Daisy Kent struggled with incorrect spoilers she was Joey Graziadei’s ‘The Bachelor’ winner


Daisy Kent has opened up about the “difficult” time when spoilers were incorrectly reporting her as Joey Graziadei’s The Bachelor winner for months.

“This was very recent after I got back [from filming], so I was still going through a lot of the emotions, and I was still getting over it and getting over the whole process,” Daisy admitted during the May 12 episode of the “Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad” podcast.

“It was so difficult for me in ways. I was like, ‘Everybody thinks it’s me — and it’s not.'”


Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone reported in late November 2023, right after The Bachelor’s 28th season had finished filming, that Daisy had won Joey’s heart and the pair got engaged at the Final Rose Ceremony in Tulum, Mexico.

For the viewers who had read that spoiler, they watched Joey’s The Bachelor season through the lens of Daisy ending up with the final rose.

However, a whopping three months later — when The Bachelor season was nearing the end of its run on ABC — Carbone acknowledged that new photo “evidence” had surfaced that could possibly prove his original Daisy spoiler wrong.

Carbone promised to do his research and look into it, and then in late February, the spoiler blogger confirmed that Joey had actually been engaged to Kelsey Anderson all along and that Daisy had finished in second place.

Carbone’s sudden spoiler change shocked fans all over the world, but for Daisy, finally having the truth out there came as a huge relief.

“My family knew what had happened, but everyone else thought I was engaged,” Daisy recalled on Becca’s podcast.

“And so, my mom, I don’t think her phone has ever blown up so much, and even when I would go home, people would be coming up [to me] and hugging me and congratulating me… I wanted to say, ‘I wasn’t it,’ but you can’t say anything [to spoil the season].”

Daisy recalled driving to the Minnesota airport in November to catch a flight to San Diego when a friend sent her a screenshot of the original The Bachelor spoiler claiming that Joey had picked Daisy as his winner and they were engaged.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,'” Daisy said. “[I was] like, ‘What?!'”


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Daisy said she barely had a moment to catch her breath and process things as her “phone was blowing up.”

Daisy shared, “All of my guy friends were texting me, like, ‘Congratulations!’ And a lot of my girls [too]. Everyone was happy for me.”

“I remember getting that, and I was like, ‘Alright, now what do I do?'” Daisy said. “And then I was in the airport and my mind was just going a million different ways.”

Daisy reiterated how it was a “difficult” situation to deal with.

“But I was like, ‘Okay, I can either be really upset about this and have it still make me upset, or I can have fun with it and go out with my friends and they can all buy me shots!'” Daisy said.


Daisy concluded that “at times, it was weird,” but now everything is “happy and normal” again.

Joey ultimately got engaged to Kelsey at the end of his The Bachelor season, and the couple is still going strong. They plan to move into a New York City apartment together in July or August of this year.

Daisy, meanwhile, has moved on from Joey and the show. She is currently dating one of her “guy friends,” Thor Herbst, a man whom she had briefly dated when they both attended San Diego State University.

Reports Daisy had begun dating a former classmate surfaced late last month, and then Daisy went public with her relationship on May 5 by posting a photo of The Bachelor 28 runner-up and Thor enjoying an ATV ride together via Instagram Stories.

Daisy confirmed that Thor is, in fact, her “boyfriend” during her appearance on Becca’s podcast.

“We dated four years ago, so a very long time ago,” Daisy shared.

“[We met] in college. We didn’t date for very long, but we were always really good friends after. And our whole college friend group is super close, and then yeah, it just happened the way it happened!

Daisy revealed that Thor was the one who “broke up” with her in college.

“But we just weren’t at a place to have a relationship, and I think, at the time, we were both just very ‘college.’ We just wanted to have fun, so it was the best thing for both of us,” Daisy said.

Daisy said Thor “reached out” to her after The Bachelor aired and wrapped its 28th season on ABC in March.

“I was going through so much… It wasn’t until after the show that we decided to try to give it a go,” Daisy recalled, before adding, “I had no idea he was still interested.”

