‘Golden Bachelor’ Fans Want Susan Noles Son For Next ‘Bachelor’

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Golden Bachelor fans have their eyes set on the next lead for The Bachelor. They saw a post shared by fan-favorite Susan Noles. The Kris Jenner look alike shared a video on Instagram that has women everywhere swooning. In fact, fans loved what they saw so much, that they are beginning to petition for Susan’s son Nick to be the next Bachelor. Keep reading and see the video that has women drooling.

Golden Bachelor fans are swooning over Susan Noles son

Golden Bachelor fans are swooning over Susan Noles’ son Nick. She went to Instagram to share a short video with him. She said this is what she looks like after taking a red-eye from Los Angeles and still at the airport waiting on a flight to Cancun with her son Nick. Susan told Nick to say hi and he did and fans are going nuts.

She captioned the post, “Family Vacation Time”

Everyone is gushing over how hot they think Nick is. In fact, they like how he looks so much that many are suggesting ABC makes him the next Bachelor. 

Susan Noles via YOuTube

What fans are saying

Fans are mostly in agreement that Nick is a hot commodity and that he and his mom Susan Noles have great genes. Some are suggesting that he be named The Bachelor and if he is then they want to know where to sign up.

Below is what some fans are saying.

  • “Ummmm ok Susan with the incredibly good looking son. Queen DNA! 💅🏼”
  • “He’s darling like his momma!!”
  • “Ok Nick so will we be seeing you on the bachelor? Cuz where do we sign up?🤣♥️”
  • “Great looking son! Future bachelor star?”
  • “What a handsome son!”

The comments go on and on about how hot and handsome Nick is. Do you think he would make a good Bachelor? Perhaps Susan will share more pics while they are in Cancun together.

The Golden Wedding

Previously Susan Noles noted that she wanted to officiate Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s wedding day if it came to that. Since he and Theresa Nist are getting married on live television will they be allowing Susan to officiate the big day?

So far those details have not been disclosed. She and Gerry became good friends as did she and Theresa. So, it seems like it’s a strong possibility they could allow Susan to do the honors of conducting their nuptials.

Susan Noles and Gerry Turner via You

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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