‘The Golden Bachelor’ alum Faith Martin reveals if she’d date Gerry Turner again


The Golden Bachelor alum Faith Martin has revealed if she’d be willing to give Gerry Turner another chance and date him again now that he’s single again.

Gerry had eliminated Faith in third place after hometown dates on The Golden Bachelor and totally shattered her heart, but she managed to make an appearance at Gerry and Theresa Nist’s January 4 wedding.


Just three months later, Gerry and Theresa announced their split, and then Gerry filed for divorce on April 12.

Faith, who was madly in love with Gerry, opened up about whether she’d want to revisit that relationship now that Gerry is back on the market during a recent episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour” podcast.

“No, I don’t really have any exes that I have time for or would want to be with again, not that I can think of,” Faith, 60, admitted to the podcast’s co-hosts and fellow The Golden Bachelor alums Kathy Swarts and Susan Noles.

When asked if she’d date Gerry again in particular, Faith responded, “No, I don’t think I would.”

Faith explained, “I love Gerry. I thought there was something so different about him that I totally appreciated. Honestly speaking, we were pretty darn compatible in a lot of ways.”

“But I just decided in this moment, this very second, that as much as I felt for him, my intuition would lead me to believe that it’s probably [not a match],” said the high school teacher from Benton, WA.

Faith revealed, however, that she and Gerry still “text now and then” and there will always be some type of connection there because they had a “shared experience” on The Golden Bachelor.

“All of us did, and so we’re bonded for life,” Faith said.

“I think it’s important that we all [stay in touch], because wasn’t it honestly quite the adventure? And for [the runner-up Leslie Fhima], Theresa and me, I think it was even so much more intense that sometimes we just had to talk.”

When looking back on her dating experience with Gerry, Faith didn’t think she got caught up in the moment.


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“It wasn’t like that at all,” Faith insisted, suggesting her strong feelings for Gerry were deep and sincere.

“I feel like I really was there for that purpose. I probably could have married Gerry, and we probably would have been pretty darn happy, but I guess knowing what I know now, I think he really comes from an analytical side instead of leading with his heart.”


Faith confessed Gerry’s way of thinking and acting “doesn’t work” for her and so they’d probably clash when trying to navigate life together in the real world.

“I think he made a decision out of the logical choice and not his heart, and I lead my whole life with my heart. My heart is what gets me through everything,” Faith explained.

Kathy suggested people need to cut Gerry “a little slack” because starring on a reality dating show must be tough, and Faith agreed.

“Everything can be beautiful and magic and a fairyland, and you know what? Sometimes it just doesn’t work out! And that is the reality,” Faith said.

“And that doesn’t mean you give up… [You] just move forward with something different.”

But Faith said she still feels “the weight” of the “emotional turmoil” that she went through on The Golden Bachelor.

On The Golden Bachelor, which wrapped in November, Faith had told Gerry that she wouldn’t be willing to move away from her Washington home because she couldn’t envision seeing her kids only twice a year.

Given Faith’s roots appeared to be a dealbreaker for Gerry, Faith admitted she was pretty surprised by Gerry’s decision to end a relationship over logistics.

“I think if I was truly in love with someone, there is no amount of distance that would keep me away,” Faith shared.

Faith said, going forward, she’s looking for an intelligent, creative and inventive man who is willing to think outside the box and support her in having “a big life” of her own.

“I’m okay with not being attached at the hip. I think we need to have our own autonomy,” Faith concluded.


Faith has dabbled in dating since appearing on The Golden Bachelor, but she said there’s no special man in her life yet and she doesn’t enjoy swiping on the dating apps.

Faith was admittedly “numb” after Gerry broke up with her and she left The Golden Bachelor.

Faith told producers in her final words on The Golden Bachelor, “I feel like we connected on a level where I I was ready to marry the dude. I wanted so much more for me and I wanted so much more for my kids, for them to see me have that. Maybe it’s just not in the cards for me.”

And on The Women Tell All, Faith and Gerry had, arguably, the most emotional and heart-wrenching reunion that’s ever aired on The Bachelor franchise.

Faith and Gerry embraced and cried in each other’s arms for nearly 30 seconds, and Gerry apparently felt horrible for breaking a promise he had made to her family that he wouldn’t hurt Faith.

“I know,” Faith replied. “[But] I don’t feel like you deceived me. I don’t feel like you purposely broke my heart in any way, shape or form.”

Gerry’s Final 2 bachelorettes on The Golden Bachelor were Leslie and Theresa, and he ultimately proposed marriage to Theresa during the finale, which filmed in Costa Rica.

Faith, however, apparently thought she was the best person for Gerry and would’ve made him happy — at least that’s how she felt in November.

“You could’ve walked off with me right then [after my hometown] and I’d have been yours for the rest of your life,” Faith told The Golden Bachelor star on The Women Tell All.

“I felt that safe, and I never felt that way… I hope someday I can feel that again, but I thank you for it.”

Gerry insisted his love for Faith was genuine in those moments but when he had three women left — who are all “wonderful beyond description” — he had to find out which one was “right” for him.

“It’s just that one was right,” Gerry explained.

“I get that. I totally get that. But in my heart, it still hurts because it’s a loss. I feel such a loss,” Faith responded at the time.

Despite having to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, Faith said her family was “really glad” that she went on the televised journey to find love.

“I’ve done a lot of crying. They’ve had to listen to that,” Faith said on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast late last year.

“And they’ve kind of gone through it with me because they, you know, fell in love with Gerry a little bit too. So it’s hard on them… [But] I think that they’ve realized we all learned a lot… I think they can see it really has made kind of a life-changing effect for me.”


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