‘Jeopardy!’ Favorite Smokes Competition in Latest JIT Match

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Jeopardy!‘s Invitational Tournament quarterfinals continued with an all-new April 1 match between Sam Buttrey, Colby Burnett, and Lilly Chin.

The returning players all have a strong reputation, whether it is Lilly’s title as 2017’s College Championship winner, Colby’s turn as 2023’s Teachers Tournament Winner, or Sam’s 2021 win in the Professor’s Tournament, these contenders all have some serious game, but only one could advance to the semifinals.

Sam Buttrey on Jeopardy!

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That honor belonged to fan-favorite Sam who smoked the competition, coming out of Final Jeopardy! with an impressive score of $29,601 against Lilly’s $3,000 and Colby’s $5,199. Despite coming out on top, Sam’s biggest competition for the match was Colby who was pretty close in Double Jeopardy! until Sam found the third Daily Double, doubling his score to $21,200 giving him an advantage as he finished out the round with $24,400 against Colby’s $14,800.

Ultimately, it all boiled down to Final Jeopardy with the category, “Novel Title Objects,” with the clue, “A girl in a 1950 novel walks into this & ‘got in among the coats and rubbed her face against them.’” The correct response was, “What Is wardrobe?”

Sam was the only player to deliver the correct answer, adding $5,201 to his score. Needless to say, Sam’s gameplay impressed viewers and fans who took to social media to react to his latest victory.

“Sam Buttrey is that rara avis, an older person whose buzzer skills and rapid recall are on a par with his broad knowledge base. What an inspiration!,” one fan commented on Reddit.

“I am wooting for the bon viviant and man about town. Bring it!,” another fan wrote.

See more fan reactions, below, and let us know what you thought of Sam’s latest victory in the comments section.

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