‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale: Kat and John Henry and Eliza and Aaron B. get engaged, Aven refuses to propose to Kylee


Bachelor in Paradise featured Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock getting engaged, Eliza Isichei accepting Aaron Bryant’s marriage proposal, Kylee Russell and Aven Jones leaving Paradise still dating, several couples crumbling before Fantasy Suites, and Season 9 relationship updates during the finale that aired Thursday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale began following a shocking Rose Ceremony in which five people had gone home.

Paradise was coming to an end, and so Tanner Courtad acknowledged how tough decisions were going to be made and it was time to make or break relationships.


Jess Girod and Mercedes Northup were feeling discouraged after their relationships with Blake Moynes and Tyler Norris, respectively, didn’t work out, but Jess was still open to seeing where things could go with Tanner.

Jordan Vandergriff was also hoping to get to know Mercedes, who was feeling a little deflated.

Meanwhile, Kat and John Henry were going strong, and Eliza and Aaron B.’s relationship was also thriving.

Kat and John Henry then received a Date Card, and Kat said she was so excited to have the opportunity to leave the beach and dig a little deeper in her relationship.

John Henry and Kat went paddleboarding, and John Henry shared how he could definitely envision himself dating Kat outside of Paradise but he needed more time with her in order to figure out if they were truly compatible and should take the next step in their romance.

Kat told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras that she was falling in love with John Henry and he was the biggest — and most pleasant — surprise in Paradise. And John Henry told Kat that he liked how she was so caring and supportive of her friends, even though she had a tough shell and exterior.

Kat opened up about how she had struggled in her childhood and had emotional trauma.

Kat — who had lived in a group home at one point — said she wanted a successful marriage and to become only the second married couple in her family. Kat pointed out how she didn’t really have a good example of marriage in her life and how her father had four wives.

John Henry, in turn, shared how he previously battled depression and thought they could be there for each other going forward.


“I see you as someone I want to grow with and do life with, and I would love to be there to help you through anything. I do really care about you,” Kat told John Henry.

John Henry assured Kat that he didn’t want to date anyone else and he was fully invested in her, and it was a perfect date for the couple. John Henry said they took a leap forward in their relationship and he was “definitely falling” for Kat.

“I think the next step for us is to potentially have an engagement here. I can definitely see it happening,” John Henry gushed.

Kat and John Henry established exclusivity in the ocean that day, and Kat acknowledged, “I am done dating. I have found my person, and I’m going to be possibly engaged.”

Another Date Card then arrived for Aaron and Eliza. Aaron said if the date went well, he’d definitely be thinking about an engagement.

Olivia Lewis called Aaron and Eliza the strongest couple on the beach, and Eliza was all smiles.

Aaron and Eliza’s relationship, however, made Kylee feel a little insecure about her relationship with Aven. She admitted she was “in a funk” because she didn’t think Aven was going to be ready to propose marriage — even though she was convinced he was The One for her.


For their date, Aaron and Eliza participated in a Fire Ceremony in which Aaron prayed for everlasting love. Aaron said he was falling in love with Eliza but was a bit concerned because she had yet to reciprocate those feelings verbally to him.

Eliza was hoping an engagement would be a possibility, but she was afraid to fully put herself out there. As a result, Eliza was going to let Aaron take the lead in that department — and he rose to the occasion.

Aaron told Eliza that he could see himself getting down on one knee for her, and then Eliza finally opened up about how she was “falling” in love with Aaron. She gushed about how he could be her husband one day.

Back on the Paradise beach, Kat was feeling “blissful” with John Henry, but Jess was feeling sad and defeated.

Jess told Tanner that he made her feel seen, wanted and comforted; however, she wasn’t able to be her usual happy self and said she had nothing left to give him after her breakup with Blake Moynes.

“I just want to see you happy. I just want to see you smile,” Tanner told Jess.

Jess didn’t think it was fair to continue dating Tanner under those circumstances, and so she decided to choose herself and go home. Tanner therefore left Paradise as well, feeling like he had no reason to stay.

Jess cried because she had joined the Paradise cast to find love, but instead, she was leaving single and alone. At this point, Paradise was “falling apart,” according to Olivia.

The next day, Kylee noted how she and Aven had been dancing around the serious conversation of an engagement. While she had packed a special engagement dress, she wasn’t sure how Aven was feeling.

Kylee therefore asked Aven where he stood on the topic of getting engaged, and Aven wondered why Kylee needed a marriage proposal to feel confident in the fact he saw — and wanted — a future with her.

“I don’t want to leave here without you,” Aven told Kylee.

“I feel like we’re in a really good spot and I’ve never been happier. But now we get down to one aspect of this whole entire process… and now it’s, ‘He’s unsure about me… I don’t know if this is going to work.’ That’s the energy shift I feel.”

