We Were the Lucky Ones – Episode 1.07 – Monte Cassino – Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos

We-Were-the-Lucky-Ones---Episode-1x07---5.th.jpg We-Were-the-Lucky-Ones---Episode-1x07---6.th.jpg We-Were-the-Lucky-Ones---Episode-1x07---1.th.jpg We-Were-the-Lucky-Ones---Episode-1x07---2.th.jpg We-Were-the-Lucky-Ones---Episode-1x07---3.th.jpg We-Were-the-Lucky-Ones---Episode-1x07---4.th.jpg

Press Release
Halina and Adam prepare for impending violence in Warsaw. Genek embarks on a dangerous mission. Addy struggles to move on with the unknown fate of his family.


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