Gypsy Rose Blanchard Recalls Good Side of Late Mom

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard is recalling the good side of her late mother, Dee Dee Blanchard who was killed in 2015. Her daughter orchestrated her murder with the help of her online boyfriend, Nick Godejohn. He is still serving a life sentence while Gypsy is still getting acclimated to the outside world. So, what does she fondly remember about Dee Dee? Keep reading for more details.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Recalls Good Side of Late Mom

It has been almost nine years since Dee Dee Blanchard was stabbed to death by Nick Godejohn. After years of Gypsy Rose Blanchard being a victim of Munchausen by proxy at the hands of her mother, she started to believe this was her only way out. She recruited Nick, or his alter ego Victor, to help carry out the crime. Due to the abuse that Gypsy had suffered, she received a decade behind bars but ended up serving 85% of her sentence. She got engaged to Ken Urker while in jail but they called it off only for her to meet and marry Ryan Scott Anderson.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard-YouTube
Gypsy Rose Blanchard-YouTube

Since her release, she and Ryan have called it quits. She and Ken are back together and she has undergone a complete transformation. Additionally, Gypsy is living with her father, Rod, and her stepmother, Kristy. Though she views Kristy as a mom, she still cannot help but mourn her late mother. As Mother’s Day just passed, she took the time to honor Dee Dee and the good times they had. According to Us Weekly, Gypsy put out a TikTok to share sweet memories.

@gypsyblanchard.tiktok Happy Mothers Day to the wonderful women in my life💐 @Kristy M Blanchard @Raina Williams ♬ original sound – Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy made a point to turn off the comments because she did not want any negative feedback from anyone. More so, she told followers that they could say whatever they wanted about her but on their own platforms. She did not care for the negative energy. After she wrote that, she did start a tribute to her late mother:

“Secondly, it does not go without notice that my own biological mother is not here to celebrate Mother’s Day and what I choose to feel on Mother’s Day regarding my own mother is that I think the best of her.”

Though Gypsy noted that there were many flaws within Dee Dee, she chooses to remember the good:

“I choose to remember her for the good that was in her heart that I truly believe was there. I hope that she is in heaven, and I hope that to some degree I make her proud of at least some of the achievements that I’ve made in my life in growing up and standing on my own two feet, learning through experiences. … It makes you perfect in heaven, so if you take away the mental afflictions that my mother had, then I think what’s left is a good person.”

Honoring Others

Gypsy Rose Blanchard also took the time to recognize her stepmother, Kristy Blanchard who has been by her side since her arrest. Additionally, she sent love to Ken Urker’s mother, Raina Williams. Finally, she acknowledged a family friend, aka Aunt Vickie who clearly has been a mother figure as well. In the end, Gypsy prays for Dee Dee, noting that: “I will remember the good that was inside of her.” Obviously, people will be torn about this and rightfully so but again, Gypsy is allowed to feel as she does.

What do you think of Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s message that she sent out to her late mother? Do you think it was genuine or has she still not processed the gravity of what happened? Let us know in the comments below.

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