‘Below Deck’ Ashley Marti Called Hypocritical For Wanting Respect?

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Below Deck fans called Ashley Marti hypocritical for wanting respect. They think she should’ve treated first mate Gary King with respect beforehand. Ever since the beginning of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, she’s been chasing his tail. Ashley expressed an interest in Gary and even attempted to kiss him many times.

There was also a controversial episode where she sexually assaulted him while he was drunk. Gary doesn’t recall what happened that night. Ashley claims they went all the way. Now that Gary has already moved on to the new girl Scarlett Bentley, she’s making demands. It has some fans wondering, “What’s wrong with her?”

Below Deck Ashley Marti Gets Backlash [Ashley Marti | Instagram]
[Ashley Marti | Instagram]

Ashley Marti demands RESPECT

Ashley Marti must’ve had Aretha Franklin’s famous song stuck in her head. During the episode, she kept asking for a little respect. On the latest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, she shared that demand with Gary. He wanted to let Ashley know that he was not interested in her and there was no chance for another hook-up.

Gary previously revealed in a recent podcast that the two hooked-up more than once during that charter season. However, Below Deck viewers only witnessed that drunken night between them. In the Monday, May 30 episode, Gary’s crush on Scarlett gets even stronger.

Below Deck Ashley Marti & Tom Pearson [Ashley Marti | Instagram]
[Ashley Marti | Instagram]

It’s so strong the two even share a smooch during work. Scarlett is the new stew on the Parsifal III who replaced Gabriela Barragan, who quit in the middle of the Below Deck season. At the crew dinner, Gary flirted with the new stew. This caused Ashley to get drunk and cause a scene in front of everyone. The following day, Chief engineer Colin MacRae advised Gary to talk to Ashley.

Gary pulled Ashley aside to let her know there was no chance for a relationship between them. She got upset and told him that he loves to kiss everyone on the boat. Ashley felt like she should’ve gotten more respect from him. Fans are shocked by her reaction and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Below Deck fans call out Ashley’s hypocritical ways

Below Deck fans haven’t forgotten about the time when Ashley took advantage of Gary when he was drunk. The viewers found the situation hypocritical since her behavior around him wasn’t respectful. She made non-consensual advances and even joked about forcing him to sleep with her.

Below Deck Ashley Marti Wants Respect [Ashley Marti | Instagram]
[Ashley Marti | Instagram]

Others noted the time when she slept with former deckhand Tom Pearson because Gary turned her down. A few charters later, Ashley lost interest in Tom after the yacht was dragging anchor while he was on night watch. Ashley started to show interest in Gary yet again.

  • “RESPECT?! You mean… Like the respect you showed Tom, Ashley?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS LADY?!?”
  • “It’s not that Gary is never in the wrong. It’s that you’re never in the right, Ashley.”
  • “So Ashley trying to pull the ‘respect’ card and Gary calling her on it after she went from Gary to the other crew who left.”
  • “Really interesting that Ashley is lecturing Gary on respect when she literally assaulted him.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree it’s hypocritical for Ashley to demand respect from Gary? Do you think he should respect the female crew members? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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