‘Bodkin’ on Netflix: Cast Goes Behind the Scenes of Quirky Irish Thriller (VIDEO)

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The only mystery left unsolved for us after the finale of the darkly comic Netflix series Bodkin was how the three lead actors felt about shooting some of their characters’ biggest moments. So, we asked!

Check out the video (above) to hear from Siobhán Cullen, Will Forte, and Robyn Cara as they reflect on the story of cynical investigative reporter Dove (Cullen) grudgingly working with an earnest American true-crime podcaster, Gilbert (Forte), and his ambitious researcher Emmy (Cara) to investigate the mysterious disappearances of three people in the small Irish town of Bodkin.

One of the tidbits we uncovered involves Dove’s number one suspect, the former smuggler Seamus (David Wilmot). He memorably gags Gilbert with the reporter’s recorder: “I remember all that went into thinking about the recorder being shoved into my mouth,” Forte says. “I was so scared that it was going to knock my teeth out!”

Click on the video for more behind-the-scenes info from the cast.

Bodkin was created by Jez Scharf, who is also an executive producer and serves as showrunner on the series. Meanwhile, Alex Metcalf is co-showrunner and executive producer. David Flynn, Paul Lee, Tonia Davis, Barack and Michelle Obama (Higher Ground), and Nne Ebong also executive produce. Nash Edgerton is the lead director.

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