V.C. Andrews’ Ruby Evaluation: Twin Wars, Voodoo Queens, & Imply Teenagers!


We received backstabbing, intercourse, stunning household secrets and techniques, rags to riches, and just a little incest for spice.

Oh sure, Fanatics, the wildly entertaining collaborative forces of V.C. Andrews and Lifetime are again for one more backwoods saga, and bloody hell, for higher or worse, so is TV Fanatic with its protection. A lot for cancel tradition, am I proper?

Lifetime has taken on The Landrys Sequence with V.C. Andrews’ Ruby.

Sweet Ruby

After the expertise protecting The Casteel Sequence (Heaven, Dark Angel, Fallen Hearts, Gates of Paradise, and Web of Dreams) credit score the place it is due, Ruby was tame compared.

Positive, she has the evil stepmother who put her in an asylum, a twin sister who made her life hell, a lifeless grandmother, a grandfather who offered kids, and a half-brother she has the hots for — however for V.C. Andrews? Eh, Calliou is extra offensive.

The movie stars Raechelle Banno as Ruby (and Karina Banno as Giselle). And each of those women are reasonably fabulous and oddly paying homage to Chicago PD‘s Marina Squerciati. Their emotive expressions are all so comparable that I’d be right here for a movie with these three as sisters, however I digress.

Twin Trouble - Tall

As with most sagas, this one kickstarted within the Bayou with Ruby and her Grand-Mère performed by the Naomi Judd fortunately dwelling in hillbilly squalor.

It’s a must to give it to the hillbilly kind in these collection, they do not have a lot, however they’re proud individuals who do not thoughts their lifestyle. It’s why abruptly ripping them from the swamps to begin over in mansions in obscure upper-class communities typically results in some weird outcomes.

Effectively, that and the incest. The incest completely makes it bizarre.

Grand-Mère was that b*tch. The girl was a non secular healer who practiced a little bit of voodoo, took care of the group round her, doted on Ruby, and kicked her scheming-ass, drunken husband out of the home. It is sufficient to garner some respect.

Gran'mere- tall

In fact, she additionally was a lady who held extra tea than the Boston Harbor and by no means thought-about spilling any of this beneficial info till she was able to croak.

As a result of, after all, she died. What’s with this collection and killing off all of the mothers and grandmothers? Between that and the evil stepmother varieties and depraved feminine family of all ages, it is beginning to scent like inherent misogyny or unresolved mommy points.

Freud would’ve had a blast with these collection.

All Ruby wished to do was promote her artwork and bone her half-brother. She did not ask for a lot, however then every thing began going to hell when Grand-Mère warned of the potential inbred repercussions of Ruby absorbing the fruit of the toxic D.

Granddaughter and Grandmother - Tall

It makes zero sense that all of them have this consciousness of the kind of warmth they face as swamp individuals and Bayou Cajuns however reinforce the sterotypes.

“The Poors” dwelling across the swamp battle all of those stereotypes, however as an alternative of giving one another a combating probability of dismantling them, they screw one another over with household secrets and techniques.

Are you aware when it is a good time to inform your granddaughter that her boyfriend is her brother? Earlier than he turns into her boyfriend!

Grand-Mère spent months giving cryptic messages about why Ruby should not be courting the wealthier boy from the well-to-do household from the opposite facet of city as an alternative of telling her the reality that his father banged her mom and he was born.

Hugs from Grandma - tall

Lower to the chase, Granny! The longer she held off telling Ruby the reality, the deeper Ruby and Paul the Cajun Cutie fell in love.

And that is what led to some of the awkward moments ever when Ruby advised Paul the reality about their relationship to 1 one other.

Paul shrugged it off; he is aware of that they are technically siblings and that everybody stored this secret from them, however he has merely elected to disregard it and proceeded to jam his tongue down her throat.

Sexy younger boys, am I proper? They’re going to screw something and anybody to get their rocks off, together with relations.

Cajun Cutie - Tall

On the lengthy record of issues teen boys will undergo to get into a woman’s pants, now we have Birdboxing their method via a evident fact to why they should not be taking part in conceal the pickle with their present curiosity.

Oh, Mr. “No One Has to Know!” However child, YOU KNOW. She is aware of. Sadly, the viewers now is aware of; she’s your gosh rattling sister!

Cease sounding creepy and demented just like the sexual deviant you’re.

I suppose we will forgive Paul for all of the blood leaving one head for the opposite as a result of, after the revelation of that brand-new info, his priorities ought to’ve been consulting together with his father concerning the clusterf*ck that’s their household tree.

Innocent Moments - tall

Screw sexytimes, give me solutions, dammit!

We’re not speculated to view the Cajun Cutie as problematic, although, so let’s transfer on to Gran’père’s evil, decrepit arse and the way he actually sells his flesh and blood for booze.

What the whole f*ck? Because it stands, poor Gabrielle had two kids she birthed taken away from her, and he or she died earlier than she might elevate Ruby herself. How terrible is that?

