Canadian Actresses Samantha Weinstein Dead At 28

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Tragic breaking news: Canadian actress and voice actor Samantha Weinstein has been confirmed dead at the age of 28.

Her father confirmed her passing via Global News Canada, issuing a statement that she died earlier this month on May 14 at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital. What caused this actress to pass at such a young age? Has her cause of death been made public just yet? Plus, take a closer look at her impressive acting career.

Canadian Actresses Samantha Weinstein Dead At 28

Sadly, this young actress and voice actor lost her battle with ovarian cancer just two years after being diagnosed with it.

Her father David said in an official statement following her passing: “Sam was actually a living embodiment of a sunbeam.”

She was so full of positive energy, anyone who ever met her would say that she just lit up every room she walked into.”

Her mother also issued a statement to the outlet that first reported her death nothing that her daughter had a way of changing everyone’s lives.

Her mother continued: “And I know that sounds really dramatic, but people are really serious when they say that. Her infectious, positive attitude actually changed the way other people live.”

Samantha Weinstein was an extremely positive young woman. Even after getting diagnosed with cancer she reportedly looked at the bright side and saw every day “as a gift.”

Her family confirms she was surrounded by her loved ones at the time of her passing.

A Look At Her Career

Samantha Weinstein had just shy of two decades of acting experience under her belt at the time of her passing because she started out her career when she was just nine.

In 2013, she landed the role of a high school student in the Carrie remake named Heather. The remake also starred Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore.

Samantha Weinstein also snagged the role of Audrey in a comedy called Jesus Henry Christ.

In July of last year, she wrote an essay about her cancer diagnosis as well as coming out as being non-binary.

Were you a fan of Samantha Weinstein? Did you know she was battling cancer?

Rest in peace, Samantha Weinstein.

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