Found Gains Station 19 Favorite Danielle Savre for Sophomore Season


Could Mosely & Associates be gaining a new member?

In some exciting casting news, Station 19’s loss will be Found’s gain when they acquire one of the most beloved actresses from the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff.

Marina shippers and Station 19 fans, still hoping to salvage the canceled series and continue the love story of Maya and Carina, are facing yet another blow.

Danielle Savre Joins Found; What Does This Mean for the Fight to Save Station 19?

Brace yourselves because Danielle Savre will join the cast of Found in its highly-anticipated sophomore season.

It feels like yet another nail in the coffin for those hoping to revive the first-responder series.

It’s coming off the news that Jason George is returning to Grey’s Anatomy after signing off of Station 19 after seven years.

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As fans of the talented cast and crew, we must surely have mixed feelings about both being excited that they’re finding new opportunities elsewhere and still sad that they’ll no longer be playing characters we’ve come to love.

Maya Stands Tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 9

Will Daniell Savre Appear in All of Found Season Two?

But Savre is headed to big things with her addition to the series.

TVLine has reported that Savre will take on a recurring role during Found Season 2.

However, we don’t have any further details regarding what role she’ll play or how many episodes she’ll appear in.

We know that Found will return to NBC this Fall, but it will be on a new night.

Fractured Bond - tall - Found Season 1 Episode 12

It’ll join the Law & Order Thursday night line-up, closing the night at 10 p.m. EST.

As we know, Law & Order: Organized Crime has been moved to NBC’s streaming network Peacock for a new season.

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Found will be taking over its time slot, and it should find great success there. It never had an issue in the 10 o’clock time slot, and it was one of NBC’s and the year’s biggest and most successful series on network television.

Found was one of the crown gems that helped carry us through dual strikes. When we last left things, Mosely & Associates was in shambles as Gabi shared with the rest of her crew that she had been harboring her former captor, Sir, in her basement.

Sir's Scruffy - Found Season 1 Episode 11

Not only was she holding him captive, but she had been using him to help her and the rest of the team solve missing persons cases.

It was a colossal blow and betrayal to everyone, particularly to Gabi’s pseudo-sister, Lacey, who used that as her final straw to depart Mosely & Associates for good.

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Unfortunately, in a truly shocking cliffhanger, Sir escaped Gabi’s basement and honed in on going after the person Gabi loves most in the world, Lacey.

With Mosely & Associates in dire straits, it’ll be interesting to see if Savre will step into a role as a new associate.

Found Wall - Tall Season 1 Episode 13

Who Will Danielle Savre Play in Found Season Two?

But it could also be possible that she’ll play law enforcement, working alongside Brett Dalton’s Trent or perhaps some other political figure who sees Gabi as an asset or a pain on her side.

Given the formulaic nature of the team investigating missing persons, we could also speculate that she may be involved in one of those cases, perhaps as someone missing a loved one.

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The most out-there speculation is that she’ll be a character who appears in a series of flashbacks the series often shows of young Gabi during her time in captivity.

Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop in Station 19 Final Season

We’ll be excited to see who and what the talented actress and director will play in this upcoming season!

Over to you, Found and Station 19 Fanatics!

How excited are you about this news? Who do you think Savre will play?

Let’s hear your thoughts below!

You can stream Found on Peacock!

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