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GMA (Good Morning America) host Deborah Roberts shared with fans that her challenging health condition is back. Unfortunately, she’s been struggling lately. What’s going on with Al Roker’s wife, and is everything going to be okay? Keep reading for all of the details.

At the age of 62, Deborah still stays very active and seems to be in great shape. She and her husband, Al, often share videos and pictures as they go on runs and walks together. Fans are often shocked to learn her age because she looks so young and energetic. Though she’s generally healthy, she has been hit by some medical issues once again.

GMA Deborah Roberts Instagram
GMA Deborah Roberts Instagram

The GMA host reveals her health condition is back.

On her Instagram Stories on Friday, Deborah took a moment to connect with fans. She wished them a “happy Fri-yay” and checked in on everyone. She recorded the short video while she was out on a walk, soaking in the beautiful fall weather.

On Instagram, Deborah continued, “How’s your week been going?”

Then, she revealed to fans that she’s facing health issues. She admitted, “Mine’s been a little challenging, my vertigo is back.”

Despite this week being a “struggle,” she decided to try her best and stay active. She said, “So I’m gonna get out and give it a whirl. I hope you do the same. Overcome the challenges.”

GMA Deborah Roberts Instagram
GMA Deborah Roberts Instagram

Regardless of the ups and downs in her life, she manages to stay positive and tries to motivate her followers too.

When did Deborah Roberts first share these struggles with fans?

On social media in 2022, Deborah opened up to fans about her struggles with vertigo. The talk show host explained that her life isn’t perfect and that she just wanted to keep things real.

So, she admitted, “This smile is masking a headache and dizziness and nausea. A migraine and vertigo has seized me for the last few days. I get them occasionally but this is a rough bout. Don’t know if you suffer but it’s exhausting. Not sure if it’s a long term result of Covid or the pollen or stress. Or none of the above.”

Hopefully, Deborah will begin feeling better in no time. Naturally, fans are worried about her and sending their best wishes. Keep an eye out for another update very soon. In the meantime, she is likely receiving top-notch care from her kind and caring husband.

So, did you realize that GMA host Deborah Roberts suffers from vertigo? Can you relate to her challenging health condition? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite talk shows and hosts.

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