’90 Day Fiance’ recap: Jasmine learns Gino has a secret, Nikki threatens to end Justin romance, Sophie gives Rob another shot, and Nick proposes to Devin!


90 Day Fiance featured Jasmine finding out that Gino was keeping a secret from her, Nikki determining Justin couldn’t handle her and they’re not meant to be, Sophie giving Rob another chance, Nick proposing marriage to Devin, and Anali clashing with Clayton’s sister during Sunday night’s Season 10 broadcast on TLC.

90 Day Fiance’s tenth season stars returning cast members Gino, a 52-year-old from Michigan, and Jasmine, a 36-year-old from Panama.


The season also stars Sophie, a 23-year-old from the United Kingdom, and Robert, a 32-year-old from California; Manuel, a 34-year-old from Ecuador, and Ashley, a 31-year-old from New York; Justin, a 36-year-old from Moldova, and Nikki, a 47-year-old from New Jersey.

In addition, 90 Day Fiance features Nick, a 30-year-old from Australia, and Devin, a 23-year-old from Arkansas; Anali, a 26-year-old from Peru, and Clayton, a 29-year-old from Kentucky; and Citra, a 26-year-old from Indonesia, and Sam, a 30-year-old from Missouri.

90 Day Fiance features Americans who have fallen in love with foreigners bringing their fiances to the United States on K-1 visas.

However, once the couple is in America together, the American must marry their overseas partner within the 90-day period allowed by the visa or the foreigner has to return to his or her home country.

“These long-distance, international couples go the distance as they navigate cultural differences, discover surprising personality traits, and process lingering tensions brought on by doubtful friends and families,” TLC teased of the new season.

Below is what happened on Episode 7 of 90 Day Fiance’s tenth season.


Jasmine was shown crying in a parking lot on a cold, rainy day after she had exited Gino’s car. Jasmine had found a lip gloss or lip balm under Gino’s seat in his car, and so Jasmine automatically assumed her fiance had cheated on her.

“I was never on a date with a girl, I’ve never cheated on Jasmine, I’ve never been with any girl in the three years I was with Jasmine — ever,” Gino insisted.

After having a tantrum and emotional breakdown, Jasmine told Gino that she wanted to go home.

Gino claimed that Jasmine wouldn’t let him explain how that lip product got into his car, and Jasmine repeatedly asked Gino to drive her to the airport. Jasmine thought Gino had definitely been unfaithful because of the way he was acting “nervous” in the car.


“I don’t feel loved, Gino,” Jasmine cried.

Jasmine then admitted she had abandonment issues because her father had left her when she was only three years old. This man had apparently told Jasmine that he didn’t love her and didn’t want to be a part of her life.

“Why would any man want me if even my dad told me, ‘I don’t love you?'” Jasmine questioned. “It’s hard for me to trust a man telling me… I deserve love, because I’ve never had that.”

Gino insisted to Jasmine that he loved her and only wanted to be with her, and he pointed out how he never even went out partying without her. Gino said he’d never risk their relationship for another woman and that he was telling her the truth.


A few days later, Jasmine was still feeling betrayed, and she hadn’t forgotten about the lip gloss. Jasmine said it was going to be a while before she could forgive Gino.

Jasmine began questioning herself, if she had made the right decision in coming to America.

While cleaning the house, Jasmine stumbled across items — including a sweet card and a karma sutra book — Gino had apparently saved from his previous marriage.

The card read, “You turn me on in every possible way,” and Jasmine complained, “Wow, she’s lucky! I cannot say this about Gino.”

When Gino returned home with clothes and indoor steps for Coco, Jasmine was quiet and a bit passive aggressive. Gino was worried about Jasmine’s jealousy, and then she brought up how she had found things from his previous relationship scattered throughout the house.

“This is just old stuff,” Gino explained to Jasmine. “I’m not keeping it; I probably forgot to throw it out… I had a life before I met you, but I’m not saving these.”

Gino thought Jasmine was being way too harsh on him and had stepped over the line. Gino didn’t think Jasmine had any good reason to be pissed off at him.