It additionally makes you marvel what the story is there. Did Gabrielle fall in love with Tate, they usually had Paul, however he whisked him away from her as a result of they have been from two totally different worlds?

Sad Sendoff - Tall

Did Tate assault her one way or the other, or did Gran’père put her as much as getting pregnant by Tate for some cash? What is the story of how Paul got here to be?

We’re so accustomed to girls having the higher hand, sustaining custody of their kids now, however that wasn’t all the time the case. One way or the other, Paul ended up together with his father, and that was the tip of it.

Figuring out Gran’père, he received a worth for that alternate, too. He would’ve offered Ruby to the Dumas or another person if he received his grubby arms on her. It speaks volumes that he already gave Gisselle away earlier than Ruby even got here out.

It would not sometimes take that lengthy for somebody to bear their second little one throughout a twin-birth. Nina confirmed as a lot when she stated that the butler knew about Ruby even when Pierre did not. However I assume he figured that was none of his enterprise, so he stored his mouth shut outdoors of gossiping to the opposite home workers, like a real king.

Ruby Trailer - 2 Naomi Watts

Grand-Mère was proper concerning the Landry girls and their cracked capability to decide on respectable males. Gabrielle’s love life was downright tragic, twice over, and Grand-Mère selected that conniving drunkard however did not have the sense to work some roots and finish his nugatory ass.

Perhaps if she had, he would not have proven out the second she died. Grand-Mère’s physique wasn’t even chilly but, and Gran’père was already chaining Ruby to the mattress and arranging to set her with a pedophile who wished to rape her earlier than he forked over the cash.

Was Rum that costly? Did whiskey style that good the place Gran’père risked all of it on the common for it? Was there no moonshine round he might barter for with regular issues like gator meat or therapeutic stones or one thing?

The one draw back to Ruby cracking him within the head to flee is discovering out later from Cajun Paul that the previous bat survived the ordeal.

Paul received info from the person for a bottle of Jack and a few pocket lint, so why could not Paul give Gran’père a barrel of booze in alternate for Ruby, they usually might’ve lived their days in incestual bliss in New Orleans?

Talking of New Orleans and ugh, males, Ruby displaying up on the Dumas home with the garments on her again and Giselle’s face was wild. Nobody would react properly to that shocker.

Ruby Trailer - 1

Beau was chill about the entire thing. Giselle spazzed out, which wasn’t a shock, and Daphne gave us the soap-opera ice queen goodness. At one level, it appeared as if she would get away into some rendition of Mrs. White’s “Flames on the facet of my face” speech from Clue.

Pierre was dwelling his finest life. The person was over the moon, and later, after witnessing all of Giselle’s antics, the person was most likely thrilled to have “the great twin” to stability out all of the shallow, bougie, privileged foolishness taking place beneath his roof with the likes of Daphne and Giselle.

However once more, we had Ruby and her lack of priorities. She received so wrapped up in her Imply Woman Twin, Beau’s Kennedy beauty, and having a professional roof to reside beneath and an precise wardrobe that she did not ask questions or resolve issues.

Ruby and Pierre - Tall - Ruby

Her grandmother advised her that her father purchased her twin and took Giselle residence with him since Daphne could not bear children, and he or she by no means thought to ask her father about that. It is price a dialog, no?

Does that imply he was snug leaving Gabrielle, a lady he claimed he had emotions for, alone within the Bayou childless with out talking to her once more? I imply, that is effed up! Did he even know that she died?

Ruby did not take into account any of that earlier than she jumped into calling him “Daddy.” She was too completely happy to have a father who cared about her and showered her with affection.

They’d a connection anyway since he was the man who bought her work earlier than he even knew of whom they belonged. Pierre moved Ruby into the house within the blink of a watch, content material to have his completely happy household no matter how Daphne, Giselle, or the city thought.

Ms. High Society - tall - Ruby

However he was aloof sufficient to throw her within the deep finish together with his conniving spouse and spoiled, bratty daughter with out contemplating the ramifications of his decisions on them and Ruby.

Giselle was a nightmare. She was the queen of imply, and there wasn’t a single second the place her time spent with Ruby felt real. You may perceive her feeling territorial and displaced as all the eye went to the mysterious new sister, however she took issues too far on a regular basis.

The fixed jabs about her upbringing in a swamp have been dangerous sufficient. It additionally sucked that Daphne’s story she concocted to elucidate Ruby’s sudden look consisted of portraying Cajuns and Bayou folks as money-hungry hoodlums, criminals, and uncivilized savages.

I imply, on this case, a few of Ruby’s household match the invoice. I am taking a look at you, Gramps. Nonetheless, that is not the purpose, you realize?

Gisselle - Tall - Ruby

However the different imply woman pranks Giselle performed on Ruby have been pointless and harsh. The bit on the sleepover, which allowed the boys to take images of Ruby topless, was gross on so many ranges.

And it was disturbing how Giselle, the randy twin, who was allowed to be free, wonton, drunken, and disorderly at each given flip, escaped criticism by the prissy Daphne. In the identical family the place Ruby’s Cajun upbringing had everybody calling her promiscuous and unladylike.

