‘Amazing Race’: Vinny & Amber Talk Fights, Surprise Proposal & What’s Next

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Vinny Cagungun proposed to his girlfriend, Amber Craven, after their fourth-place finish in The Amazing Race finale on Wednesday, May 15, which surprised viewers given the couple’s frequent arguments throughout the season.

However, Cagungun has claimed the arguments were taken “out of context” and blamed the producers for cutting up different parts of the edit to make the conflicts appear worse than they really were.

“I learned what a frankenbite is pretty much, where they just cut you up with a bunch of different edits and take it really, really out of context,” Cagungun told Us Weekly on Thursday (May 16), one day after the finale aired on CBS.

“A lot of the conflict that we got to see, for me, was very, very surprising because the narrative that we had as we went through the race was very, very different,” he added.

Even though he felt the edit took things out of context, Cagungun did admit to learning “a ton” from watching himself on the show, particularly when it comes to his listening skills (or lack thereof).

“I don’t really listen that well,” he admitted. “I pride myself for trying my best to listen to [Craven] because it’s so important to do that — but there were so many times where she would tell me something, whether it was with tone or without tone, I couldn’t hear it. And it was because I was so dialed-in tunnel vision and that race mind really took over.”

Craven, who would often break down in tears during her arguments on the show, also said she “learned a lot” about herself, particularly in the way she talks to Cagungun, which she said “can be a little antagonistic.”

“I never knew that I was talking in that way, I guess, when we started dating,” she said. “He’d be like, ‘Why are you talking to me with that tone or that connotation?’… So, [I’m] just working on how I communicate and the tone of my voice.”

Cagungun and Craven faced criticism from viewers during their time on the reality show, with many questioning why they were even together, given their constant arguments. However, the couple said they haven’t let online hate affect their relationship.

“Had we not felt super strong about our relationship, the online bullying and the harassment and all of that could totally break a relationship,” Cagungun shared. “And we’re just so thankful that this is my rock and there’s no shaking this foundation.”

Cagungun proposed to Craven during the season finale with his grandmother’s diamond ring, which he had hidden throughout the race in his and Craven’s shared backpack.

“Throughout the entire race, I told myself, I don’t know when I’m going to do it, but I do know that I am going to do it,” Cagunun told Us Weekly. “Because I have my own commitment issues that I’ve always been navigating, have gone through many failed relationships and learned a lot about myself to where I was like, ‘I have to create structure around this and if I don’t, I’ll bail out just like I’ve done before.’”

Cagungun and Craven are set to tie the knot in Cabo in November, and the entire Amazing Race Season 36 cast is invited.

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