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The Chicago P.D. finale is coming and many fans feel that it might mark the end of a fan-favorite character. Not only that, but if this character dies, it could change everything people know about the Chicago One police procedural series. On top of the promo that has fans fearful, the actor himself said the finale will “blow your mind.”

Here is who fans think will die in the Chicago P.D. finale and what one actor said about the episode.

Will A Major Character Die In Chicago P.D. Finale?

The Chicago P.D. finale is coming up and a promo for the final episode of the season has many fans worried about Hank Voight. In the penultimate episode of the season, someone seemingly drugged Hank and took him from his home. He started to have hallucinations and it seems his life is in great danger.

Hank Voight on Chicago P.D. / YouTube

On the promo released on NBC. it only focuses on Hank standing alone in a room, seemingly losing the grip on his sanity. The synopsis of the episode reads, “As the months-long investigation into the serial killer reaches its close, Voight must outsmart the offender in a race against the clock. Upton must make a vital decision.”

However, from the look of it, Hank might be nearing the end of his rope and this could mark the end of the road for the popular police sergeant.

  • Last night’s “Chicago P.D.” might have been the most grim and dark episode in the show’s history, which is saying something. This one is personal to Sgt. Hank Voight in one of the most compelling story arcs” (via X).

Jason Beghe Excited for Chicago P.D. Season Finale

Adding to the fear for Hank Voight on the Chicago P.D. finale, actor Jason Beghe has some high praise for the episode as well. According to the actor who plays Hank, the finale this season will “blow your mind”  (via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon).

“if you’re a fan of the show, I mean, you will have a surprise in our finale that will blow your mind,” Jason said in his appearance on the show. He admitted he didn’t want to spoil it. However, he said it was one of the best episodes he has ever enjoyed making.

“It touched me deeply. And it was a – I’d say, the final product, which I’ve seen, I think it’s, if not the best, one of our best episodes. Ever.” This was a big statement from the actor. It makes one wonder where Hank will end up when the season ends.

Do you think Chicago P.D. would actually kill Hank Voight? Are you excited to see the finale to see what happens to the fan-favorite Chicago police officer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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