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Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to losing major cast members. In recent years, it even lost the character the show is named after, although Meredith Grey at least returns occasionally for guest appearances. However, the end of the current season will see two characters leaving the show.

Here is a look at the news on the latest Grey’s Anatomy character exit.

Grey’s Anatomy Losing Two Cast Members

News broke earlier this week that Grey’s Anatomy was losing actor Jake Borelli as part of budget cuts demanded by ABC. Jake plays Levi Schmitt and has been a regular cast member for five years and appeared on the show for seven seasons now. The next few episodes will wrap up his character’s storyline in preparation for his exit.

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It turns out this was just the start of cuts to the series as it scales back. Midori Francis, who plays Mika Yasuda will also not return as a regular. She has been on the show for the last two seasons. It appears that Francis leaving the show is a mutual decision (via Deadline). From the news, she wanted to branch out in her career. The recent renegotiations likely made her realize it was time.

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ABC renewed the show but demanded budget cuts since its decline in linear ratings had hurt the series’ financial commitments. According to reports, the network is renegotiating episodic guarantees with the show’s veterans, which means they will get paid less per episode based on their contractual appearances.

Some actors might balk at this, and while that is not the reason given for Jake and Midori leaving the show, their departures happened after this news broke.

What Is Next For Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy is heading into its 21st season, and with a large cast, changes need to be made. The show is expensive to make and its renewal only came when the production team agreed to a budget cut. It also seems that it will also come with fewer episodes next season.

With the renegotiations on episode guarantees, it is almost assured that there will be fewer episodes. However, ABC has not made any comments on the show’s fate next season. Losing Levi is also an ongoing trend on television shows, as he was part of a major LGBTQ storyline featuring the series’ first openly gay male character, Nico.

Blue Bloods also had budget cuts last year, and now, it is in its final season (despite good ratings). Now, Grey’s Anatomy fans might be worrying that these budget cuts could lead to the end of the popular medical drama.

What are your thoughts on the character departures on Grey’s Anatomy? Are you worried the show might end up canceled? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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