Kylee didn’t want to force Aven into an engagement, but if he wasn’t ready at this point, she questioned if he’d ever be ready to commit and settle down. After all, Aven was already 30-years-old.

Aven told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras that he was totally sure about his relationship with Kylee but if he proposed marriage, and it didn’t work out in the long run, he’d never be able to get over or deal with that.

Aven then abruptly ended the conversation and went to bed, which left Kylee in tears. She had been wanting an engagement, but she didn’t know what more she could do or what more she could say to sway Aven into seeing her perspective and feeling the same way.

Aven didn’t want to lose Kylee over an engagement in Paradise, but he didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t sure how their Paradise romance would translate into a real relationship outside of the show.

After a “horrible” night in which Kylee had gone to bed feeling sick to her stomach, she wasn’t sure how to proceed with Aven. She wished he had been honest with her about his view on an engagement earlier in the process.


Suddenly, a Paradise “it” couple from two years prior — Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis — walked on the beach in Mexico and uplifted everyone’s spirit. Mari said they were living proof that Paradise works, and she announced how they’d be getting married that day.

The cast members were invited to Mari and Kenny’s wedding, and that gave some people a renewed sense of hope. Kylee hoped Aven could see that they could also have a successful relationship outside of the show.

“I came in here wanting an engagement and the forever love story, but after having the conversations with Aven I’ve had these past couple of nights, it makes me so disappointed because I wish in the beginning I would’ve explored just a bit more,” Kylee explained in a confessional.

Blake Moynes served as Kenny’s best man in the wedding, and everyone watched a beautiful ceremony on the beach officiated by Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer. Mari and Kenny exchanged personal handwritten vows, and Kenny promised his bride that she’d never walk alone through life.

That night, the Bachelor in Paradise cast let loose at a glow and neon party in order to celebrate Kenny and Mari’s nuptials.

The cast danced, drank and had a good time at the reception, but Kylee was still feeling anxious about the future of her relationship with Aven.

“If they left Paradise just boyfriend and girlfriend, I feel like Kylee would be compromising a lot,” Mercedes told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras.

Kylee had a chat with her bestie, Blake, that night. She gushed about how she could always confide in him and that her relationship with Aven was “a facade” at the moment.

Kylee said she was “stupid” and doubting herself about whether she was enough. Kylee was essentially anticipating rejection, but Aven told Mari and Kenny that he just wanted to make the best decision for the both of them.

Aven thought Kylee’s focus on an engagement was “ridiculous,” but he said he really wanted to continue dating Kylee. Blake, meanwhile, advised Kylee to stick to her guns and not settle.

“I know what I deserve and I know what I want, and I don’t know if, in this moment, I even see a future with him if he’s not on the road to desiring what I want,” Kylee explained in a confessional.

That night, Olivia and Michael Barbour discussed how they felt really good about each other and their connection, and then Kylee pulled Aven aside for another serious chat.

Kylee was hoping Aven would step up for her, and he told the bachelorette how he had arrived at the realization that his feelings for her were very strong and he couldn’t imagine leaving the show without her.

“I am falling in love with you, but like, as far as the engagement goes, I need more outside of this before I can take that step right now,” Aven said. “I’m just trying to be as honest as possible; I think that’s what’s best for us. So I hope that’s enough.”

Kylee told Aven that she was falling in love with him too but an engagement would solidify a lot for her. Kylee said this gave her doubts, and that made Aven frustrated and a bit angry.

“Is that the only way you can commit to a person?” Aven asked Kylee, knocking the “label” of being engaged.

Aven and Kylee agreed that neither person was willing to make a sacrifice for the other, and so they were at a total standstill.

“What are we doing then?!” Aven asked.

“I honestly don’t know,” Kylee replied.

Aven assured Kylee that he was excited about them as a couple and they could figure things out in the real world, but Kylee was noticeably upset. Aven thought he had met the love of his life, but he thought leaving Paradise dating should be enough.

“If she’s willing to throw this all away for [an engagement], then I guess that sums it up. That says it all,” Aven told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras. “It’s up for her to decide if it’s worth it or not.”

The next morning, Mercedes’ bags were packed, and she let Jordan know that they didn’t have a romantic connection. This was not how Mercedes thought Paradise was going to end for her, and so she cried about having to leave alone.

Jesse then showed up on the beach and announced how it was time for Fantasy Suites. He asked each couple to take things seriously and really ask themselves if they could see themselves getting engaged.

Jesse said if a couple couldn’t see themselves taking things to the next level, then it was time to say goodbye.

Aaron and Eliza agreed on doing a Fantasy Suite. Aaron said he was crazy about Eliza and never thought he’d find a girl like her. He said he couldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else.

And Kat and John Henry also agreed to do a Fantasy Suite.

