Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Bogeyman


Things are headed for a serial slaying summer in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7, with Bloody Rose no longer holding back. Not that she was ever subtle.

However, this season’s killer doesn’t seem to have a consistent plan, and it begs the question, is she actually trying to kill the girls?

Bloody Rose has a solid kill count at this point, but most of the deaths are confusing as the victims aren’t connected to the liars except in the most indirect way.

With just a few episodes, the suspect list has grown considerably, but it’s great that Dr. Sullivan is cleared, at least partially.

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Since she was on the original Pretty Little Liars, her being the killer would have been a continuity nightmare.

The Suspects - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7

Still, her story about her son was heartbreaking, but she deserves credit for being so cool and understanding about Imogen’s accusation.

Although Imogen showed she has grown some pretty thick skin, she took the possibility that her mom could be the killer surprisingly well and was pretty much over it at the ten-minute mark of the episode.

She also got a much-deserved break from direct violence, spending the majority of “The Bogeyman” hanging out with Dr. Sullivan.

If anything, the doctor probably struggled the most this time around, having to relive the painful memory of her son’s murder and then get kidnapped by Bloody Rose by the end.

Bloody Rose - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7

Usually, a car full of rose petals would be so romantic and not bone-chillingly terrifying, as Imogen’s face mirrored when she discovered Dr. Sullivan’s car.

It seems like “Bloody Rose” is a Spooky Spaghetti community group effort because Dr. Sullivan could be the sacrifice discussed on the forum.

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Mouse didn’t help anything with her video attempt, which felt very cringy at first, but considering how much the site has affected their lives, it’s no wonder Mouse is trying to do everything in her power to have it taken down.

She’s had her ups and downs in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, but it’s getting personal now with Spooky Spaghetti commenters suggesting they kill her grandmother.

Excuse me, what?!

The Doctor Has Secrets - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7

Mouse’s culpability is questionable, considering she’s admitted multiple times that she fed all the Archie Waters info to the site and inadvertently created Bloody Rose.

Then she walked in on the actual Rose Water and her grandmother mid-conversation, hopefully clarifying something at the finale’s beginning so viewers don’t sit through it with questions burning in their brains.

At least Tabby’s arc is coming full circle.

She is planning to make her own film about the Millwood Massacre, which is actually a fantastic idea because it’s a much better story than her short film and will likely help her process her trauma.

There’s still the question of whether Christian can be trusted since the show likes to play fast and loose with its love interests.

However, after careful consideration, I doubt the writers would want another ” Chip,” but Christian could still have an agenda even if his feelings for Tabby are real.

A Big Decision - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7

Speaking of love interests, can someone please tell me what is happening with Noa?

After everything Shawn did for her, he had every right to lose his cool. The hole in the wall was a bit much, but that is a pretty easy fix, unlike the insane car bill Noa caused with her bat.

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The whole thing is hard to watch because the series has set the tone as if it’s perfectly fine that Noa’s been lying and cheating on Shawn.

The girls didn’t even bat an eye or try to defend Shawn in any way, which makes them all seem like they have questionable morals, but I guess that’s teens for you. Not a care in the world with the attention span of a goldfish.

Speaking of fast-moving teen romance, Faran and Greg wasted no time after Prettly Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 6.

Confused - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7

They seriously went from some sweet looks of longing to sex in less time than an entire episode. Sure, feelings can change on a dime, but to go from antagonists to lovers that quickly is fast, even for television.

However, Greg’s transition into a good guy makes Noa’s actions look even worse since Greg at least had the decency to break up with Kelly before making a single move on Faran.

Although, we’ll see how Greg feels after he learns the news about Kelly.

That ending was a little predictable, but it was still upsetting despite Kelly’s recent inclusion into her cult-like church.

There’s a chance she was only passed out face down in the pool, as it seemed like Bloody Rose was trying to test Faran again.

Bloody Rose has to be connected to some religion because she wears a crown of thorns and has killed more church folks than anyone else this season.

Not the Cemetery! - Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 1 Episode 7

With the finale coming, anything could happen, but audiences are likely expecting a bloodbath before the liars reach some semblance of a happy conclusion to their summer of murder mayhem.

Whatever direction it takes, the series has set up several storylines that could easily be brought over to the third season if the show gets renewed.

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Who is Bloody Rose?

Do you think Kelly is actually dead?

Please comment below to let us know, and join us again when we review the finale of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.

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