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Todd Chrisley did an interview from inside Pensacola prison in December last year. Basically, he backed up claims by his daughter, Savannah about poor prison conditions. Now he’s done a second interview, he mentioned being denied the right to worship in church. And, he reiterated further allegations of persecution by prison staff.

Todd Chrisley Open Up To Brian Entin

After the first interview with Brian Entin on News Nation Now, Brian took some heat on social media. And, some people felt he’d just committed career suicide. Well, that never happened. After all, it’s not like Savannah’s dad is a major criminal with a chain of serial killings or physical abuse in his past.

Similar to Joe and Teresa Giudice, and Jen Shah, Todd Chrisley went to prison for fraud and tax-related crime. So, He’s a white-collar prisoner. Therefore, he’s nothing special. But, his message holds some weight, on the way the inmates are treated. Bear in mind, that Pensacola is not a medium or high-security prison. It’s a low-security camp. And yet, a whistleblower who backs up claims of poor conditions alleges a heavy-handed warden.

Chrisley Knows Best Prison Leaks

Via the whistleblower, and from his first interview, the former patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best alleged a poor diet, errors in the health department, and dangerous mold. Recently, the news arrived that allegedly, Jewish prisoners were denied things that they needed for worship. Additionally, there was talk of violence used by the guards.

Todd and Julie Chrisley - Chrisley Knows Best - USA Network
Todd and Julie Chrisley – Chrisley Knows Best – USA Network

The latest interview, which you can watch further down in this article, covered allegations that the facility has no dental hygienist and no doctor. Allegedly, someone suffered a heart attack and an inmate who is a doctor had to see to his stabilization. Todd Chrisley talked about how word got out about the new interview with Brian Entin. So, he couldn’t attend church.

How Do The Interviews Happen?

Prisoners don’t have access to smartphones. So, he claimed that the prison guards thought he had sneaked in a phone. However, the previous interview was recorded while speaking to his lawyer. Therefore, searching the chapel for a phone or other contraband seemed pointless to Todd. And, they missed their church service.

According to News Nation Now, some allegations against the former Chrisley Know’s Best star seem serious considering he’s a white-collar inmate.

In an interview that aired Wednesday night on “Banfield,” Todd Chrisley said the warden at the Florida prison has denied requests for Chrisley to speak with his wife despite the warden in Kentucky stating there was no risk allowing them to speak. He claimed other prisoners told him the warden told prison workers, ‘Unless you are afraid of doing your job, you call (Chrisley) in, you write him up, you sanction him. I want him sanctioned.”

Todd Chrisley Has A Chance Of Release

The former star has the grounds for his appeal, and it went incredibly far. Did you know that oral arguments are rarely granted? But, his case will be heard on April 19. And, not on a mere technicality, either. One thing that fans of the old show believe, is that even if he gets to go home, Todd will keep on fighting for prison reform.

What are your thoughts on the second interview that Todd Chrisley did with Brian Entin?  Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.

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