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The Love Island Games star opens up about his relationship status with Aurelia Lamprecht and what the future holds in store for them.

Johnny Middlebrooks was not exactly a social outcast on Love Island Games. The Virginia native became involved with multiple girls while in the Love Island Games villa. Eventually, he secured his spot in the finals with Aurelia Lamprecht. Even though the duo matched up during the very last days in the villa, it was obvious that there was a connection between the two from the start. But now that everyone has left the island, are Johnny and Aurelia still together?

Johnny’s ‘Deep Connection’ With Aurelia

While speaking to Life & Style, Johnny revealed his ongoing relationship status with Aurelia. “We talk to each other as much as we can,” Johnny said. “We FaceTime all the time, and I get to talk to her when the episodes come out and see how she feels.”

Johnny says that despite the fact he is no longer able to see Aurelia anytime he wants, it doesn’t mean that the spark is gone. “I don’t want you to think just because we’re not speaking every second of every day, that this isn’t something to nurture,” the Love Island veteran explained. “Because there’s no way that I can give you the same amount of energy that I did in this villa when I’m up in your face all day, every day, 24 hours a day. Let’s stay in contact.”

Even though the pair’s chemistry was evident from the start, Johnny resents the fact that viewers didn’t see more of Aurelia’s softer side. “We talked so much and we had such a deep connection in there. And I hate that they don’t show more of her. They just showed us kissing the whole time,” he says of their time in the villa. “I just want people, from my mouth, to know that Aurelia is genuinely such a sweet kindhearted soul. And they didn’t show that. And that sucks because when she calls me and she’s sad about it, I hate that.”

Johnnny Middlebrooks ad Aurelia Lamprecht.on 'Love Island Games' | Courtesy of Peacock
Johnny Middlebrooks and Aurelia Lamprecht on ‘Love Island Games’ | Courtesy of Peacock

When it comes down to their actual relationship status, Johnny is unable to truly define it. “But as far as us dating or being super romantic right now, it’s almost impossible from different countries,” he concludes. “But yeah, we’re good. We’re really, really tapped in.”

Aurelia On Defining Her Relationship With Johnny

For Aurelia, her time on Love Island Games was an experience that she’ll never forget. The Love Island Germany star took to social media to summarize her time in the villa. “I will definitely be making a statement and giving interviews about everything that has happened in the next few days. Unfortunately, not much was shown, despite everything,” Aurelia wrote on her November 20th Instagram Story.

“Love Island Games was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life! English is still not my first language and it was the biggest challenge of my life to get this far,” Aurelia revealed. “Even though I had so many fears that people wouldn’t understand me or that I wouldn’t be able to connect with someone because I wouldn’t be able to express myself in the same way as in German.”

In an interview with USA Insider, Aurelia opened up about her connection with Johnny. “He’s a beautiful soul, I feel very sad that he gets so much hate,” Aurelia said. “I mean the things with Jess and Liberty was not the nicest, and Courtney too. I can say that to me, he was the sweetest guy ever. He treated me with so much respect … I cannot say that he’s a bad guy, because, in my opinion, he was always genuine and honest.”

Looking ahead to the future of her relationship with Johnny, Aurelia is hesitant to place labels on what they have. “It’s hard to describe what we have because I cannot say it is a friendship, but I cannot say we really date because of the distance, but maybe we look at what can happen in the future,” she said. “This was a big experience and so much happened on social media, and I think we both just need time. I’m thankful that we have each other and are talking to each other. It means a lot to me.”

Do you think that Johnny and Aurelia have a shot at a committed relationship? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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