Abigail Heringer Opens Up About Difficulty Of Writing Memoir

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Bachelor In Paradise star Abigail Heringer is planning her wedding to Noah Erb. But perhaps her most difficult task this year was writing a memoir. Keep reading for more about the upcoming book release.

BIP Couple Marrying Soon

Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb found love on Bachelor In Paradise but broke up before the season finale. They quickly realized they were meant to be together and reunited. They’ve been together ever since. Noah popped the question in August 2023. A year later, they are finally ready to walk down the aisle.

The couple has shared some details with their social media followers. The exact date is still under wraps, but the wedding will happen sometime this fall. Abigail gave fans a glimpse at the wedding dresses she rejected, but everyone will have to wait until the big day to see the one she chose.

Noah Erb and Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer/Credit: Abigail Heringer Instagram
Noah Erb and Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer/Credit: Abigail Heringer Instagram

She recently revealed that the wedding would take place in Noah’s home state of Oklahoma. They purchased a home there and have been renovating it. In addition to planning her wedding, Abigail Heringer has been working on sharing her story with the world.

Her memoir, The Deaf Girl: A Memoir of Hearing Loss, Hope, and Fighting Against the Odds, comes out on September 10th.

Abigail Heringer Shares What Inspired Her To Write Memoir

Abigail Heringer recently opened her DMs up for questions from followers. She revealed that it took almost three years to finish the manuscript. The idea first came up in 2021. Abigail revealed that someone close to her inspired the idea to share her story: her mother.

The book includes her mother’s journey as a mom raising two disabled kids. Abigail’s sister is also deaf. They both use cochlear implants.

“When she was dealing with the hearing loss diagnosis of my older sister, she was scared and confused about what to do next. That night she turned on the Miss America pageant and saw Heather Whitestone, who had a cochlear implant, win the 1994 competition. All it took was a few minutes of representation, but it meant everything to my mom.”

Most Difficult Part

Writing a memoir is a difficult task. For Abigail Heringer, there was one part of her life story that she struggled with writing about. She revealed that it had to do with her high school ASL teacher that caused her to hate being deaf.

“Navigating a disability in high school was a TRIP. I think this part of the book will help share some more insight into why I felt isolated between communities (the hearing and capital ‘D’ Deaf) and some background into why this is the way it is.”

Abigail doesn’t know or use sign language and whatever happened with the teacher could be why. She didn’t go into too much detail during the Q&A, keeping the full story in her upcoming book.

Are you excited to read Abigail Heringer’s story? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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