3 Shows Canceled When Showtime Merged With Paramount+

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Recently, major streaming services have started acquiring other networks. These networks claimed they want to make bigger and better offerings for fans. However, one thing that fans are seeing is more and more of their favorite shows getting canceled with the massive influx of content.

One of the biggest heartbreaks for fans after streamers acquire networks is shows canceled before their time. Here is a look at three that found the axe in the recent acquisition.

Showtime merges with Paramount+

The entire situation began when Paramount+ acquired Showtime for its streaming service. These two networks were owned by the CBS service and it just made sense to put the Showtime content on Paramount+. However, the streamer took it one step further when it rebranded Showtime.

The Showtime canceled shows include American Gigolo / YouTube

The network is now called Paramount+ with Showtime, and it will be the first network to both operate on linear premium cable and streaming service. Fans will be able to also see Paramount+ content when they subscribe to Paramount+ with Showtime on their cable provider. Not only that, but people who stream Paramount+ will get Showtime there as well.

However, with the merging comes the news that Paramount+ with Showtime has three shows canceled that many fans were looking forward to.

Three Showtime shows canceled

The three shows canceled include American Gogolo, Let the Right One In, and Three Women.

American Gigolo starred Jon Bernthal, better known for his roles as Shane on The Walking Dead and Frank Castle on Punisher. The Showtime series was based on the classic 1980s movie starring Richard Gere about a gigolo involved in a murder scheme. While not technically a reboot, it is based in the same world as the movie.

With Bernthal’s time on the show ended, there are now increased rumors he could return to his role as Punisher in the MCU.

Let the Right One In was based on the fantastic Swedish vampire movie of the same name. It was already remade for American audiences as Let Me In. Both movies had the same story. A vampire girl befriends a young bullied boy who lives next to her. The Showtime series followed the same storyline.

The Showtime canceled shows include Let the Right One In / YouTube

Of the shows canceled, the most tragic was Three Women. The series had not even aired an episode yet. Starring Shailene Woodley, the series was based on a non-fiction novel of the same name. It followed three women’s stories about their sexuality in very different situations.

While the show was canceled before it aired, it has finished filming and the producers are now searching for a new home. That is the only good news about the canceled shows, as Paramount+ with Showtime is allowing them to move on. HBO Max actually canceled DC’s Batgirl and didn’t allow the filmmakers to move it anywhere else.

Will you miss the three shows canceled by Paramount+ with Showtime? Let us know which of these was your favorite in the comments below.

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