Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7 Assessment: It is Greatest You Cease Digging


There was sure to be an (much more) exposition-heavy narrative introduced earlier than we bought to the climactic showdown on Coryana, and Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7 doesn’t disappoint.

The twist to the large backstory reveal is that Ocean actually. Does. Not. Care. Giggle-snort.

In the meantime, Jacob and Sophie are nonetheless kicking round for … causes (?). I am assuming contractual obligations?

And the kryptonite an infection is significantly complicating issues for Group Batwoman in that, half the time, Luke and Mary do not know the place Ryan is, they usually’re rescuing her the opposite half.

Luke and Mary - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

The entire secret identification factor can also be fairly problematic as Ryan has to confront Alice with out the cowl, pondering that Gotham’s greatest bad-ass would bear in mind one sufferer out of the Wonderland Gang’s myriad of casualties if she simply noticed her face.

The truth that Alice takes that as one other feather in her cap is rightfully maddening.

I get it. Mommy died, and now you are a girl on hearth which suggests I am liable for spawning, not one Batwoman, however two!


In contrast to some earlier scripts, this one (out of necessity) operates on fully separate plotlines.

There’s the Coryana flashback-based exposition. There’s Jacob and Sophie’s futile seek for the map.

Then we’ve got Ryan’s kryptonite-fueled obsessive vendetta which is geared toward discovering Alice however one way or the other finally ends up on Angelique’s hearth escape?

Angelique - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

Significantly, how has Angelique not but found out Ryan’s secret identification?

However coloration me impressed with how effectively Luke and Mary have been capable of switch Batwoman to the again of Luke’s automotive.

Luke: I am going to meet you on the Batcave.
Mary: Why are you giving me the important thing?
Luke: I am going to take the Batmobile.
Mary: I can take the Batmobile.
Luke: You have by no means pushed it earlier than!
Mary: I’ve by no means pushed your automotive earlier than!

I am much less impressed with the GCPD chopper that could not observe stated automotive (and Batmobile!) again to the Batcave.

Mary’s insistence on driving the Batmobile was a much-needed second of levity in an hour of deep feelings.

Excellent news, I bought to drive the Batmobile. Unhealthy information, the wipers button and the rocket launchers look very comparable. Somebody ought to label these.


As was her implying that she would possibly’ve blown one thing up when she went to scrub the windshield.

Ryan in Pain - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

In the future, we will have a severe speak about this present’s subject with moms.

Gabby Kane, Catherine Hamilton, Mama Cora.

It’d simply be a Bat-Household theme, but when I used to be Luke’s as-yet-unseen-onscreen mom, I might be watching my again.

I am simply saying, moms on this present are both useless or poisonous. A few of them are each.

Ready for a Fight - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

And I get it, the kryptonite factor is just not solely damaging Ryan bodily however mentally too.

Nonetheless, one would hope that it would not require a imaginative and prescient of your useless mom to remind you that she would not need you to change into a assassin within the title of getting justice for her.

However, then once more, possibly it will.

In any case, Gabby’s head haunts Alice, however her ghost has by no means popped as much as counsel her wayward baby.

Tatiana: The person you have been keen to alter your life for. The one one who provided you a second probability and freedom out of your previous is identical man Safiyah satisfied you to stab by way of the center. (laughs)
Alice: I am sorry, that is it? That is your massive mic drop second? Shock! You killed your soul mate… that you do not even bear in mind. Yeah, I discovered my mom’s head in a freezer so for those who’re making an attempt to shock me, you are gonna should do some higher than that.

And Mary’s line within the sand retains slipping each time Ryan factors out Alice must face penalties for killing their moms. Perhaps having Catherine ship a message from the afterlife would set her proper once more.

Dr. Mary - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

Shifting on to the Coryana saga, it was useful to have the Alice-Ocean backstory stuffed in by Tatiana though, actually, she was way more useful than I’d’ve anticipated.

Additionally, it was form of amusing that she wasted her maniacal villainous chortle on Alice, who was, frankly, underwhelmed by the entire story.