For Kylee’s part, she had prayed the night prior that Aven would wake up a changed man and be ready to get down on one knee. But then Kylee found out what was in Aven’s heart.

Aven told Kylee that he loved so many things about her and wanted to give their relationship a real shot — without an engagement being on the table — but Kylee felt “embarrassed” and didn’t think Aven was “so sure” about her as a result.

“I’ve literally been telling people that it’s you, and you can’t even have an open mind [about an engagement]. You were willing to take that next step with [Rachel Recchia] and do a Fantasy Suite with her… and you are not willing to get to that head space with me,” Kylee pointed out.

Aven therefore cut to the chase and asked Kylee, “If we don’t get engaged, are we done? Now I’m upset, because I feel like everything else is irrelevant besides an engagement… That’s all you seem to care about right now.”

“It’s because I know. I know it’s you. So how frustrating is it to me that you don’t know the same thing?” Kylee asked.

Aven didn’t think an engagement was the only way to justify his feelings for her, and he noted how just because he didn’t want it right now, that didn’t mean he doesn’t want it for their life. Aven asked Kylee to trust him because they had so much to do and look forward to.

Aven said it would really hurt if Kylee gave up on him, and then Kylee admitted she couldn’t see herself walking away from him.

“We’re going to be fine… We’ll get to that point very soon,” Aven assured Kylee.

Kylee and Aven then agreed to leave together. When he asked if she’d be okay with that, she replied, “I’ll have to be.”

Kylee said she’d continue to fight for her relationship, and Aven promised that he wouldn’t let her down. The pair was ready to take a risk together, but Kylee hoped this wasn’t going to be her biggest heartbreak ever.

Peter Cappio and Sam Picco then decided to break up, and they both left Paradise single.

While Peter was smitten with Sam and could see them dating in the real world, Sam explained how she wanted an intense an unwavering love and that she simply didn’t feel that with Peter.

Peter was “shocked” by the revelation, and he said Sam dumping him really sucked.

Meanwhile, Olivia said she really liked Michael and wanted to enjoy a Fantasy Suite with him, but they hadn’t known each other for very long. Olivia didn’t think getting engaged to Michael was a real possibility, but at the same time, she wanted things to work with him.

“I think we click together very well. I can definitely see myself with you and see a life outside of here with you,” Olivia told Michael, adding how she felt strongly for him and was being very vulnerable.

Michael explained how he had enjoyed his time with Olivia but he was also a realist. Michael said he didn’t want to lead Olivia on and their worlds were in two very different places at the time.

“Leaving together or going in a Fantasy Suite, I just don’t think that’s where we’re at right now,” Michael admitted. “It’s tough. It’s a tough conversation to have here.”

Olivia said she was “good” and had no hard feelings — but that she was done talking to him, and then they both left Paradise single and alone. Olivia told the cameras that if she was “a crier,” she’d cry right now.

“I’m always there for other people, and so I’m wondering, ‘Will someone be there for me?’ I hope so,” Olivia said in her final words.

The only two couples who enjoyed Fantasy Suites were Eliza and Aaron as well as Kat and John Henry.

Kat was admittedly “terrified” to talk about an engagement that night, but she said she’d do it for John Henry. John Henry told Kat that he couldn’t be happier, and she noted how he was the best man who ever entered her life.

Kat told John Henry that she’d be willing to take that next step with him, and John Henry said in reply that he definitely wanted to leave Paradise with her. The pair went on to strengthen their bond in the Fantasy Suite, with both of them gushing about how they were “so down.”

John Henry shared, “I’m actually looking for my future wife. I’m looking for a mother to my children, and I really think Kat is that next chapter. I’m just ready to enjoy this night with her.”

Meanwhile, Aaron told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras that he was “in love” with Eliza, and before going into the Fantasy Suite, he told her just that.

“That was so sweet, and I don’t think I would be sitting here right now if I wasn’t in love with you too,” Eliza responded.

Eliza confessed she was really nervous and scared about the idea of getting engaged because she only wanted to get engaged once. Eliza said she was “freaking out,” which made Aaron just want to protect her and reassure her.

The pair then agreed to go into the Fantasy Suite together, and they were both giddy and excited.

The morning after Fantasy Suites, Aaron said he was more convinced than ever that he wanted a life with Eliza. He said he could picture going to bed with her every night and making her breakfast in the morning.

The pair were in love, and Aaron gushed about how he was ready to pop the question. Aaron said he wanted to build a life with Eliza and have children with her.

“I just feel so grateful and lucky to be asking her to marry me,” Aaron told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras.

But Eliza admitted she was still freaking out because an engagement is a serious next step and she only wanted to get engaged once. She also wished her family could be a part of this and they couldn’t participate, which really upset her.

