’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Russ & Paola First Couple On Season 2?

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90 Day Fiance The Last Resort was a big hit with viewers when TLC debuted the first season. With the spinoff coming back for another season, are Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield the first confirmed couple?

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort A Big Hit With Fans

No matter what 90 Day Fiance spinoff viewers talk about, all the trash and all the drama will come. With The Last Resort, that drama increases exponentially. This TLC spinoff brings together the most dramatic couples from the franchise as their relationships are on the brink.

Last season, 90 Day Fiance fans saw couples like Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown, Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods, Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata, and more. These couples bring enough drama by themselves. So, when you get them all in the same resort, the powder keg is guaranteed to blow, and fans are here for it.

The Last Resort
90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort Season 2

What Do We Know So Far About The Last Resort Season 2?

After what a train wreck Season 1 of The Last Resort was, 90 Day Fiance fans are eager to know more about Season 2. Back in November 2023, TLC put out a casting call for coaches and therapists. They didn’t reveal the specific show. However, it seems plausible that TLC is casting new people to help troubled couples with their relationships for The Last Resort Season 2.

Following the timeline of the first season, speculation suggests that the new season could have begun filming as soon as December 2023/January 2024, with a potential air date being around August/September 2024. Nothing is official yet, but it’s a no-brainer to want to bring this spinoff back.

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort Cast/YouTube
90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort Cast-YouTube

Are Russ Mayfield And Paola Mayfield The First Couple On Season 2?

There’s a lot of The Last Resort Season 2 speculation going on at the moment. One working theory is that Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield are the first pair joining the cast of the second season of the spinoff. These two have faced a lot of split speculation in their years together, and Pao is quite the firecracker. It would make sense to bring these two on.

Paola Mayfield recently teased her 90 Day Fiance fans with a “new show” she did “coming up this year.” Paola didn’t spill the beans as to which show it would be, however, with as much drama as she and Russ have had in their marriage over the years, it lines up that they’ll be on The Last Resort Season 2.

Since they haven’t been in the 90 Day Fiance spotlight as much, this move makes sense from a business standpoint as well. Many viewers would agree that Russ and Pao are the type to fake drama to get more airtime, and being on a new season is the perfect opportunity to do that.

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