FBI: International Season 4 Cast and Character Guide


FBI: International is slightly different than the other members of the franchise.

This series takes place in various European cities, where the Fly Team is dispatched to investigate international crimes that threaten American security from abroad.

It’s an elite team, which means it’s smaller than the other teams and difficult to get into. Nevertheless, getting to know the characters is important so you don’t get confused.

The Fly Team Got Far Smaller During Season 3

Several departures occurred during FBI: International Season 3, the most significant of which was Scott Forrester, who has led the team since the series began.

Actor Luke Kleintank left the series after three years to spend more time with his family. Unfortunately, Forrester didn’t get a proper sendoff.

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The character has been MIA for two episodes and is presumed to have run away to help his mother, a fugitive whose case he has been investigating for a while.

However, the season ended with no definitive answer on where Forrester was.

With Forrester in the wind, the team will need a new leader, but there’s no word yet on who will play that person.

Chicago Med alum Colin Donnell guest starred in the last two episodes of the season, so he is a possibility, or the series could bring someone new in (or promote from within.)

Please scroll down to check out who is confirmed cast for FBI: International Season 4.

Special Agent Cameron Vo (Vinissa Vidotto)

Cameron Vo has been with the Fly Team since the beginning of FBI: International, although she was new to this branch of the FBI when the series began.

Vo and Cassidy - FBI: International

Throughout most of Season 3, she was involved in a will-they-won’t-they relationship with fellow agent Damian Powell.

However, Powell left the Fly Team after demonstrating he was too impulsive and hotheaded to deal with international criminals correctly.

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She is currently Forrester’s number two agent, which means that, in his absence, the logical thing to do is to make Vo the commander of the Fly Team, at least on an interim basis.

However, this may not be what she needs or wants, as she was only promoted to number 2 recently and may not feel ready for even more responsibility.

Vo Negotiates - FBI: International

VInissa Vidotto is an Arizona-born-and-raised actress who has always dreamed of the career she has.

Her passion for the arts was solidified when she was in her high school production of “Don’t Ask Alice,” and as an adult she has many credits to her name.

In addition to FBI: International, she is best known for her recurring role on Lucifer, and recently guest starred on Hacks.

She has a BFA in acting and got her first role when she impressed talent scouts with her senior showcase.

Smitty Holding a Weapon - FBI: International

Megan “Smitty” Garretson (Eva-Jane Willis)

Unlike the rest of the Fly Team, Smitty does not work directly for the FBI. Instead, she works for Europol and coordinates her investigations with the Fly Team.

Europol is a federal agency similar to the FBI in America. It enforces laws throughout the European Union and outranks local police in each country.

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Smitty often has to negotiate with those officials who resent the FBI and Europol taking over their cases.

Sometimes, officials want the FBI out of their hair because they are corrupt; other officials want autonomy and, like TV cops everywhere, fall into the tired TV trope of wanting autonomy and hating other branches of law enforcement that want to take over their jobs.

Smitty is Ready for Action - FBI: International

South African actress Eva-Jane Willis plays Smitty.

Willis was born in Cape Town and moved to North London, United Kingdom, when she was four years old. She is an Irish citizen by birth.

She has been a regular on FBI: International since its second season and was best known for The Power before that.

According to an interview with People Magazine, Willis spent her wedding night learning the lines for her audition after her agent told her that the opportunity was available.

That dedication makes her perfect to play a character who is often expected to drop everything for a case.

Raines Wants Prisoners Released - FBI: International

Special Agent Andre Raines (Carter Redwood)

Raines was originally an accountant, so he could track financial irregularities and follow the money trail to catch criminals.

He has a younger sister who was once kidnapped, making him even more determined to bring the bad guys to justice than usual so he could get her safely home.

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During Season 3, he almost lost his leg after being seriously injured during a mission gone wrong. It looked like his leg might have to be amputated to prevent blood poisoning.

Fortunately, his condition improved when FBI’s Jubal Valentine sent a specialist to Hungary who was able to provide an alternative treatment.

Afterward, Raines didn’t take nearly as much time to recover as needed, as he was too eager to get back to work, but within a few episodes, he was sufficiently healed.

Raines Helps Free Norweigan Prisoners - FBI: International

Carter Redwood is best known for playing Andre Raines, but he has guest-starred on plenty of other shows, making him a familiar face to TV viewers.

Notably, he played an officer on Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 22 who faced an investigation when he shot a man with a knife.

He also appeared on two episodes of Orange is the New Black and an episode of Madam Secretary.

Raines is his first starring role, and we can’t wait to see what he does in Season 4.

Tate in the Woods - FBI: International

Special Agent Amanda Tate (Christine Wolfe)

Amanda Tate is the newest member of the Fly Team, having joined at the beginning of Season 3.

Like Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Jet Slootmaekers, Tate is mainly a computer expert but is fully qualified to go out in the field as needed.

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Not much is known about Tate’s past yet, but the series has promised that mysteries will surround her, which may be a big part of the newest season once it begins.

Because of the infuriatingly shortened season, there wasn’t much time to develop her character, so let’s hope we get to know her better during Season 4!

Digging Into The Truth - FBI: International

Christine Wolfe grew up in Spain, so it’s unsurprising that she’s fully bilingual — something that FBI: International could use when the series returns.

She is an accomplished actress with many credits besides FBI: International. If you’re a superhero fanatic, you might have recognized her as Julie Pennyworth from the CW’s Batwoman.

She also starred in Seasons 3 and 4 of The Royals and is one of the leads on The Ark. She has jumped over to video games, where she plays Robyn in Need for Speed.

Will New People Join the Fly Team?

With such a small cast, it would be unsurprising if we got some new characters during Season 4.

However, CBS is trying to keep costs down, so if the cast expands, the series will likely begin rotating characters, as the other FBI series are doing.

On Call - FBI: International

Over to you, International fanatics.

Who are you most looking forward to catching up with?

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Do you think the Fly Team needs anyone else?

Hit the comments and let us know!

FBI: International Season 4 will air on CBS on Tuesdays at 9/8c and stream on Paramount+ on Wednesdays.

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