In order to take her mind off of things, Jasmine went to a salon to get her nails done with Dana’s wife Michelle. Jasmine liked and got along with Michelle, who was open to getting to know Jasmine for who she is.

Jasmine explained to Michelle how her adjustment to living in the United States wasn’t easy, and she opened up to Michelle about the issues she was having with Gino.

Michelle suggested that Jasmine should give Gino the benefit of the doubt and try to trust him more, but then she dropped a bombshell on Jasmine that Gino had a bachelor party — at a strip club — before her arrival in America.

Michelle had brought up the subject when recommending to Jasmine that they should have a bachelorette party for her, so she could have a little space from Gino and get away.

Jasmine realized Gino had lied about the bachelor party through omission.

“I was right! He’s in big trouble,” Jasmine noted. “Gino is keeping secrets from me… All I want to do is go home and face Gino.”


Sophie hadn’t spoken to Rob since she had left his apartment one day earlier. Rob was texting her that he missed her, and Sophie said it was difficult because she loved Rob but she was so upset with him.

Sophie was staying at a random house that she couldn’t rent forever, and so she invited Rob to come over and talk to her. Sophie didn’t want to talk about their problems over the phone, but she noted how he could make the effort and come to her.


Rob arrived at Sophie’s temporary house with a red rose in hand. He didn’t know what he was going to say; but he acknowledged how he better come up with “the right thing” to say.

Rob told Sophie that those videos of women she had found were just “bullsh-t online, like junk mail.”

“What I don’t understand is you’ve done this before, and you knew that if you did it again, I’d leave you,” Sophie lamented to Rob.

“You know how much it hurt me the first time, so I don’t understand why you did it again. I can’t erase these f-cking messages and videos from my mind, and I don’t think it’s fair.”

Sophie explained how she had given up her entire life back home for Rob and he clearly didn’t respect her. Sophie said she had never asked for money or anything else from Rob — just loyalty — and that he couldn’t give her that.

Rob promised Sophie that he was “a million percent committed to her,” even though it had been very difficult to date a woman in another country thus far.

“I’m not trying to be with anybody else,” Rob said.

Sophie said she believed that Rob hadn’t physically cheated on her with another woman, but she still thought she deserved a genuine apology from him. Rob went on to apologize, saying he’d never do it again and would eventually make it up to Sophie.

Sophie decided to give Rob another chance because she had nowhere else to go. Sophie wasn’t sure she trusted or believed Rob that he would change, but she was willing to work on things and at least give Rob the time of day.

“I made a mistake. I told you that was a lapse in judgement and that I’m sorry, and I meant that,” Rob reiterated.

It took Sophie over a year to trust Rob again after his first betrayal, and so she hated having to go through this again. Sophie wished she had never left England, but it was too late now.

Rob explained how he was struggled to transition from being single to essentially having a wife, and he added, “It’s unfortunately that I’m slipped up a couple times. It was wrong, and I understand that, but it could’ve been a lot worse.”

Rob held out hope that Sophie would eventually forgive him and that they could get back on track, but Sophie disliked him in that moment.


Justin took Nikki to a large store in Moldova so they could pick her out an appropriate outfit for meeting his parents, who are of an older generation and were pretty conservative.

Justin told the 90 Day Fiance cameras that Nikki had the body of a cartoon character, with a big butt and boobs, and so he wanted her to cover up a little bit for his parents.


Nikki hated the majority of clothes in the store and told the cameras how it wasn’t her style at all.

“I think Justin would be happy with me wearing a straitjacket,” Nikki joked.

Nikki tried on a pink blazer for Justin that wasn’t bad and still had some sex appeal, but it was still too much for Justin. Nikki therefore promised Justin that she had packed nice clothes and she was going to wear what she liked.

Nikki was feeling anxiety over how to dress and look in order to win over Justin’s family, but she wanted his loved ones to accept her for who she is.

“I’m not going to change who I am. If they’re going to judge me for the way I dress or express myself, then maybe we’re just not meant to be,” Nikki explained in a confessional.