Did Daphne select to not see Giselle’s drunkenness and Rolodex of fairly boys with jawlines that might minimize glass, or what?

Nearly all of the time, Ruby received blamed for the crap Giselle did. I wager she rapidly regretted all of the years she spent wanting a sibling. Welcome to Sibling Land, Ruby. It sucks!

Ruby and Beau - Ruby

However Giselle needed to know that every thing she did was fodder for her mom to drag the last word transfer of getting Ruby institutionalized.

It speaks volumes that the workers on the home hated Giselle a lot that after Nina particularly advised Ruby concerning the severe ramifications of getting concerned with Mama Dede and her voodoo, she took Ruby proper on over to have a curse placed on her twin.

Nina knew what she was doing; she simply did not need the guilt to fall on her. Nina had been lowkey plotting for years for Giselle to get hers, and the second the automobile accident occurred, she threw her arms up as if to suggest that Ruby ought to’ve heeded her warnings, and that was none of her enterprise.

Ma’am, you steered it and took Ruby to Mama Dede your self!

Black Magic Woman - Tall

They weren’t holding again on a few of the black magic, voodoo, and roots getting labored. Hell, even the candy intercourse employee, Annie, Ruby met on her solution to New Orleans and in a while the road nook gave Ruby a black cat’s neckbone for good luck.

I imply, the place does a woman get a kind of, assuming no cats are harmed within the manufacturing of the great luck attraction?

I, too, might use some luck.

Nonetheless, I draw the road at sticking my hand into packing containers with indignant hissing snakes and all.

Snake Charmer - tall - Ruby

Ruby’s answer to take care of her sister’s antics was unorthodox, however she possibly should not have tempted the fates when it led to a automobile crash that left Giselle’s boy toy lifeless and her paralyzed.

It was boneheaded, amongst different issues, however she had all of the moxie on the earth when she escaped the psychological establishment Daphne positioned her in and marched in the home with the robe nonetheless on to embarrass the hell out of Daphne in entrance of her snooty pals.

How was Daphne ready to do this with out Pierre understanding is past me. The place is Pierre the vast majority of the time, anyway? When he is not smiling fondly at Ruby or crying in his brother’s room, you barely see him.

The man wasn’t there even when he was there. He had absent, aloof, checked out father all the way down to a science, that one.

Pierre - Tall - Ruby

Ruby did meet her uncle Jean whereas she was within the psych ward. It is too dangerous she did not make a powerful sufficient impression to speak the well-dressed man into escaping along with her, particularly since hightailing it out of the looney bin a number of a long time in the past apparently was a bit of cake.

I’ve had a more durable time getting off the bed, so what number of mentally-ill persons are roaming the streets of New Orleans due to a lapse in safety?

However shoutout to the man who advised Ruby the right way to depart. The actor milked his scene for every thing that it was price. I respect it!

We solely received just a little little bit of details about how Pierre was jealous of his brother and brought about him hurt — injuring him and resulting in Jean’s standing within the psych facility, however there must be extra to that story, sure?

Eavesdropping - Tall - Ruby

Jean spazzed out when he came upon that Ruby wasn’t Giselle, and he or she talked about Pierre. What if he would not need to be in there?

The movie was lax on digging into any of the household secrets and techniques on both facet of Ruby’s life, and it spent extra time along with her on the receiving finish of Giselle or Daphne or whomever else’s ire and envy.

It additionally sprinkled in some romance with Beau, which is able to get attention-grabbing now that Paul has arrived and nonetheless insists on banging his sister.

Whereas I recognize the V.C. Andrews meets Riverdale and Gossip Girl vibes, we might’ve used extra thriller and precise household drama and fewer teenage tom-foolery.

Daphne Dumas - Tall - Ruby

From the sounds of issues, Ruby, on the behest of her father, is becoming a member of a disabled Giselle at some personal boarding faculty for ladies.

How Giselle will operate being away from alcohol and boys is past me. And if the women are away, does that imply we cannot see as a lot of Pierre lengthy sufficient to be taught his story? What about Jean?

And what’s going to Ruby do now that she’s in a love triangle with Paul, her half-brother from the Bayou, and the charming Beau, who posed bare for her and traded Giselle in for Ruby?

Disaster Strikes - Tall - Ruby

Not solely did Pierre get away with not being a part of his daughter’s life or serving to to maintain Giselle and Daphne in verify, however he tasked Ruby with babysitting the sister who hates her. And Ruby, along with her conscience and guilt truly feels responsible and would not see how tousled that’s.

Oh, pleasure! Yeah, there is not sufficient voodoo on the earth to make this finish properly. However we’ll should see.

As a result of the second-installment of The Landry collection: V.C. Andrews’ Pearl within the Mist, airs Sunday, March 21, at 8/7c.

Within the meantime, what did you guys consider this one? Is Ruby in over her head? Are her priorities questionable? Let’s focus on!

Jasmine Blu is a senior workers author for TV Fanatic. Observe her on Twitter.

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