Daisy gushed about how she and Thor are “giving it a go” and it’s “going good,” and she said they are able to see each other “really often.”

Thor is also doing his best to adjust to dating in the public eye, according to Daisy.

“I don’t know if he’s comfortable with it, but I called him before I was coming here. I was just like, ‘I might get asked about it. Do you want me to not say anything?’ He was like, ‘Whatever you want to share. But if you ever feel uncomfortable, just say that’s between me and him,'” Daisy revealed.

“So he’s very supportive of what I want to do and all of this too, but he never, ever thought this would happen. I’m sure when articles started coming out, it was shocking.”

Daisy admitted she’s also “still trying to navigate” how to date with the world watching and how much to share of her life on social media.

“Because in ways, I feel like I owe it to people to share everything about my life — but I don’t. But there is something so fun about that… and endearing, that people want to know about me. And I always want to be open and honest with people,” Daisy reasoned.


Daisy also told Becca how her family is handling her new relationship “very well” and everyone is “really excited” for her.

According to an Us Weekly source who had unveiled Daisy and Thor’s romance, the pair have “been traveling all over” since they began dating recently.

Thor reportedly accompanied Daisy and her family on a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in March, and then the couple stayed in a cabin in Utah.

Daisy and Thor also reportedly took a trip to Indio, CA, where they attended Stagecoach together, in late April.

On Dani Austin’s “De-Influenced” podcast last month, Daisy announced for the first time that “yes” she was dating somebody. However, she wasn’t ready to spill the details, at least “for the time being.”

The Bachelor Season 28 runner-up subsequently revealed on “The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast” that although she was putting herself first and focusing on her health, she had, in fact,
gone on multiple dates with the same person.

Daisy said at the time she wasn’t sure if her relationship would become a serious one, but she revealed, “You never know how time’s going to go, but I would say I’m happy right now, and it’s looking positive.”

Daisy, however, assured Ashley and Ben Higgins that this man had nothing to do with her decision to opt out of starring on The Bachelorette this year.

Although Daisy said she loved being on TV and had “the time of my life,” she turned down The Bachelorette role two weeks before The Bachelor: After the Final Rose aired in March.

Daisy said on Nick Viall’s “The Viall Files” podcast that she was afraid of getting run down mentally and emotionally, having sleepless nights, and having to kiss and lead on multiple men in order to keep the show interesting for viewers.

Daisy also claimed that she’s also not interested in appearing on Bachelor in Paradise or being the Bachelorette in 2025 or later, although she’d be open to a stint on Dancing with the Stars later this year.

Daisy even said she’s “relieved” to have made that decision and that she’s not currently filming Season 21, which is set to premiere Monday, July 8 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

On The Bachelor’s Season 28 finale, Daisy and Kelsey Anderson were Joey’s Final 2 bachelorettes in Tulum, Mexico.

After both women met Joey’s family and had a final date with him, Daisy predicted that she wasn’t going to end up with Joey.

Daisy therefore sought out Kelsey in her hotel room to essentially compare notes about their week.

Daisy admitted to Kelsey that something felt “off” and seemed to be “missing” with Joey during their last date, and so she arguably spoiled the fact that Kelsey was going to be Joey’s winner.

The two women then traveled to the Final Rose Ceremony in the same van, and Daisy gracefully bowed out of the competition before Joey could officially dump her.

“Falling in love with you has been so fun and I do love you,” Daisy told The Bachelor star at the Final Rose Ceremony. “But the thing is, you’re not going to choose me.”

Joey immediately broke down into tears, confirming that Daisy’s gut instinct was correct.

Daisy told Joey, “I know that you know I’m not your person. And as much as that hurts, umm, I know you said you want what’s best for me, and so I’m going to do what’s best for me — and I’m going to go.”

Joey called Daisy “special” and offered to walk her out, but Daisy decided to do that on her own.

Daisy and Joey said they were going to miss each other, and then Joey reunited with Kelsey and proposed marriage to her. Joey and Kelsey are still together and planning to move to New York City in July or August.


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