FBI: Most Wanted Season 6 Cast and Character Guide


Who’s who on FBI: Most Wanted?

The oldest spinoff of the FBI series features a small but dedicated team of special agents determined to bring the most violent criminals to justice.

This show has been renewed for a sixth season, so the summer hiatus is a great time to dive into the FBI: Most Wanted cast and character guide and get to know who these people are.

A Small Cast, But A Big Change

Before getting into the cast guide, you should know that FBI: Most Wanted will rotate cast members during Season 6. This cost-saving measure means that different characters will be featured on each episode, with some missing each time.

This will impact a series like FBI: Most Wanted, which only has five regulars, far more than shows with big casts, as character disappearances will be noticeable.

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However, it could be a positive thing for FBI: Most Wanted because it’ll allow each episode to focus on one or two characters, which means the series can tell their stories in depth.

Please scroll down to check out the list of significant characters and the actors who play them.

Final Trackers - FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 16

Supervising Special Agent Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott)

Remy Scott has been the head of the Fugitive Task Force since Jess La Croix’s (Julian McMahon) death at the end of FBI: Most Wanted Season 3.

Remy was always destined to be controversial because he followed in Jess’s footsteps. Jess was a popular leader close to his team, whose family, especially his rebellious teenage daughter, played a big part in most episodes.

We don’t know much about Remy’s personal life for three years.

We’ve learned that his brother was murdered (which likely sparked Remy’s interest in law enforcement), he has a wayward nephew, and from the beginning, he has never been without a bagel, donut, or other food item and usually brings enough to share.

Season 6 might explore Remy’s personal life more since he has a girlfriend now, but he’s mostly a mystery thus far. It also took time for most of his agents, especially Barnes, to get used to him after Jess’s death.

A Rising Star - FBI: Most Wanted

Dylan McDermott is a prolific actor who may be best known to Dick Wolf fans as Richard Wheatley, the original supervillain on Law & Order: Organized Crime. He went from playing the nearly invincible and arrogant drug kingpin to the head of the Fugitive Task Force.

This will never happen, but it would be fun if there were a crossover so that he could play a dual role and be in charge of the FBI team that helps bring Wheatley down after he resurfaces!

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McDermott also played morally ambiguous lawyer Bobby Donnell on 1997’s The Practice and has appeared in several seasons of American Horror Story.

He had a tumultuous childhood; his parents divorced when he was young, and his mother died of a gunshot wound when McDermott was six. Her death was ruled an accident, but in 2012, it was determined she was murdered by her gangster boyfriend, who had long since died himself and thus could not be brought to justice.

He took the name Dylan after his father’s third wife, Eva Ensler, had a miscarriage, as that’s what she was planning to name the baby. Later, she wrote roles for him in some of her plays, which was his first exploration of a career as an actor.

Barnes Returns - FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 1

Special Agent Sheryll Barnes (Roxy Sternberg)

Barnes is one of only two original characters left from FBI: Most Wanted’s first season.

She is a former NYPD officer with extensive experience infiltrating gangs in the Bronx. Despite the nature of her previous job and the horrific crimes she encounters daily at the FBI, she is not hardened as a person and is probably the most empathetic of everyone on the team.

However, sometimes, the disturbing, violent crimes she is investigating can get to her, and she is a big believer in processing such feelings before they become problematic.

Barnes is gay and was married until recently, but her soon-to-be-ex filed for divorce and wants to take their daughter away. While this feels somewhat like a split for the sake of drama, it is also a serious source of pain that Barnes will continue to deal with during Season 6.

Custody Battle - FBI MW S5 E11 - FBI: Most Wanted

Although Barnes’ American accent is perfect, Roxy Sternberg was born and raised in England. Her first role was in the British cult comedy It’s A Lot.

She found success in the US on NBC’s Emerald City, which was a drama based on The Wizard of Oz. The entire season was about Dorothy’s trip to see the Wizard and the strange beings she met along the way.

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Emerald City only lasted one season, but it allowed Sternberg to make a name for herself so that she could get other roles, including the role of Barnes in FBI: Most Wanted.

