Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Would You Ship Out of Salem?


Gabi struggled to let go of Stefan while the Hortons prayed she’d give his heart to Julie, Xander asked Rolf for a favor, and Brady moved Kristen into the Dimera mansion on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-7-19.

Our TV Fanatic Jack Ori is joined by Kayla, Doolfan4life, and Tony from MyHourglass: A Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether the Hortons went too far, if Victor is right about Kristen getting her claws back into Brady, and which three characters we’d like to see get the boot.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

The Hortons sent an endless parade of people to talk to Gabi about donating Stefan’s heart. How should they have handled this situation?

Kayla: I think they should have given Gabi some more time to accept her husband’s death and then try approaching her later on.

Doolfan4life: I thought what they did was entitled and ignorant. If the situation were reversed, there’s no way Julie would attempt to save Gabi.

As far as what they should have done, I’m going to go with nothing because they should never have known about it in the first place! Kayla broke patient confidentiality when she freely told them everything.

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It was up to Gabi to share that news and none of them heard it from her. By rights, she could sue.

Tony: There’s really no good way to have gone about this. I guess having Rafe talk to her first would have been best, as he can sometimes get through to her.

Jack: First of all, sending in every person they could think of and hoping someone got through to Gabi was a terrible idea. I think if everyone had left her alone after Doug spoke with her, she might have thought things over and decided to give Julie the heart.

But instead, every time she turned around, someone else was bothering her about it.

That said, I think JJ should have been chosen as the person to talk to her in the first place.

Not only did Eli forget that JJ was part of the family, but he also forgot that JJ’s first girlfriend had been murdered and that Gabi saved JJ from suicide after he accidentally shot Theo.

All of that history meant that JJ could have related to Gabi on multiple levels and talked the whole thing through instead of barging in to pressure her like Eli did.

What do you think Rolf did to Hope?

Kayla: I think he wanted to turn her into Princess Gina again.

Doolfan4life: I have an icky feeling he is resurrecting Princess Gina, probably to do some kind of Dimera bidding.

I hope I’m wrong because this is a story that was tiresome ages ago, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Ron [Carlivati, the current head writer] typically recycles old stories rather than coming up with anything new and interesting.

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Tony: Most likely, turned her into Princess Gina again.

Jack: I agree with everyone else, though I suspect Hope will gradually transform into Princess Gina over time.

There seems to be a doppelganger story once a month and Kristen has finally been unmasked, so it’s about time for the next doppelganger, though I wish we’d get some other kind of story instead.

Was Victor right that Kristen is going to get her hooks back into Brady if Brady allows her to stay at the mansion?

Kayla: Yes! I mean, look how it turned out when Thersea stayed there.

Doolfan4life: Victor was totally right. He called Brady out on what will be.

Brady is too stupid to not fall for her antics and he never learns, Victor was right to be upset that he moved her in.

Kristen has now raped two men, Brady being one of them. and she’s now in the same house as many people of whom she terrorized. He should get his own place if he wants to be an idiot.

Tony: Definitely! Brady is addicted to poor choices in women and often thinks with his other head when around them. Kristen’s already started to get her hooks in him.

Jack: I wish I could have faith that Brady has become strong enough to resist Kristen, but she’s his latest addiction, so…

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What happened to his pact with Sarah? If she would talk to Brady instead of ranting to Xander about Kristen moving into the mansion, maybe Brady would have a fighting chance here.

Xander asked Rolf to help him deliver the pregnancy test results to Eric. React!

Kayla: I thought: Oh My God! Seriously, Rolf? You idiot.

Doolfan4life: It’s a bit silly that it’s resorted to Rolf delivering test results.

I want Eric to find out, but for a soap it would be dramatic enough if Sarah fessed up and Eric struggled with wanting to be a full-time father while Nicole perhaps felt jealous that she couldn’t give Eric a baby!

There are so many soapy reveal stories to go with and they involve the mad scientist who can resurrect the dead…. why?

Tony: I wouldn’t trust Rolf with any results, though since they’re both (somewhat) evil, I can kind of see why Xander asked for Rolf’s help.

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Jack: I found this weird, personally.

Rolf is not trustworthy and God only knows what he might do now that he has those results in hand. Xander would have been better off wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap to slip the results under Eric’s door than asking Rolf to do it.

Or, since Salem phones come preprogrammed with everyone’s number, “accidentally” text Eric instead of Sarah about the pregnancy.

If the Salem Ferry had room for three passengers on a one-way trip to Smith Island, never to be seen again, who would you want to board?

Kayla: This is an easy one: Eve,Kristen and Rolf.

Doolfan4life: I would have to go with Jordan. Her going crazy involves no one I find interesting so I fast forward a lot of her scenes.

Rafe also. I hate everything about him.

And maybe Eric. He has become unwatchable for me.

Also, if they didn’t just kill Stefan, he would be at the top of my list.

Tony: Gabi, Eve and Kristen.

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Jack: I’ll keep Eve even though she’s become a one-note revenge machine lately. There’s always a chance she’ll get a more interesting story, and Kassie de Paiva is a phenomenal actress!

Instead, I’ll send Jordan away with Gabi and Kristen. Her story is pointless and reinforces the myth that people with mental health issues are dangerous and violent.

What was the most emotional scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kayla: I thought the most emotional scene was the one between Will, Sonny, and Gabi.

Doolfan4life: As much as I hate the character of Stefan, I thought Gabi’s scenes with him were extremely well done.

She really makes the audience feel her grief, and for me, it was a bonus that Stefan is gone!

Tony: Despite the fact that I cannot stand her character, Gabi’s scene with Doug was pretty emotional.

Jack: I agree — Camila Banus hit it out of the park with Gabi’s grief scenes! Her scene with Doug was my favorite, but all the scenes where she lay on Stefan, unwilling to let him go, were heartbreaking.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! Tell us in the comments what you think about these questions or anything else that happened on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-7-19.

And check out our Days of Our Lives review for the week of 10-7-19 for more discussion!

Days of Our Lives continues to air on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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