Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 9 Evaluation: Wax Patrol


So far as episodes go, Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 9 is stable. It is thrilling — stuffed with battle and intriguing developments.

It is a not a correct finale, although, and it was by no means meant to be. COVID-19 shutdowns meant that the meant tenth episode of the season was by no means accomplished, and this grew to become the final episode of an already shorter season.

Whereas most of this season’s episodes bounced between any of the six crew members’ separate tales, this one manages to drag a lot of the core characters collectively for one centered battle whereas nonetheless coping with their particular person points.

The hold-out is Jane, whose consciousness is trapped within the nicely in The Underground, pushed in by Miranda on the finish of Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8.

Whereas she floats round there, not-drowning (as a result of The Underground remains to be a assemble), the occasions that led to Miranda’s personal journey down the nicely play out in flashback reminiscences.

And it is fairly idyllic to begin. I can see how Miranda might be seen as greatest related to Kay’s pursuits as she escaped from their father after which made a pleasant, regular life for herself within the metropolis.

Most telling was John’s remark that every one his associates “love” Miranda. Miranda’s response is a Han Solo-esque, “I do know,” and I imagine that reveals Miranda’s modus operandi. She must be cherished.

Even now, her interactions with the remainder of the Doom Patrol have been ones the place she’s making the others really feel higher, comforted, taken care of.

And that may have began with John and his soiled, hippy busker wooing.

You are like a cat, you understand that? Mysterious. Cannot inform if you would like somebody for petting or for scratching.


Granted, she clearly does not share every little thing about her childhood and the alters with him, and that is in all probability part of wanting him to like her.

She spends lots of time reassuring the others, in any case, calming and coercing them the identical method that John did along with her to start with.

Miranda: Does this work on different women?
John: Is it engaged on you?

So… that has me fascinated by Kay’s query to “Miranda” on the finish. If the alter that emerged from the Effectively is not Miranda, who might she be?

Miranda Underground

My idea is that she’s a brand new alter, fashioned out of Miranda’s need to be regular and cherished.

Miranda is every little thing Miranda was with the distinct distinction that she doesn’t wish to be main to a collective of alters. She does not wish to handle Kay. She needs to be the ONLY character.

And if which means throwing all of the others down the Effectively (Kay too?), that particular gap within the floor is about to get mighty crowded.

In distinction, Jane has by no means needed to accommodate anybody besides Kay. As a result of she lacks the traumatic reminiscences of the opposite alters, she appears to be like to them for suggestions, however as the one one with a way of real-world life abilities, she’s been the proper main for the collective.

You motherfuckers. You do not know a factor about love. Not one among you. The shit that occurred tonight? This scene? Is not about love or freedom. It is simply extra management cooked up by males like this asshole. They keep in management and maintain taking from clueless bitches. And we allow them to as a result of we have tricked ourselves into believing it is a fucking alternative! I do not know whose worse on this shitbox. The tiny dick losers? Or all you sheep opening up for them since you’re afraid. And empty.


From the second she emerges as an alter, her angle in direction of these round her is brutal reality and screw tact and diplomacy. Her drive has all the time been in direction of the survival of the group, which can clarify why she hasn’t drowned the best way the opposite alters have within the Effectively.

In the meantime, Dorothy, the opposite character with a number of entities dwelling in her head, is having a tough begin to puberty.

I proceed in charge Niles for all of this. I am unclear if Dorothy’s mom selected to boost her alone or if Niles stayed away for his or her security, however irrespective of the explanation, he is been willfully unaware of the best way to shield and put together their little one.

If reaching out to Dorothy’s mom was all the time an possibility, whereas the heck did not he go to her as quickly because it was obvious that Dorothy’s needs have been harmful? Why wait till the Candlemaker’s about to spring into the world, full-powered?

Take heed to me. You possibly can’t beat him. Have a look at the others. Have a look at how he destroyed them. What likelihood do you suppose a little bit lady has? Do not do that, Dorothy. I am begging you.


After which there’s the very fact he has completely no confidence in his daughter’s skills or the powers her lineage (by means of her mom’s aspect) have imbued her with.