Nikki hoped the family meeting was going to go smoothly. They already accepted the fact she’s trans, but she wanted them to really like her.

Nikki looked beautiful for the meeting in a fairly conservative, flowy, knee-length dress with polka dots, and Justin complimented her look and said, “Finally, baby, you look more like a regular woman.”

Nikki showed that she was willing to compromise, and Justin kept pointing out how he loved this look on her, especially because she looked more like Moldovan women in his city. He thought it was a “good step” for their relationship.

“Even if I’m all done up, I still look like a regular woman. That’s just who I am. I don’t know, honestly — sometimes I feel like I’m not the girl for you,” Nikki told Justin.

Nikki wished Justin would praise her looks so she’d feel more confident and self-assured. She was also still trying to figure out why Justin didn’t want to sleep with her all the time.

Nikki recalled how after an amazing night with Justin, she was touching his chest.

“But your touches is so wild. You need [to be] more quiet. You’re wild, like you’d eat me,” Justin said. “I’m scared of you sometimes. This is why I [went] to make breakfast.”

Nikki therefore concluded that Justin couldn’t handle her, and she added, “We’re not meant for each other, so we’ll just leave it at that.”

Justin said it was difficult for him to get horny when he felt pressure all the time to have sex. Justin was tired of listening to it, but Nikki clearly didn’t feel wanted or desired.

Nikki insisted to Justin that she’s a passionate woman and he clearly wanted a simple woman.

“I will never be simple!” Nikki shouted on their drive over to meeting Justin’s parents.


Nikki started to cry in the car and threatened to go home, and it appeared she was about to give up on their relationship.

Nikki said if she could snap her fingers and be back home, she’d do it. She worried that Justin didn’t love her and that she was settling for less than she deserved. At this point, Nikki was feeling “empty inside.”


Ashley explained to a therapist that she felt like she was on the outside of his family, like he was purposely trying to separate her from his loved ones. Ashley felt Manuel was keeping secrets from her.

“I feel like the woman on the side of his life sometimes,” Ashley complained. “I’m this lady and his boys have no idea who I am. All they know is that this lady took their dad away, and it puts me in the sh-ttiest position ever — and I don’t get that.”

Manuel apparently thought that Ashley — who could be intense sometimes and allegedly light up like a matchstick — would lose her patience with his children, who were 12 and 14-years-old at the time.

Manuel felt the need to protect his kids’ well-being, but he was optimistic that things would get better and change with time.

Ashley simply felt isolated and left out, and she was upset when Manuel demanded $250 to send to his family by the end of the month.

“You can’t work, so I am being required to do it. So when were you going to have a conversation with me about what you’re promising others in my name?” Ashley vented to the 90 Day Fiance cameras.

Ashley thought her expectations were normal and justified, and she worried this situation was only going to worsen and continue in her relationship.

Manuel then explained to Ashley how his life was “private,” but she noted how she was a part of his personal life since they were planning to get married. Ashley, however, intended to try on being less reactionary.

In turn, Manuel offered to open up more to Ashley, but he pointed out how it was going to take a lot of work from both sides, especially because he always lived alone and didn’t have a partner to report to.

Ashley wanted a front seat in Manuel’s life because he had occupied the front seat in her life for years.

After their therapy session, Manuel called the therapist a “clown” and admitted that he didn’t want to go back.

Manuel didn’t think they needed a stranger to tell them about their relationship, but Ashley totally disagreed and thought talking through their feelings was helpful. Ashley said the problem was that she didn’t trust Manuel and so they needed to work through that.

Ashley didn’t like Manuel’s attitude, but Manuel thought they could just have a dialogue between themselves rather than seeking advice about their relationship from someone else.

The pair just weren’t seeing eye to eye, and Ashley snapped at Manuel that he needed a nap.

“You stress me, Ashley. You stress,” Manuel complained.

And once again, Ashley felt disrespected by Manuel. She was not going to allow her fiance to speak to her like that.

