The Cleaning Lady – Two-Part Season Finale – Review: High Stakes and Shocking Twists

The two-part finale of “The Cleaning Lady” delivered a powerful mix of suspense, betrayal, and emotional gut-punches. It successfully wrapped up several plot threads while setting the stage for new challenges, making it a must-watch for fans of the series.
Ramona’s charity event, believed by the FBI to be a massive money-laundering operation, served as a central plot point to the two-part finale. 
The finale kicked off where the last episode left off, with Thony collaborating with Jeremy from the FBI, after staging Nadia’s death. Nadia, devastated by her loss of freedom, lashed out at Thony, accusing her of self-preservation. Thony revealed her risky deal with the FBI, meant to protect Nadia, who must now choose between cooperating with the FBI for a new identity or facing death. Nadia’s desperation is palpable as she declared she’d rather die than be relocated. 
The emotional tension built as Fiona destroyed the hidden cameras, anxious about Thony working with Jeremy but recognizing she has no other choice. Thony revealed to Fiona that she almost killed Ramona during surgery when Ramona was bleeding out, highlighting her inner conflict and desperation.
Jorge confronted Ramona about Nadia’s overdose, knowing she orchestrated it since Nadia wasn’t an addict. Ramona admitted her part, claiming that Nadia had worked with the Feds, but Jorge dismissed the evidence as fake, declaring his trust in Nadia. Later, Thony met Ramona, who offered her a chance to reclaim power by being her eyes and ears at the charity event. 
“Fight or Flight” – THE CLEANING LADY, Pictured: Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa and Eva De Dominici as Nadia Morales. Photo: Lewis Jacobs/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Nadia reappeared at the De La Rosa house, seeking help to disappear. Thony reluctantly agreed, knowing the risks if Nadia was found by Ramona to be alive. Nadia’s sense of loss after Arman’s death and her own lost freedom was palpable. Fiona and Thony’s plan to get Nadia to Curacao involved several close calls, including a tense moment when Ramona almost discovered Nadia hiding at the De La Rosa house, and another when they outsmarted Jeremy at Nadia’s motel. 
Jorge introduced Thony to AJ Hines, owner of Paradise Events, a company linked to Camilla’s disappearance. Jorge noticed an attempt to access Nadia’s funds and questioned Thony, who brought him to Nadia. Jorge retrieved Nadia’s $40 million, and Thony drove her to the escape point. Nadia thanked Thony, and they shared a heartfelt embrace, reflecting on their shared struggles and support for each other despite their differences.
In a shocking twist, Ramona arrived at the helicopter meant to take Nadia away and stabbed her. As Thony desperately tried to save her, Nadia’s dying wish was for Thony to get revenge on Ramona for her and for Arman. 
“Fight or Flight” – THE CLEANING LADY, Pictured: Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa and Eva De Dominici as Nadia Morales. Photo: Lewis Jacobs/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Chris’s subplot added another layer of suspense as he investigated a clue from Camilla’s social media, determined to find her despite Fiona’s warnings. His rebellious nature and secretive actions heightened the stakes, leading to a dramatic rescue of Camilla from Paradise Events, where she had been held captive. 
Thony’s interactions with Jorge became pivotal as they strategized to bring down Ramona. Jorge’s realization that Ramona forged his signature and planned to adopt Violeta, taking her and fleeing, is a critical turning point. His decision to cooperate with Thony and the FBI, despite the risks, underscored his desperation and the high stakes involved. The revelation that his sister, the person he trusted most, had betrayed him, made viewers empathize deeply with his character. Jorge has always been likable, but seeing him align with the right side of things elevated that even further. 
“House of Cards” – THE CLEANING LADY, Pictured: Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa and Santiago Cabrera as Jorge Sanchez. Photo: Lewis Jacobs/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
The charity event served as the explosive climax of the finale. Thony’s mission to identify drug runners, marked with an invisible tool seen only by the FBI, created intense suspense. The hidden cameras captured crucial moments as Camilla, Fiona, and Russo watched, as part of Camilla’s pledge to help the FBI identify the people behind her capture. Half-way through the event, it appeared that Jorge had changed his mind about working with the FBI, forcing Thony to revert to plan B. Thony’s revelation to Ramona about Jeremy’s true identity escalated the tension, leading to a deadly confrontation.
In a shocking twist, Jeremy found the undercover room ransacked and one of his officers dead. Thony arrived just in time to save him from being stabbed, showcasing her quick thinking and bravery. The FBI’s raid on the charity event and Ramona’s escape to the roof set the stage for the final showdown. Thony, armed with a gun, confronted Ramona, who goaded her about Nadia’s murder and she revealed that she framed Thony for the crime. Jorge’s arrival and the FBI’s timely intervention resulted in Ramona’s arrest, thanks to the knife Jorge provided as evidence. 
The climax of the first part of the finale was a masterclass in suspense. The moment Ramona stepped off the helicopter meant to take Nadia to safety, viewers could feel the floor drop out from under them. Ramona’s brutal stabbing of Nadia and Thony’s desperate attempts to save her were gut-wrenching. Nadia’s dying request for Thony to get revenge on Ramona and Arman was a heartbreaking end to a character who has been through so much. Nadia’s character has been crucial to the series, and despite her flaws, viewers grew to appreciate her. The writers’ decision to kill her off was bold. However, this season has shown that viewers can trust the writers to take a difficult situation and make the absolute best of it.
“House of Cards” – THE CLEANING LADY, Pictured: Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa, Kate Del Castillo as Ramona Sanchez and Santiago Cabrera as Jorge Sanchez. Photo: Lewis Jacobs/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
In true “Cleaning Lady” fashion, the episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Thony being propositioned by the cartel to take another job. Despite telling Jorge she was choosing her family and wanted out of the business, one has to wonder if her love for power and high-stakes drama will lure her back in. Thony’s involvement in the underground world is crucial to the series, so it’s only a matter of time before she is drawn into another job, whether willingly or not. 
Overall, this season finale was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with twists, high-stakes drama, and powerful performances. If this episode is any indication, the next season of “The Cleaning Lady” is going to be an absolute must-watch. Another huge congratulations to the writers and producers behind the show, who managed to persevere despite Adan Canto’s untimely death, propelling the show forward and ensuring that it remains an exciting watch for viewers. Your turn, Cleaning Lady fans! What are your thoughts on the finale? How do you feel about Nadia’s death? Do you think Thony will be lured back in by Jorge next season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and as always, you can find me discussing all things TV on X at @middleofcanada.
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