LOL. As blasé as Alice was to Tatiana’s face relating to her killing her massive love, Ocean is much more aloof and disinterested within the grand romance that led to his reminiscence being wiped and him being exiled from Coryana.

You need not discover ways to battle, Alice. You might want to discover ways to really feel.


Tatiana’s prognosis that Alice’s most present points stem from the Enigma remedy is fascinating.

Can an argument be made that Alice hasn’t been in command of her actions this complete time?

Better Things To Do - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

It throws again to the comedian supply materials the place Alice finally recovers and reforms and turns into Pink Alice, a hero of types who rescues Kate from Nocturna.

With Ocean thought useless by Coryana however really operating round, having drinks and whatnot, it looks like he ought to be part of no matter confrontation is coming with Safiyah.

There’s a complete world exterior this island that you understand nothing about. Books, meals, electrical energy. And Safiyah likes to maintain it that means so that you just keep shut and dependable and uninspired.


And but, he simply walked out the door, telling Alice to reside her life.

The romanticism of the entire soul-mate idea would lead us to anticipate one thing a bit extra dramatic, however we additionally do not know what Enigma’s hypnotic programming did to Ocean.

Ocean - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

Safiyah’s directions for Alice’s programming have been extraordinarily clear and detailed.

And from the attitude of viewers who’ve watched Alice from her first look, Safiyah’s description of what Enigma would do to Alice is kind of prophetic.

You’ll go dwelling, Alice. You’ll embrace this fairy-tale persona of yours, and you’re going to imbue it with fury! You’ll construct your individual military. You’ll change into your individual queen. And you’ll perform the vengeance on your loved ones that you just so desperately crave!


Relating to Safiyah, I’ve a couple of — really, fairly a couple of — questions.

Seeing the be aware that was left for Jacob and Sophie makes me query whether or not she did not ship the primary be aware that led Alice to imagine Coryana was behind Kate’s airplane crash.

If she lied about that, why would not she lie about having Kate?

Safiyah - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

Additionally, now that we all know that she has a robust hypnotist in her loyal military, why would not she simply reprogram Alice once more when Alice returns to the island?

In actual fact, that would’ve been her complete plan all alongside.

Alice: I heard there was wine.
Safiyah: Appears like coaching’s going properly.
Alice: I’ve but to see the purpose of a military. You haven’t any crime right here. Everybody walks round with a smile. I am in Roman Pleasantville.

Step 1: Kill Kate so Alice has no motive to remain in Gotham and lure Alice again to her with the primary be aware.

Step 2: Ship Alice to kill Ocean as a approach to get rid of her rival and get vengeance.

Preparing for Dinner - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

Step 3: Dangle the hope of a reside Kate to guarantee that Alice will return to Coryana.

Step 4: Have Enigma flip Killer Alice into the superbly loyal consort.

Tatiana’s in all probability going to have a couple of ideas on the matter, however since she is the epitome of loyalty, she’ll toe the road.

Tatiana: Gotta admit. I did not suppose you had it in you. [gets knocked out by Alice]
Alice: You actually should not be pondering in any respect, Tatiana. It is not your robust swimsuit.

There’s quite a bit to course of right here as you watch Batwoman online.

Since they’ve now successfully minimize off different strategies of discovering Coryana with the destruction of the map and the bloodbath of the docs in search of the Desert Rose, Ryan’s magically-planted tracker is the one approach to discover the island.

Ocean continues to be a wild card and, right me if I am fallacious, however is not there nonetheless the False Face Society and Snake Chew (which Ocean helped produce) to take care of in Gotham?

Is the drug scene simply in a holding sample till Batwoman’s again on the prowl?

A Last Stand - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7

Granted, she’ll be higher geared up for the job as soon as she’s all Desert Rose-patched up, I assume.

How do you see the Face-Off on Coryana happening?

Will The Many Arms of Loss of life survive a bat invasion?

Will Alice discover Kate? Will she be the Kate we acknowledge?

Hit the feedback along with your wildest theories!

Diana Keng is a employees author for TV Fanatic. Observe her on Twitter.

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