“If I would say with 100 percent certainty I am ready and completely sure of what I’m going to say if asked, I’d be lying,” Eliza admitted in a confessional.

Eliza then entered her Final Rose Ceremony in a white dress. She said she was going to trust her feelings in the moment, knowing that Aaron was definitely going to propose to her.

“It’s a lot and I’m shaking… I don’t know what I’m going to say and what I’m going to feel until I’m standing in front of him,” Eliza said.

When the pair reunited on a platform in front of the ocean, Aaron was crying — but “in a good way,” and he and Eliza held hand.

Aaron said he didn’t know what love looked like until Eliza walked down the steps of Paradise with her beauty and Grace. He said he loved everything about her and she was “the most beautiful part of Paradise.”

Aaron told Eliza that he paid attention to every little thing that she did and every little detail.

“We went through so much… but we’ve found a way to choose each other and choose to have faith in one another. I’m so happy right now to be standing here with you and to talk about the future as well, because your mom — I had a great conversation with her,” Aaron revealed.

Eliza appeared to melt in Aaron’s arms, and then Aaron continued, “I see where you get it… She is very proud of you and thinks the most of you. You truly have great parents, and I am just so lucky and grateful to be here. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and Eliza I want to do this right with you. I understand what this means to both of us.”

Aaron then got down on one knee and presented Eliza with a diamond ring.

“Will you marry me?” Aaron asked.

“Yes!” Eliza replied with glee in her voice. “Oh my god!”

Eliza told Aaron that she had been in her head all day and wasn’t sure what she was going to say until she was able to look him in the eyes.

Kat and John Henry were then shown waking up next to each other in bed after a “perfect” night. Kat said they had opened up about their lives and she wanted to repeat that morning every single day.

Kat said she could see John Henry being her husband and the father of her children, and John Henry said being with Kat was perfect and they had the deepest connection he’s ever had.

“But my emotions are all over the place. My heart is telling me to get engaged, but my gut is telling me, ‘Don’t do it.’ My gut is telling me it’s too soon,” John Henry admitted.

“We haven’t even gotten into an argument. We haven’t disagreed on anything. I still have questions and there’s still a lot I’ve got to learn about her. I usually follow my gut, and that’s the problem.”

He added how the last thing he wanted to do was get engaged to Kat and then soon realize they’re not as compatible as they thought they were. John Henry had reservations about jumping all in, and he didn’t know what he was going to do yet.

Kat and John Henry then reunited on the platform, and Kat opened up about how she never saw him coming.

Kat said she definitely “went through it” in the first few weeks of the process but John Henry changed everything and she felt so comfortable with him. Kat said it almost seemed “too good to be true” with John Henry but she felt happy and at peace.

“I am fully and wholeheartedly in love with you — completely. And that’s so crazy to say. Being with you, it feels like it’s a love that only comes once in a lifetime. Just know that I love you, John Henry, and I want to forever,” Kat shared.

John Henry told Kat that their relationship was so unexpected after a wild ride. He said he always trusted his gut, and his gut was telling him it was “too soon” to get engaged. He was questioning if their relationship was real and had a lot of what ifs?

“But right now, I’m going to try something a little different. I’m going to follow my heart, and my heart is telling me that you are amazing and you are everything that I’m looking for,” John Henry said. “I really do see a future with you. And I’m not falling in love; I am in love with you.”

John Henry then asked Kat to marry him, and she responded, “Yes, yes, of course! No way?! What’s happening?!”

The pair kissed and hugged, and Kat laughed about how she was freaking out. John Henry went on to accept Kat’s final rose.

The two engaged couples went on to celebrate with each other, and they toasted to having found true love in Paradise.

The episode ended with post-show updates about each Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 couple or fan-favorite cast member.

Kylee’s patience paid off and she and Aven have blossomed as a couple. It’s nothing but [fire emojis] for them, from here on out.

Olivia is still looking for the one who will suck her toes, and Will Urena is tired of coming in second and has developed a lifelong fear of water.

Blake is biding his time in the jungle until he can return as the Golden Bachelor, and Jess is single and in her Solo Sparkle Era.

Sean McLaughlin’s mom said he’s doing fine and is, in fact, mature.

Mercedes decided she’d rather spend time with her pigs than men because pigs are nicer, and Rachel didn’t want anything to do with a “where are they now” montage.

Aaron Schwartzman and Brayden Bowers almost died when their boats sunk off the coast of San Diego, leaving them treading water until rescue arrived. And now Brayden is dating Christina Mandrell from Zach Shallcross’ season. Brayden is teaching Christina’s daughter how to accessorize.

Aaron and Eliza’s engagement has hit some speed bumps since they left the beach. They are actively working on their relationship and trying to figure things out.

Kat and John Henry remain happily engaged. They are moving to San Diego and planning a happy life together.


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