Jason Duggar Shares Special Reunion With Favorite Siblings, Pics

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Jason Duggar, 23 was born into the family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as their 12th child. The singer and violinist went into construction but he changed careers. These days, he seems to work in his own tree-trimming business. However, he recently took the time out to hang with some of his siblings.

Jason Duggar Sometimes Breaks Jim Bob Duggar’s Rules

Tree trimming is no joke, and it takes a lot of upper-body strength. That might explain why he enjoys spending a lot of time in the gym. TLC fans seem to like that Jinger’s brother sometimes flaunts his dad’s modesty rules just like she does. Of course, if you watched Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting, you will know that Jim Bob hates his children revealing too much flesh.

Jason Duggar did not share anyone wearing flesh-revealing clothing when he reunited with some of his siblings recently. As they were outdoors, it was probably a bit too cool for that. In July, it was noticed that Jason started preaching about the Bible and how it is best not to sin with the flesh. While dating rumors surround the Counting On alum it’s not clear if he’s chasing after a girl at the moment. Although new photos showed some girls like Kendra were at a reunion, none of them showed their faces clearly.

Jason Duggar Reunited With Fave Siblings

On Saturday, the TLC alum shared via Instagram that he reunited with some of his favorite people at the Lost Springs Bridge Marina, Beaver Lake. In his caption, he wrote:

Enjoyed camping with some of my favorite people this weekend, family.

Maybe his mom and dad were there, as on the very edge of one photo, a leg with black leggings showed beneath a long black skirt.

Counting On Alum James Duggar With His Family
Counting On Alum James Duggar With His Family – Instagram

As so many of the boys in the family have facial hair, a lot of people were confused. In the photo above, are Jed, Joseph, and Jason Duggar.

TLC fans spotted Josiah in the third photo:

Josiah in Jason Duggar's third photo - Instagram
Josiah in Jason Duggar’s third photo – Instagram

A video revealed some of the grandchildren playing in the woods with their mothers.

Duggar family playing in the woods - Jason Duggar - Instagram
Duggar family playing in the woods – Jason Duggar Instagram

Plenty of fans who saw the photos talked about how they enjoyed seeing the family photos.

  • How nice to see the brothers ❤️
  • Looks like so much fun.
  • Looks like you all had a great time. Have a blessed thanksgiving.
  • ❤️ some wholesome family time.

More Duggar family photos - Jason Duggar Instagram
More Duggar family photos – Jason Duggar Instagram

What do you think about all the men in the family growing out facial hair? Do think it makes them look handsome? Are you happy that despite the cancellation of Counting On, the former TLC star shared some family photos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Remember to come back here for all your Reality TV news.

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