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Janelle Brown has always been different from her fellow sister wives. She was much more independent and business minded than them from the beginning. When the series first began in 2010, she was one of the sole breadwinners along with Kody. She was working around twelve-hour days but she preferred it that way. Janelle openly said she liked being out of the house and outdoors rather than inside all day. This was where Christine came in handy as she was the perfect homemaker. Now it seems that as opposite as Janelle is, she has finally gotten her sister wives to agree on one thing. What is it? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Unites Her Sister Wives 

In the latest episode, Janelle revealed that her rental home had been sold. While she could have put a bid in on the home, she opted to save the money. She felt that it would better benefit the land that the family had purchased, Coyote Pass. They still had yet to build on it so Janelle believed any resources could go toward that. Yet, she still needed a place to rest her head so she went and bought an RV. This shocked the family but her goal was to put it on the CP land. At least someone would be using it.

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In a clip from TLC, it shows the wives’ reactions to Janelle’s purchase. Though Meri, Christine, and Robyn may not always agree, they did think that this was a little crazy. These were Christine’s exact words. She called it crazy but hoped it was not just her who felt this way. As for Meri, she was supportive of Janelle doing this. Though she does add that she would never do it. Finally, Robyn said it sounded miserable to her. Then again, she has a lavish mansion to go home to.

Was It The Best Idea?

Janelle Brown, along with Meri, were the only two who rented. Christine and Robyn both bought their homes so they had security. However, Janelle did end up getting a rental as the months got colder. Now, she travels a lot from North Carolina to Hawaii to a recent day trip to Nashville. Though she did really enjoy her summer in the RV and learned how to make the best of life in the camper. She found out how to fix things and became one with nature.

Christine Brown/YouTube

A quick reminder was that she did purchase this RV prior to learning that Christine was leaving the family. The lots had been divided and then everything had to be rearranged. Then again, at least someone was utilizing the land that had been purchased back in 2018. At least the family has an extra RV if they ever need a spare place to get away to.

Do you think this was a crazy idea by Janelle Brown? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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