She enjoys episodes where Barnes gets to do a lot of action scenes but would also enjoy scenes where Barnes gets to hang out with Hana Gibson, the only other original cast member.

Looking to Future - FBI Season 5 Episode 23

Special Agent Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten)

Nina Chase is a transplant from the original FBI team, where she met and fell for Stuart Scola.

She and Scola have a baby together, but now Nina is on Most Wanted while Scola remains on FBI, so the two rarely have scenes together anymore.

Nina can be blunt and abrasive and sometimes comes off as insensitive, but she makes up for her lack of tact with her passion for justice. There are many ways that Nina can help the Fugitive Task Force.

At first, it was hard to accept her because she was replacing Kristin Gaines (Alexa Davolas), who was written out abruptly at the end of Season 5. Still, after a year, she demonstrates that she’s a worthy character in her own right.

Officer Down - FBI MW S5 E11 - FBI: Most Wanted

Shantel VanSanten began her career modeling for magazines such as Teen and Vogue before joining teen drama One Tree Hill.

Since then, she has appeared on several TV series, notably The Flash, where she co-starred with Jesse L. Martin, who was on Law & Order before he became known as Alec Mercer on The Irrational.

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VanSanten also starred in the first two seasons of Amazon Prime’s The Boys.

She began recurring on FBI as a semi-replacement for Missy Peregrym when Peregrym was on maternity leave before moving over to FBI: Most Wanted.

Tracking a Killer - FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 1

Special Agent Hana Gibson (Keisha Castle-Hughes)

Hana is a computer expert who helps the Fugitive Task Force track criminals’ digital footprints, although she has also been known to work in the field.

She was kidnapped during FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 after she confronted some criminals on her own while taking a late-night road trip to visit her sister.

Hana held her own with her captors despite their desire to rape or kill her, and she was rescued before she came to any lasting harm. However, the incident has informed her worldview ever since.

Hana appears to have finally found happiness and is currently dating a US Air Marshal, but is he really who he claims to be?

Tech Whiz - FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 16

Keisha Castle-Hughes has something else in common with Roxy Sternberg besides their longevity on FBI: Most Wanted. They are both non-Americans.

Castle-Hughes was born in Western Australia and moved to New Zealand as a young child, where she grew up.

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She made her acting debut at thirteen, becoming the youngest Oscar nominee in history up to that time when she was nominated for her part in Whale Rider, though she didn’t win.

She has had guest roles on various shows, including The Walking Dead, and was part of Game of Thrones during Season 5.

Ray and Cora's Wedding  - FBI MW S5 E13 - FBI: Most Wanted

Special Agent Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge)

Ray is one of the newest additions to the Fugitive Task Force, having only arrived during Season 4.

Ray’s father is a retired FBI agent, and Ray wants to make him proud. He previously worked in the Violent Crimes Office in Albany and was a cop in New Orleans.

Ray’s relationship with Cora was central to Season 5, and their wedding was nearly derailed when Ray got called out on a case hours before they were supposed to wed.

Fortunately, Remy was sensitive to this issue and ensured the case was wrapped up in time for everyone to attend the wedding.

Two Agents Go Missing - FBI: Most Wanted

Edwin Hodge is the son of two Marines. He was born in North Carolina, but his family moved to New York, where he was raised. He and his brother are both actors.

Hodge began his acting career by recurring on Sesame Street in 1995.

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He has an impressive number of guest appearances to his name, everything from Boston Public to All Rise, though his only two starring roles are on FBI: Most Wanted and on 2022’s Good Sam.

In February 2024, he and his brother wrote, produced, and starred in the movie Parallel, a remake of a Chinese movie about a grieving woman stuck between parallel universes.

Two Missing Coeds - FBI: Most Wanted

Over to you, FBI: Most Wanted fanatics.

Who is your favorite character?

Hit the comments and let us know!

FBI: Most Wanted Season 6 will air on CBS on Tuesdays at 10/9c and stream on Paramount+ on Wednesdays.

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