The Naughty Nine Nine Exclusive Clip: Robbing the North Pole


There’s never a dull moment at the North Pole, and for the youngsters at the center of The Naughty Nine, it’s time to get their gifts back.

TV Fanatic scored an exclusive first look at the original Disney Channel holiday movie, and it promises to be a Christmas flick.

The Naughty Nine Nine stars Winslow Fegley (8 Bit Christmas) as Andy, a troublemaking fifth grader who’s been “stiffed” by Santa on Christmas morning.

Determined to take back the gift he feels he deserves, Andy recruits a crack team of fellow “naughty listers” to execute an elaborate heist at the North Pole.

The movie also touts Suzanne Todd (Noelle) as an executive producer.

I Want My Presents

It was penned by Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas (Raven’s Home), who also serve as EPs.

The set-up of the movie is fun. A heist in the North Pole?

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That’s different, but seeing the tenacity of these kids as they band together to secure their Christmas gifts promises something very different.

We’re sure it will dive into why the kids have been put on Santa’s naughty list and whether there’s a way for them to work on themselves and find a way back to the good side.

Telling Santa

Unless, of course, there has been a problem all along, and the wrong kids were put on the naughty list.

Could you imagine being good all year and being put on that pesky list?

From the description, it sounds like the kids don’t believe their names should be on the list, but as the characters grow, there’s a good chance they’ll realize the error of their ways.

Robbing Santa — and the North Pole of all places! — probably won’t go down well with their parents or those who keep the North Pole running.

Leaving the North Pole

Will there be any way to get back in good graces with all the people the kids have wronged?

That’s one of the more significant questions as we head into the movie.

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My guess?

There will come a point where some kids are questioning their moves, but some will double down, and others will start to ponder whether they could make their actions more meaningful.

Naughty Nine Nine Heist

The exclusive clip is exciting because it shows the moment the kids steal the gifts and Santa is made aware of the situation at hand.

As you can probably imagine, he’s not pleased, but what’s the protocol here when gifts are stolen from kids on the naughty list?

Has this happened before, and people have been kept in the dark?

The possibilities are endless with this plot. 

Check out the clip below.

The Naughty Nine Nine premieres on Disney Channel tonight (Wednesday, November 22, 2023) at 8 p.m.

If you’d prefer to watch it on streaming, it will be available to watch on Disney+ tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on the clip?

Will you watch the movie when it premieres?

Hit the comments.

Don’t forget to check out the movie.

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