Hell’s Kitchen Sneak Peek: Sacrifices and Dreams!


May we never forget what this season’s theme is.

It’s all about the American Dream, and we get a perfect reminder during Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Episode 10 when the remaining contestants meet a series of inspiring athletes who made their dreams control.

And we also glimpse that in our exclusive sneak peek of an all-new episode!

TV Fanatic scored another first look at a jampacked hour that focuses on one of the frontrunners in the competition.

When we get wrapped up in the competition, it’s sometimes easy to forget all the sacrifices the contestants make to be in the series.

Making Pasta - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 10

It’s anyone’s win for the taking as the competition winds down.

Both teams performed exceptionally well during the dinner competition on More Bang for Your Buck.

They did such a decent job that to make things interesting, Gordon Ramsay told them that whoever finished their last tables first would win, forcing the losing team to put up two of their teammates.

But in a shocking turn, both teams had issues with their final push, disappointing Ramsay with their dishes and performance in the final moments of dinner service.

A Pasta Challenge - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 10

It runs neck and neck with both teams, but in the end, the Blue Team comes out on top, serving up a perfect salmon after some struggles.

Ultimately, they earned their safety while the Red Team had to decide which team members were the weakest of the bunch and deserved to go home.

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The team decided that Sandra and Donya needed to be in the bottom.

But in a surprising move, when pressed about their performance and who deserved to be in the bottom, Sandra stated herself.

Chef Sandra - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 5

Sandra’s lack of confidence in Ramsay’s eyes was why she got sent packing, and Hell’s Kitchen was down another contestant.

But the race to the finals rages on.

In an all-new episode, both teams will learn a lesson or two about balance during a gymnastics challenge that will bring out a couple of guest stars.

Olympic champion Jordan Chiles will walk them through another difficult challenge.

Jordan Chiles - Tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 10

And they must impress Chef Evan Funke with four signature pasta dishes.

The guest stars don’t end there, as both teams will have some well-known individuals to serve during another harrowing challenge.

One of the teams will have to serve another Olympic champion, Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist Alix Klineman.

And the other team will get to serve actor, comedian, and author Kel Mitchell.

Chef Evan Funke - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 10

It’s a strong display of some chefs rising to the occasion and tackling every challenge with aplomb while others fall completely apart and crash and burn.

But which of your favorite contestants will fall into what category? You’ll have to tune in to see.

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In the meantime, our sneak peek heavily features Jonathan and Atoye.

They’re the two parents out of the bunch and bond because of that, as no one else understands their sacrifices and how difficult it is to be away from them.

Pouring in Oil - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 10

Jonathan gets emotional speaking about his five-year-old daughter, Saxon.

He’s missing all those special little moments, including milestones in Saxon’s life that parents adore.

He confides in Atoye about it, as they commiserate on kids and all the changes taking place without him.

Jonathan expresses how his motivation is his daughter and how she’s what keeps him pushing through.

Pastabilities - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 10

It seems like it’ll be a strong episode for Jonathan, but you never know in Hell’s Kitchen.

Check out the clip below and sound off with your thoughts.

An all-new Hell’s Kitchen airs tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

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