Jason Kelce Wins Internet Over With Best Super Bowl Ad

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Although the Super Bowl hasn’t aired yet, fans are already crowning Jason Kelce’s new commercials as the winner of the Internet. Lately, the Kelce brothers have taken the Internet by storm. Not only are they both fantastic football players, but they also are teaming up with great connections to synergistically make magic happen. Undoubtedly, the two had clout on their own, but now they are proving to be powerhouses for the media as well.

Fans Can Feel The Big Event Hype

Even though Jason Kelce won’t be playing in the Super Bowl this year, unmistakably, he plans to attend the big game. While this is normally a big event in football, this year proves to have even more hype attached to it. Surprisingly, the Super Bowl always has extra pull for football fans and non-football fans alike. Over the years it has grown in popularity to give people an extra reason to come together and party. But this year promises to be even more electric with the presence of Jason, his brother, Travis Kelce, and Travis’ popstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Moreover, the three are big influencers for the dynamic hype around the already popular game. Admittedly, in the past many non-football fans joined in the fun for the parties, great food, and of course the multimillion-dollar commercials that air during the breaks.

Jason Kelce Wins The Internet With His Super Bowl Commercials

According to NBC, the average cost of a thirty-second ad spot during the Super Bowl this year was $7 million. Not only that, but this is two years in a row every single ad second costs more than $200,000. But Jason Kelce is taking the Internet by storm with the early sneak peeks of his partnership with Frank’s RedHot Sauce. While he’s not playing in the game he is certain to be there cheering on his younger brother Travis Kelce and watching the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers. Notably, fans already think Jason has won the Internet with his ads.

Jason Kelce Loves Hot Sauce

Undeniably, Jason Kelce is showing his deep love of football and hot sauce on Instagram. While Philadelphia Eagles fans already love Jason, now the rest of the world is getting to know him with his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to have a brother dating a high-profile pop star like Taylor Swift. But his contract with Frank’s is hot! Markedly, he will star in multiple videos showing him showering “everything” with Frank’s RedHot Sauce, including Oreos.

Jason Kelce’s Kitchen

During another clip, Jason Kelce makes fun of his shirtless Buffalo Bills game viral video. In the intro, he says, “Hey, welcome to Kelce’s kitchen,” then proceeds to show his cooking skills. Within the ad, Jason tears off T-shirt after T-shirt showing the famous Buffalo chicken dip. Although he gets slightly hung up ripping off one of the shirts, he candidly takes it in stride and continues. Then he finishes the video with a violent scream as if the Super Bowl was already won. Fans give their thoughts in the comments.

  • “Best ad ever 🙌🔥”
  • “This is gold.”
  • “This is the content I need in my life 🔥.”
  • “This is epic! My fave collaboration ever!”
  • “Outstanding.”
  • Someone comments on Jason Kelce being over the top. “So extra and I love it.”
  • “By far the best ad I’ve ever seen! Love it 🔥great job @franksredhot …. TOUCHDOWN!”

What do you think about Jason Kelce’s new Internet sensation? Do you think it is already the best Super Bowl commercial? Drop your comments below.

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