Janelle Pierzina and Rachel Reilly Talk Snake in the Grass, Reveal Whether They Would Return to Big Brother, & More


Janelle Pierzina and Rachel Reilly are Big Brother legends.

They’re fan favorites who wasted no time in making big moves during their time on the CBS reality series.

Earlier this week, they appeared on USA Network’s fast-paced new series, Snake in the Grass.

Snake in the Grass Quartet

Survivor alums Cirie Fields and Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick were also a part of the fun.

Reilly enjoyed her time on the series, revealing it to be one of the best experiences she’s had working on TV to date.

Snake in the Grass Cast

“Everything about it was just amazing,” Reilly shared with TV Fanatic.

Rachel, who won Big Brother 13, knew the series was from the producers of Naked & Afraid and worried everyone would be dropped in the jungle naked.

“My husband kept telling me, he’s like, ‘they’re not going to make you be naked if they don’t tell you,'” Reilly added with a laugh.

Reilly shared that the experience only lasts 36 hours, so every single thing said or any piece of information given changes the game.

Janelle on Snake in the Grass

She likened Big Brother to a marathon but said Snake in the Grass is a sprint.

The reality TV star said that on Big Brother, people would speak about things like sequester in the early days.

However, Snake in the Grass was about information gathering and finding out who the snake is from the get-go.

When producers first contacted Rachel for the show, she knew that production company Renegate 83 had some great shows.

Big Changes on Snake in the Grass

The series was initially described as a treasure hunt in those early casting calls.

Janelle was attracted to the show because of the adventure aspects and because the format was new.

“I was like, ‘sign me up right away,”‘ Janelle shared.

Janelle felt like Big Brother and The Amazing Race were excellent training for Snake in the Grass.

On the Beach on Snake in the Grass

Janelle believes that the two shows help with social skills.

“It’s so funny Janelle said that because I’m the worst social gamer ever,” Rachel chimed in.

Rachel added that Snake in the Grass forces you to work socially because you need to watch for any signs of red flags from the other contestants.

“You have to be able to figure people out and get a vibe for them, which is like what you learn on Big Brother,” she said.

Early into their episode of Snake in the Grass, Janelle, Cirie, and Stephenie wondered whether Rachel could be the snake.

Rachel was upset that Janelle thought that.

“I got a little bit emotional because I was just like, ‘I’m playing this so bad. I’m messing up at the competitions.'”

Rachel said her social game was off, making her ask awkward questions.

TV personality Rachel Reilly attends the Reality Rocks Expo Fan Awards

However, she countered that she hadn’t played a game like this in at least 10 years.

“I think I was just out of practice,” she added.

The turning point for Janelle to believe Rachel was when Rachel secured the key, and somehow, the boat was overturned.

Viewers know Stephenie did that on purpose because she was the snake.

Janelle liked that the format was much faster than previous games she’s played on TV.

Janelle Pierzina  - Big Brother

“It was so nice not to have to deal with a three-month competition. Those are extremely draining mentally.”

“It was honestly one of my favorite shows that I’ve ever done because it was so short and sweet. It was so fun,” Janelle added.

Rachel agreed, noting that going in for 36 hours and playing your heart out is a good tradeoff for a shorter show.

I asked Janelle and Rachel whether the jungle setting gave them a thirst to compete on Survivor.

Rachel Reilly arrives at Star Magazine Hollywood Rocks 2014

“I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not a camp girl. That’s just not my vibe,” Janelle said with a laugh, adding that the Survivor girls told her some things about the CBS reality series.

“You literally have nothing. Yeah, I’m good. I don’t think Survivor’s for me because I just couldn’t deal with the accommodations.”

“I would love to do Survivor,” Rachel chimed in.

“I think Janelle and I on Survivor would be fun.”

“That would be fun, but I’m worried that I would be the one that’s always complaining, you know?” Janelle responded.

“That’s okay, you’ll be good at the competitions, and you’ll be good at the alliances and like social games. I’ll be your cheerleader. I’ll help you with things like camping,” Rachel responded.

As for Big Brother, Janelle and Rachel would be interested in returning, but it would have to be a shorter season.

“I would be interested in a short season. I will not go back for another regular season in the summer. It’s just not worth it to me,” Janelle shared.

“But if there were something short and sweet or if they need a guest appearance or whatever, host a competition, I’m always down for that.”

Rachel says Big Brother will always have a special place in her heart because she won the show and she met her husband, but she would be interested in a three-week season.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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