‘Jeopardy!’ Fans FURIOUS As Ken Jennings Makes Poor Ruling

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Wednesday’s episode of Jeopardy! did not do Ken Jennings any favors. There was a moment during the episode where the game show host made a decision that left viewers at home incredibly frustrated. Fans took to multiple social media problems to rip Ken Jennings for making a poor ruling and applying unnecessary pressure to a contestant who clearly got the answer right. What happened during the episode that left viewers at home so upset? Keep reading for a recap.

Jeopardy! Fans FURIOUS As Ken Jennings Makes Poor Ruling

During last night’s episode, fans watched a face-off between Pam Sung, Alex Lamb, and Brian Ross. Pat Sung is a scientist and a physician from New York. Alex is a data scientist from California. And, Brian Ross is an attorney who is also from California.

It was during the Double Jeopardy! round for $1,200 that Alex Lamb answered a clue under “The Real (White House) Wives of D.C.” category.

She met the future president in 1938 when they both tried out for a local play in Whittier, California

Alex Lamb buzzed in and answered, “Who is Nixon?”

Jeopardy YouTube Clue

Unfortunately, the Jeopardy! host was not happy with the answer and pressured Alex Lamb to be a little more specific. Now, Alex was referring to Richard Nixon’s wife Pat. When Ken Jennings put him on the spot for a more specific answer he botched it and accidentally said “Richard” instead of “Pat.”

A frustrated and startled look washed over Alex’s face. He knew instantly that he messed up and said Richard’s name instead of Pat’s.

After Alex Lamb basically gave his contestants the answer… His score dropped to $3,000. His competitor Brian buzzed in with the correct answer “Pat.”

Ken Jennings on Jeopardy! / YouTube

Viewers Are Not Happy With The Host

On Reddit, fans of Jeopardy! were furious. They argued that Alex clearly got the answer right when he said “Nixon.” Fans believed he shouldn’t have gotten it wrong because he said Richard instead of Pat when Ken caught him off guard by pushing back.

One frustrated fan penned: “That is bizarre. What other First Lady with the last name of Nixon did they did they have in mind that would be a plausible response?”

“Really, really did not like the BMS on the Nixon clue — clue already had a “she,” the theme of the category was already set, just didn’t make sense.” A second agreed.

Alex Lamb on Jeopardy - YouTube

Alex Lamb himself also jumped into the Reddit thread. He admitted his brain had already moved passed the clue and was looking toward the next one. So, he was caught off guard by Ken’s request and panicked.

You can imagine that once I answered Nixon, my mind pivoted completely to the next clue. So when I was asked for clarification, I got caught flatfooted and that’s how it goes! Should have paused and answered.”

Another fan responded to Alex that they definitely should have accepted his answer.

Did you watch yesterday’s episode? What did you think of Ken Jennings pushing back on Alex Lamb to elaborate on his answer? Do you think Alex got the question right? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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