And if she does not have an opportunity in that battle, whose fault would that be, Niles?

Of the wax-ified crew, Larry is the one one who does not get an imaginary buddy remedy (since he admits he by no means had one) and, thus, is unceremoniously zapped with no preamble in any respect.

Cliff’s battle with Bible Camp Jesus is simply so Cliff.

Cliff: Jesus?
Jesus: Hey Cliffy, you piece of shit.
Cliff: What the fuck? You have been my imaginary buddy for like HALF a summer season at bible camp.
Jesus: Yeah, then you definitely forsook my ass.
Cliff: Wait, Jesus. I are available peace. Perhaps we are able to discuss this out?
Jesus: You suppose I give a french-fried titty fuck about something it’s a must to say now, Cliff? I am right here to finish you.

Sure, he will get to verbalize among the abandonment points he has about his dad, which in all probability fed into his personal insecurities about being a father himself, however getting roundhouse kicked by a pissed-off Son of God is one thing you simply do not see all that usually.

Cliff: In order that’s it? Chief wins? Once more?
Vic: This is not about The Chief. It is about Dorothy.
Cliff: And, for me, it is about Clara. I’ve a daughter too. He is accountable for the life he fucked up. I am accountable for the life I fucked up. I’ll restore mine.

And he is understandably fed up with shedding out on possibilities to proper his parenting wrongs in order that he might assist Niles out together with his.

In the meantime, Rita works out her mommy points by means of faucet dancing with Roxy, a collage paper doll which mainly acted as Rita’s childhood imaginative and prescient board.

It is telling that Rita noticed Roxy as a surrogate for her mom, having used her mom’s eyes to create Roxy’s face. Rejecting Roxy equaled rejecting her mom’s actions.

That Rita was in a position to stand as much as Roxy, even touting a few of her Elasti-girl skills, indicated that Rita may’ve truly grown fairly a bit since her extra blobby-inclined days.

What is going on on right here? I assume you are going to, what, assault me? Attempt to rip me limb from limb? I really feel I ought to warn you I’ve sure skills now, skills I did not possess as a baby. Stretchy skills. Blobby skills. They’re actually fairly one thing.


In lots of bizarre methods, the Candlemaker’s punishment for Dorothy’s associates was prefaced by some much-needed remedy they’ve all wanted this season.

Vic’s imaginary buddy, Cowboy Physician, is really probably the most Freudian since he appears to be like precisely like Vic’s IRL dad, Silas Stone.

Cowboy Physician — extra so than the opposite imaginary associates — is much extra self-aware of his function in Vic’s life.

Vic: How are you continue to right here?
Physician Cowboy: Effectively, I reckon it is on account of me being in your creativeness

Even getting shot does not gradual him down.

He is there to be Vic’s cheering part, a father determine who helps him irrespective of how asinine his selections.

Vic: I need some recommendation.
Cowboy Physician: No, sirree. That is what your dad’s for. Recommendation, critiques, judgment. No, you made me for affirmation.
Vic: That is not true.
Cowboy Physician: Positive it’s. No matter you do, I am right here to pat you on the again and say ‘Yee-ha!’ so … yee-ha, Vic! You let a killer go unfastened. However hey, for those who’re okay with it, so am I.

And that realization hits Vic simply earlier than he will get waxified too.

Perhaps that is the purpose of Candlemaker’s vengeance. He gives all of them with these nice insights and breakthroughs simply to snap them into wax suspension to show it does not make a distinction.

So we’re left with all of the intrepid heroes caught in dire circumstances, little Dorothy whipped right into a mystical fireplace, and Niles crying futile tears.

This was a wonderful penultimate episode and a supremely irritating finale.

Do me a favor and ship some optimistic vibes to the Powers That Be {that a} renewal announcement comes by means of quickly as a result of I, for one, would REALLY prefer to see what occurs subsequent.

Fairly positive you’ll too, however let me know within the feedback if I am unsuitable.

Did the second season be just right for you?

Or did all the varied adventures show too disparate and complicated?

Does the present deserve a renewal?

Diana Keng is a workers author for TV Fanatic. Comply with her on Twitter.

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