Is Shemar Moore Returning To ‘The Young & The Restless?’

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Shemar Moore recently opened up about the future of his acting career. The S.W.A.T. star is best known for his television roles, but soap opera stars know him as Malcolm Winters from The Young And The Restless. After leaving the soap in 2005, fans have always wondered if Moore would ever consider returning. Now, he’s talked about whether he’d ever do it. Is there a possibility that Shemar Moore will return to The Young And The Restless? Keep reading to find out.

Shemar Moore Weighs In On The Future Of His Career

Moore is currently starring in S.W.A.T. The program just wrapped up season 7 and has already been renewed for season 8. After the surprise renewal announcement, Shemar Moore talked about the future of his career with TVInsider.

During the interview, Moore shared some of his feelings about the possibility of returning to Y&R to reprise his role as Malcolm Winters. The soap opera was what put the actor on the map in 1994 and led him to some of his later TV roles. Moore still has admiration for the series that got him where he is today.

Shemar Moore - YouTube/The Young and the Restless
YouTube/The Young and the Restless

When asked if he would ever become Malcolm Winters again, he responded, “If The Young and the Restless called me today, I would go. Because you never forget where you came from. It sounds cliche and maybe cheesy, but it’s also true.”

The Actor Is Focused On Other Roles

The Young And The Restless fans know Shemar Moore as being one of the series’ most well-known actors. He first departed from the role of Malcolm Winters in 2002 to star in WB’s Birds of Prey. However, he returned for several different appearances on the show. His most recent return was in May 2023 for the soap opera’s 50th anniversary.

That being said, if Moore decided to reprise the role on Y&R, he told TVInsider that fans should not expect it to be in a full-time capacity. The Criminal Minds star has other television roles he is currently focused on, so he wouldn’t be able to return to the soap opera outside of occasional appearances.

Shemar Moore - YouTube/The Young and the Restless (1)
YouTube/The Young and the Restless

“When I’m unemployed, you might get me on Young and the Restless a little longer,” he laughed. “But will I go back for a contract? No, probably not…I want to continue to grow and evolve. There’s a lot in me that people don’t know that I’m capable of. I know it’s in me, but I got to dig deep to bring it out.”

Production for Season 8 of S.W.A.T. will be filmed in the fall of 2024. Given what Shemar Moore had to say, fans may be able to expect to see him on The Young And The Restless in the future, but they will just have to wait and see.

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