“I’ve had a few moments where I’m wondering if this was the right move. I definitely have. We’ve had bumps over my career and me identifying as a witch, we’ve had bumps over sending money back, we’ve had bumps over him spending money,” Ashley lamented.

But Ashley said she and Manuel had worked too hard to be together to just give up on their romance in less than 30 days.

After an awkward lunch, Ashley said she was tired of hearing Manuel’s mouth, and then Manuel clapped back that Ashley was the one who talked too much. He then asked to walk home so he wouldn’t have to drive with her in the car.


Clayton said he and Anali had a pretty healthy sex life and had a lot of sex in Peru, and so he noted their lack of intimacy was a little concerning. Clayton wondered if he had said something wrong because he could tell the dynamic was different between them.

Anali, however, explained to the cameras how she simply didn’t want to be intimate with Clayton when his mother was right next door in the apartment and could probably hear everything through the thin walls. She admitted the living situation was “weird.”


Clayton then took Anali horseback riding in Kentucky for her first day in the United States.

Clayton was hoping he’d look sexy and rugged on the horse, but it didn’t really work out that way. Anali, instead, playfully laughed at her man and had no words for him.

After the activity, Clayton broached the subject of how Anali never posted any photos of him on her social media because of her family and her father.

Clayton hoped that would change, but Anali explained to the 90 Day Fiance cameras how her relationship developed quickly and so she didn’t feel comfortable telling her father that she was engaged after only four days of dating a man.

Anali thought hiding her engagement from her dad was for a good reason. Anali also told Clayton how he didn’t look Peruvian at all, which may surprise her old-fashioned father, but Clayton reminded his fiancee how they were supposed to get married in three months.

Anali planned to tell her father eventually, but Clayton thought the situation was very awkward.

“I’m kind of hurt that after all this time, he still doesn’t know. And if left to her own devices, she would probably just keep this up potentially forever. Is she hiding some kind of secret? I hope not, but I don’t know,” Clayton told the 90 Day Fiance cameras.

Anali then shut down the conversation and said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Clayton proceeded to introduce Anali to his sister, Brandi, at a bourbon tasting.

Anali announced how she had left her family for Clayton, which was a big change, but Brandi was a little skeptical and closed off. Clayton apparently hadn’t told Brandi much about Anali, and so Brandi appeared to be in a bad mood.

Brandi didn’t like how Anali never posted photos with Clayton on social media, and she was also rubbed the wrong way upon finding out Anali’s father had no idea about their relationship and engagement. Anali’s father thought she had moved to the U.S. for work.

Since Clayton had been cheated on before, Brandi was on-guard and protective of her brother.

Brandi then flat out asked Anali if she was in America for a green card, and Anali said if she was only after that, it wouldn’t have been so hard to leave her family behind.

“I couldn’t imagine her faking something like that for two-and-a-half years,” Clayton declared.

“I can,” Brandi countered. “People fake [love for citizenship] all the time.”

Clayton thought Brandi had copped an attitude from the start, and he was disappointed that that’s how his sister was presenting herself to Anali for the first time.

“I’m just over it,” Brandi said. “It’s fine. Get married. I’m about to cry… I love my brother, and I do think he is blinded by love a little bit and is missing some red flags.”

Anali felt at the end of the meeting that Brandi didn’t like her.


Nick and Devin were shown shopping for traditional Korean attire so they could have an engagement photo shoot before their travels to Arkansas.

Devin thought it was really exciting to embrace Korean culture and also to prepare for her wedding to Nick. Devin felt like a princess in her pink skirt, and she thought Nick looked very “cute” and handsome in his white robe.

After taking some pictures with the city landscape in the background, Nick thanked Devin for coming all the way to Korea to see him. Nick acknowledged how Devin had been through a lot in the last couple of days, and then he took out a ring.

“Would you marry me, Devin?” Nick asked.

“Yes, of course I will!” Devin responded, before putting a diamond ring on her left hand.

Devin thought it was a very nice surprise, and she was speechless.

Nick said he couldn’t wait to move to the United States and marry the love of his life.


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