All American – Black Out – Review: One Wild Ride


Tonight’s episode of All American strayed from the norm, giving viewers a chaotic deep dive into Spencer James’ wild 21st birthday celebration. The episode was a narrative whirlwind of flashbacks and present-day reckonings, cleverly unwinding the tangled threads of one unforgettable night. 
The episode opened with Spencer waking up at Wade Waters’ house, the last place anyone would have expected. That alone let viewers know that the night before must have been one wild ride. The ensuing scenes captured the quintessential confusion and hilarity as Spencer roped Coop into piecing together the fragments of a night lost to heavy drinking. As Spencer scrambled to recall events, viewers were treated to a barrage of flashbacks revealing both comedic and intense moments. This narrative choice not only added depth to the characters’ experiences but also cleverly juxtaposed Spencer’s blackout with the audience’s growing understanding. The walk back to the previous night’s events, was spurred by Spencer being frantic over not remembering what Olivia had given him as a gift. He was determined to figure out what it was, before Olivia found out he lost it. 
“Black Out” – ALL AMERICAN. Pictured: Bre-Z as Tamia “Coop” Cooper and Daniel Ezra as Spencer James. Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW ©2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 
Things took a dramatic turn after a flashback panned to the vortex watching a newscast at a sports bar, highlighting Jordan as the new focal point of the GAU squad. This revelation drove Spencer to drink more, escalating tensions throughout the night. Subsequent flashbacks intensified the drama, showing Spencer and Jordan’s heated fight in a bar and confrontation in a back alley over their football rivalry, and Spencer’s unexpected brawl with Wade at a bar—ending with Wade sheltering him from police involvement. The episode reached a tender resolution when Spencer, unable to recall the night’s events, learned from Olivia about their new matching tattoos—two hands with interlocked fingers, symbolizing their everlasting connection, no matter where life takes them. 
Olivia’s storyline provided a touching and intimate counterpoint to the main drama, as she and Jordan reminisced about special moments with their dad as part of an attempt to spark ideas for her book. Another flashback to the night before, uncovered a fresh argument between Jordan and Layla, centered on his doubts about her commitment to their relationship. Following his day of reminiscing with Olivia, she advised Jordan to clear the air with Layla. Heeding her advice, Jordan sought Layla out at the lounge, offering an apology which prompted Layla to affirm that he remains her main focus. As the couple reconciled, Layla’s attention was diverted by an online video showing Patience’s bar altercation from the previous night. Patience has worked so hard to regain her confidence and strength after the incident with Miko. This is sure to be a setback on her quest to move forward. The video showing up online was disappointing, considering Patience and Layla had just finished having a heart to heart about the progress both of them have made since the attack. 
“Black Out” – ALL AMERICAN. Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker and Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker. Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW ©2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Coop was once again the dutiful friend, assisting Spencer with recalling the previous night’s events. That is until they ran into Patience, and Coop abruptly left. This was explained by a flashback to the previous night, where Patience made a move on Coop, who resisted, citing the influence of alcohol, which prompted Patience to accuse Coop of spoiling the moment. Coop has been struggling all season with sidelining her burgeoning feelings for Patience, in order to allow her time to heal. This incident is bound to complicate their relationship further. It is crucial for the two women to have a conversation to clear the air and for Coop to determine if her feelings for Patience are mutual. Coop has been hanging on to her feelings for Patience for so long, it is time for her to figure out if they are valid or if she should move on. 
In a tense subplot, Asher attempted to firmly establish boundaries with Wade Waters. This backfired as Wade belittled Asher, reminding him that he is just an offensive assistant, causing Asher to second-guess his decision to recruit Wade onto the team. Despite being tasked with bringing Wade up to speed on Coastal’s plays, Wade’s arrogance complicated things. However, Wade eventually expressed remorse for his past actions, claiming that he had changed, though Asher remained skeptical, believing actions speak louder than words. Ultimately, the revelation that Wade had protected Spencer the previous night, helped Asher see Wade in a new light, allowing them to find enough common ground to work together for the good of the team. 
The season thus far has been bland, and this episode helped breathe new life into the series. The seamless editing between past and present enhanced the storytelling, making the episode a compelling watch. It felt like All American went back to basics, tackling serious themes like responsibility and reconciliation while keeping the entertainment value high. This episode was much needed and hopefully will set the tone for the remaining episodes this season. Over to you, All American fans! How did you feel about the episode? Did you like the storytelling aspect of using flashbacks to recreate the night before? What repercussions will Patience have to face now that her fight video has gone viral? Share your thoughts below and follow me on X at @middleofcanada.
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