‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Speechless Over ‘Girlfriend’s Panties’ Answer

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Family Feud is a show where, as viewers, it’s all about expecting the unexpected. For host Steve Harvey, he was left speechless by a recent contestant’s response. So, what did the contestant say that had Harvey at a loss for words?

Family Feud Always Leaves Viewers Guessing

One of the many reasons why viewers keep coming back for more Family Feud after decades of being on the air is, you never know what kind of response you’re going to get from a family member. It could be the most innocent question under the sun, and yet, there is going to be a NSFW answer on the board somewhere.

Even when it comes to leading questions on Family Feud, and even when you think you have all the answers on the board figured out, an answer comes along that surprises everybody. Every once in a while, even veteran host Steve Harvey is surprised by an answer that makes the cut.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Steve Harvey Lined Up A Question In Recent Scenes

As the host of Family Feud, it’s Steve Harvey’s job to captain the ship and keep things moving along. One of the ways he does this is by asking the families various survey questions until one family scores enough points to make it to the final round to play for all the money.

As the Family Feud host since 2010, you’d think that Steve Harvey has heard it all by now. Without fail, Harvey comes across a response from someone that leaves him completely speechless. It turns out, this is exactly what happened during a recent episode.

Family Feud Steve Harvey - YouTube/Bonus Round
Steve Harvey – YouTube/Bonus Round

Family Feud Host Left Speechless By Contestant’s Unexpected Answer

Family Feud host Steve Harvey recently asked: “Name something you’d hate to be wearing when you get locked out of your hotel room.”

Some obvious answers to this question were on the board, including undies/thongs, a towel, and nothing at all. However, it was the next answer that left Steve Harvey speechless. A contestant said: “Girlfriend’s clothes.”

This answer baffled Steve Harvey. So much so that he asked the contestant to elaborate: “Like, they were switching clothes, and now they’re wearing their girlfriend’s clothes, and they get locked out.”

@familyfeud What’s something you’d hate to be wearing if you got locked out of your hotel room?? 🧐🍑🤭 Mandi’s answer obliterates #SteveHarvey. #FamilyFeud ♬ HOTEL – Family Feud

What made this extra confusing was the fact that this answer appeared similar to the answers already on the board. However, despite the similarity, as well as Steve Harvey’s confusion, the answer of “Women’s Clothes” was on the board as the final answer.

This just goes to show that no matter how off-the-wall or similar an answer might seem, you never know for sure if it’s up there or not unless you take a shot. In this case, the answer paid off big time in this round.

For even more crazy Family Feud moments, come back often to TV Shows Ace for more.

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