as “a red flag” since she had been cheated on in the past.

Statler started to cry because she had trouble trusting people since she had been adopted and rejected before.


Statler told Dempsey that her past was still clearly affecting her, but Dempsey gave her reassurance and made her feel safe.

Dempsey told Statler that she made her really happy, and so Statler hoped she could move in with Dempsey at the end of her stay.

However, Statler had to meet Dempsey’s beloved father first, and she wasn’t sure how that was going to go.


After an explosive fight at dinner with Violet, Riley awoke in his hotel room feeling pretty upset and deflated. He had been in Vietnam for about a week.

“I really wish things hadn’t gotten so heated, but I felt insulted,” Riley explained, adding how he was upset with himself for getting so angry in a public place in a foreign country.

Riley, however, didn’t regret saying that he’d no longer put up with nonsense, and he blocked Violet as a result.

“I really have nothing to say to her,” Riley noted.

Meanwhile, Violet was shown going shopping for a dress with her lovely teenage daughter to unwind and release some stress. Violet said Riley and his female friend had disrespected her at dinner by asking tough questions that she didn’t want to answer.

Violet thought Riley’s friend was impolite and that Riley should have stood up for her and protected her. Violet said not feeling protected is why her prior marriage had failed.

“After I gave birth to my second baby, Bao, my ex-mother-in-law — who still has conservative thoughts and likes to have boys — said she wants a boy, she doesn’t need 10 girls,” Violet explained.

“My ex-husband didn’t raise his voice to protect me, a person who just delivered a baby, against… [the] attack.”

Violet said Riley didn’t protect her either and that really hurt her. Violet claimed she was never going to forget about how Riley had treated her that night.

Riley did wake up to a nasty text from Violet, saying he didn’t deserve to be a man and had insulted her. Violet told Riley that he wasn’t allowed to ask her questions when they’re in her country, and she said he had an uneducated attitude and should just go away as a result.

Riley felt very disappointed because he and Violet had talked about being a family together. He wasn’t sure if she wanted to salvage the relationship, and he wasn’t convinced that he wanted to fix things either.

“I would meet with Violet… but she needs to make an effort to meet with me and apologize,” Riley said.

Meanwhile, Violet was waiting for Riley to reach out to her to reconcile. She wanted him to admit that he was “wrong” and had made a mistake that hurt her feelings. Violet said only in that case would she be able to forgive him and move on.

“It’s not my fault,” Violet told her daughter.

That night, Riley hired a tour guide to drive him around on a bike so that he could see more of Vietnam and not just sit in his hotel room. Riley wanted to explore a beautiful city, and hours had passed since he last spoke with Violet.

Riley was also starting to feel guilty about how he had handled things with Violet. He acknowledged that he struggles to trust women fully and so maybe he had been insensitive.


Riley ended up having a drink with his male tour guide, admitted that he regretted his reaction to Violet and should have acted differently. The tour guide even said that Violet should have been the one to block Riley and so he needed to apologize sincerely.

Riley suddenly realized that he was wrong and had gone about things the wrong way, especially since they’re from different cultures. Riley was ready to accept his role in the explosive fight, and he hoped Violet would be open to meeting with him.

“I hope that I don’t lose her,” Riley told the cameras.


Two days after Christian’s arrival in London, Cleo said things had been both good and bad.

Cleo was still waiting to have intimacy with Christian, and she was feeling disappointed.

Cleo, however, put the couple’s bad date behind her and attempted to have fun with Christian shopping in a local marketplace outside. Christian — who admitted his first date with Cleo wasn’t flawless — bought Cleo a couple of crystals that she liked.

Christian acknowledged that he needed to learn and understand more about Cleo, whom he may have pushed too hard at the bar the previous night. Christian didn’t want one bad date to overshadow his trip with Cleo.

The couple was then shown eating fish and chips together, and Christian brought up to Cleo how she seemed “overwhelmed” at the bar the previous night. Cleo told Christian it would’ve been nice to feel special at the bar and have a private conversation, but instead, he had talked to a bunch of people nearby and essentially ignored her.

Cleo, knowing she has “high support needs,” didn’t want to turn Christian off, but she confessed that she doesn’t like tiny, crowded bars. Christian said he didn’t want to put a damper on his trip, and Cleo explained how they didn’t always have to accommodate her needs.

Cleo worried her transitioning and autistic triggers were going to be too much for Christian, but he seemed optimistic about the future of their romance and noted how it was going to be “trial and error” to figure things out.

That night, Christian planned a romantic night in with Cleo, which included some red wine. Christian brought his virtual-reality headset for Cleo to experience since they both enjoy video games.

Cleo hoped that Christian was going to make the first move that night, but he didn’t want to rush into intimacy.

When the couple got ready for bed, Cleo put a satin slip dress on, and Christian said that she looked great. Cleo assured Christian that he had made up for the previous night, but their vibe was a little off and tense once they sat next to each other in bed.

“I don’t want you to think I’m not attracted to you because I haven’t tried to initiate anything intimate. Typically, I’m the guy who waits for the girl to make the first move,” Christian revealed.

“I never make the first move,” Cleo admitted in reply.

Christian explained how he desired feeling “wanted” and feared rejection, and so he suggested they should let intimacy happen organically and naturally.

Cleo knew that affection and PDA are important to Christian, who had been forward and flirtatious with her for a long time, so she was surprised to hear that he wanted a woman to make the first move. In fact, she wasn’t buying his story and was beginning to feel insecure.


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