Lisa Vanderpump Clears Up Jax Taylor’s ‘Scripted’ Show Allegations

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Lisa Vanderpump is clearing up the allegations made by Jax Taylor that Vanderpump Rules is “scripted.” He went on a rampage, not just about the show but his former boss. So, what does LVP have to say about Jax and his claims? Keep reading for more details.

Lisa Vanderpump Clears Up Jax Taylor’s ‘Scripted’ Show Allegations

When it was coming to the end of Jax Taylor’s run on Vanderpump Rules, his arrogance had gone off the charts. He always felt that he was the number one guy in the group but it had reached another level. There came a point where he referred to the show as his thus why it was so successful. This did not sit well with Lisa Vanderpump who had been his boss at SUR for many years. After Season 8, he and his wife, Brittany Cartwright exited the series though it is unclear if they were axed.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8/YouTube
Vanderpump Rules Season 8-YouTube

Now, with the estranged couple on the Pump Rules spinoff, The Valley, Jax’s presence is very much known. So far, he has made two appearances on his OG series. The most recent was April 23rd and he had to deal with LVP for the first time since he exited the series in 2020. Lisa let him know that she felt slighted when he called her a prop on the show. Most recently, Jax also said this of the show’s cast:

“They don’t even hang out with each other. Show me a scripted show and I’ll show you f**king Vanderpump Rules. Scripted! Scripted! I’ve been on this show for nine f**king years, this is scripted. l’ll be on next week, and I’ll tell you what: it was scripted! This is disastrous. Don’t get me wrong, when we started, it was awesome. About seasons 1 through 6, it was organic, it was real. Now everybody starts to have money, now it becomes fake. Everything after six seasons is a wash, it’s a f**king wash.”

@katericcio Jax Taylor slams Vanderpump Rules saying it’s all “scripted” then tells us about Tom Schwartz and his new girlfriend (and yes, that IS Stephen McGee from Summer House sitting next to him) #vanderpumprules #thevalley #jaxtaylor #tomschwartz #lalakent #arianamadix #katiemaloney #andycohen #lisavanderpump #tomsandoval #jameskennedy #vanderpumprulesseason11 #jax #kristendoute #brittanycartwright #summerhouse #bravo #bravotv #realitytv ♬ original sound – Kate Riccio | Recaps & Gossip

After hearing that, what did Lisa Vanderpump have to say? She clearly was not happy, according to ET, and took the time to correct the narrative during the opening of Wolf by Vanderpump at Harveys Lake Tahoe.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to say ‘scripted.’ Nobody can write a script like Vanderpump Rules. Oh my goodness. Maybe what Jax says is scripted. Maybe he sits at home, in his little bedroom and writes his own scripts. Well, what do I know? Anyway, for the most part, anything Jax says doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Apology Necessary

After the clip of Jax Taylor going off, which is normal for him, about the show being scripted, he realized he may have gone too far. In an episode of his When Reality Hits podcast that he does with Brittany Cartwright, he did address what he had said. He shared he regretted what he had said and that he was “embarrassed.” Whether or not Jax was just doing damage control is yet to be seen. His mission was to show that The Valley was a genuine show but he clearly missed the mark.

Do you believe what Lisa Vanderpump has to say about the show being unscripted? More so, do you think Jax ever has any remorse? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo followed by The Valley.

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