‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Kylee Russell Shattering Relationship News

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Bachelor in Paradise star Kylee Russell is sharing shattering relationship news. Though it appeared that she and Aven Jones were still trying to make it work, something went awry. What exactly happened and is everyone okay? Read on for more details.

Bachelor In Paradise Kylee Russell Shattering Relationship News

When Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up the season, some left engaged which is always a happy situation. Sadly, Kylee Russell was not one of those people and she did not have a ring on her hand though she was with Aven Jones. It was questionable if they were even going to make it beyond the show but they did put up a social media post. Seemingly, they believed what they had was with a fight and they could make it work regardless of any obstacles. Unfortunately, it appears that this was not the case and Kylee was hiding a deep, dark secret for some time.

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Aven, Kylee-YouTube

She took to her Instagram stories to share the truth about her and Aven’s relationship. It appears that Aven had been cheating on Kylee with multiple people. She reiterated that this is not a show or something for television but her real life. Now, she must try to cope with the aftermath the best that she can. Admittedly, it will not be a quick fix and will take some time but she is dedicated to trying her best. Finally, she hopes that everyone will respect her privacy during this very traumatic time.

Kylee Russell-Instagram
Kylee Russell-Instagram

Prior to this, as aforementioned, Aven Jones had posted an update on his relationship with Kylee Russell. He wrote: “If you believe in something, it’s worth fighting for. Don’t give up on what really matters and the only thing that matters is you 🤍.” Followers loved this sentiment and had nothing but positive things to say about the couple. They believed he was showing her the real thing in love and not just rushing. Another added that some people wait years before they get engaged.

Telltale Sign?

The fact that they seemed so in love and still maintained that they were fighting for their love but didn’t get engaged could have been a telltale sign. Was there trouble that Kylee Russell knew about but did not want to say anything while still on the show? Perhaps she could not tell the truth until the Bachelor in Paradise aired. Either way, this is a devastating ending to a relationship that was in the public eye. Hopefully, Kylee can heal and find the right person for her.

Are you shocked that their romance ended this way and that he was so unfaithful to her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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