Is Dana Perino Leaving Fox’s ‘The Five’?

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There are some rumors swirling around about Dana Perino and her future on Fox’s news talk show The Five. Those who have watched Fox News over the years know that there have been plenty of shakeups at the network over the last few years. With Dana missing from The Five’s recent episodes, many people are wondering if she is coming back or not. Here is everything you need to know.

Is Dana Perino Leaving The Five? 

Rumors about Dana Perino’s future on The Five started to circulate last month. Ads on social media shared the news that Dana planned to leave the Fox show due to tension with Sean Hannity. The pair have been seen arguing on The Five previously.

Sean Hannity - YouTube/Fox News
YouTube/Fox News

However, there is some good news for fans. Dana Perino is not leaving The Five, not at this time anyway. Any rumors about her leaving the show are false.

Any ads or articles circulating about the rumor are completely false as well. Actually, it presents a lot of made-up information. Not only did it share that Dana was planning to leave the show, but it stated that she was doing so after creating her own new line of CBD gummies.

The article tied to the ads on social media shared that, “her new CBD line live on The Five. Sean Hannity was outraged and expressed his intention to sue Dana Perino and Fox for violating his contract and allegedly driving away sponsors.” This never happened on the show.

The Article Provided False Statements

On top of sharing false information, the article also provides false statements from Dana Perino herself. “I understand that Sean is simply targeting my timeslot. I refuse to succumb to ‘Cancel Culture.’ When I embarked on this journey back in 2022, it was initially a part-time passion project and my way of giving back,” the fake statement read. “Having received so much, I believed there was no better time to make Fortin CBD Gummies accessible to everyone, as it has the potential to help thousands of individuals live pain-free and happier lives.”

Dana Perino - YouTube/Fox News
YouTube/Fox News

Additionally, the fake article claims that the gummies have an amazing impact on people who take them. It says that Dana claims her “miracle gummies” have the ability to reverse the effects of dementia. Not only that, but the gummies are also allegedly 90% cheaper and five times more effective.

Unfortunately, there have been several scams stating that celebrities are endorsing CBD gummies and the trend seems to be on the rise. An article that seems to allude to Dana Perino leaving The Five is actually all about this fake CBD company and the benefits of its products. It is clickbait that is tricking people with false info about some of their favorite television personalities.

Fans of The Five don’t need to worry about Dana leaving any time soon though. There are no hints that she’s leaving the show and there is no real tension between her and Hannity. The whole thing is a hoax.

Have you seen reports of Dana Perino leaving The Five? Let us know in the comments below.

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