Leslie Fhima Reveals Shocking Talks Of Future With Gerry Turner

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Golden Bachelor runner-up Leslie Fhima revealed shocking details about off-camera conversations she had with Gerry Turner. In fact, she revealed that they spent time in the fantasy suite talking about their future together. She shared all about what he had to say in one of her first post-show interviews. Keep reading to find out more about Leslie’s revelations.

Leslie Fhima reveals shocking conversations with Gerry Turner

Golden Bachelor runner-up Leslie Fhima opened up on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast about conversations she had in private with Gerry Turner. They spent the night together with no cameras which Gerry reportedly made promises to Leslie that he failed to keep.

In this bombshell interview, Leslie revealed that Gerry told her things he never should have. She said, “He made plans with me for [the] future. He said kind of, like, ‘Save the date, this is what we’re going to do. I can’t wait for us. [In] two more days, we’ll be done with this [and] be together, start our life.’ Did he say, ‘Will you marry me?’ in there, no, but he all but said that. I would’ve been happy with just, ‘I love you,’ but he took it to a different level.”

Leslie went on to say, “We woke up the next morning and he left [and] turned around three times and blew me kisses. He didn’t want to leave. That’s why I wasn’t worried that he was going on a date [with Theresa]. I just knew that he had to get through the motions of it. And I mean, I was 100 percent sure that I was it. … He didn’t say, ‘I have such a hard decision to make.’ Nothing like that.”

Leslie Fhima and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube
Leslie Fhima and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

She didn’t get the closure she wanted

During the season finale of The Golden Bachelor Leslie Fhima faced Gerry Turner for the first time since he didn’t choose her. She revealed during this interview that she didn’t get closure from Gerry. However, she got closure with herself.

She realizes that he must make choices but Leslie said he could have chosen not to say those things to her and make promises he couldn’t keep. While she didn’t get closure she’s not even sure if anything he said would have given her what she needed.

Gerry did offer an apology at the finale but she declined to accept it.

Now, she isn’t even sure she can have any respect for him. She thought he was harsh with the words he said. So, in the end, she does not have respect for him anywhere, he hurt her.

What do you think about what Leslie revealed that Gerry said to her in the fantasy suites?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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