‘MasterChef Junior’ Season 9 Winner Speaks Out After Dramatic Finale & Reveals What’s Next

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[Warning: The below contains spoilers for MasterChef Junior.]

Confetti rained down as the MasterChef Junior Season 9 winner was named on Fox. The finale saw Bryson McGlynn, Michael Seegobin, and Remy Powell facing off. These young culinary dynamos put all their skills into preparing a three-course meal including appetizer, entrée and dessert. Adding to the challenge was that they had to incorporate flambé into their first course.

Despite the heated competition, the Top 3 supported one another while family and other young chefs cheered for them. “We’ve never had a closer finale,” Gordon Ramsay said. He along with other judges Tilly Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Daphne Oz had the difficult job of choosing who walked away with the $100,000 prize, all the accoutrements for a dream kitchen, coveted trophy, and the title of MasterChef Junior.

After deliberation the panel of pros chose McGlynn! The now 12-year-old grillmaster from Opelika, Alabama brought the wow factor to his marinated red prawns accompanied by hush puppies Wagyu filet mignon, and peanut butter mousse crunch cake. We caught up with McGlynn to reflect on the competition and what’s next.

MasterChef Junior FInale Season 9

Photo by: Greg Gayne. © 2024 FOX Media LLC.

You were so emotional throughout this competition. What was it like to hear your name as the winner of MasterChef Junior Season 9? 

Bryson McGlynn: It was really great. I’ve always wanted to be on the show. Then getting on the show was a big accomplishment. Making it to the finale was huge for me. Now winning has been amazing.

What do you think made you stand out among the others? 

First off, Michael and Remy are amazing cooks. I want to say congratulations. I think one big thing was I always nailed the meat that I cooked.

The last challenge before the finale you broke down in tears, frustrated by the presentation of your Duck a l’Orange. Michael and others came to comfort you. What did that mean to you? 

Honestly, amazing. I always say cooking brings people together, and everyone who cooks is a huge family. That showed we were all a big family.

How was it to have that support system through this process? 

I had my dad there with me. He wasn’t always on set, but he was with me the entire way.

Gordon Ramsay and Bryson

Photo by: Greg Gayne. © 2024 FOX Media LLC.

Gordon is this intimidating figure, but he took a liking to you. He gave you words of encouragement when you maybe felt at your lowest. How was it getting to know him and the other judges? 

They gave us so many amazing tips about cooking and plating, which helped me out. I also think it helped the others out as well. One big thing I learned through the competition was desserts because I didn’t do a lot of those. Doing them now, they’ve helped me out a lot…The judges impacted me a lot. I always say there is a lot of passion in what you do. I had a lot of passion for cooking. It made me more passionate just meeting the judges.

What did you think of the final product of your three courses? 

It was cool because, in the South, we have different flavors. All of them are amazing. So it’s cool to represent them like I did.

What was your favorite challenge this season?

It was probably doing the dessert because we got to use liquid nitrogen. It made me feel like a crazy scientist.

You won the first challenge of the season, the “Eating Emoji” cookie challenge. What kind of confidence booster was that for you?

It was a big confidence boost because I wasn’t confident in myself coming into this kitchen. Those barbecuing and grilling competitions I did.  I didn’t do well. So, winning the first one helped me for sure.

What was the biggest obstacle you think for you this season? 

I’d say the hardest part was the time constraints because you only have an hour to prepare whereas the barbeque and grilling competitions I’ve done, you may have three hours. It was really difficult juggling with the time.

MasterChef Junior - Michael, Bryson and Remy

Photo by: Greg Gayne. © 2024 FOX Media LLC.

Your dad participates in competitions as well. You’ve watched him as well as been in them. How did that help you in this environment? 

Just the fact I could always nail the meats because we did that a lot in barbeque and cooking competitions.

What’s next for you? 

I want to explore different cultures of food and try to make different things and refine my skills.

Daphne mentioned she expects you to own your own place one day. Is that what you want to do? 

I really want to open up my own restaurant. I want to have food trucks where I can take the amazing food I ook and travel all around the world with it.

What do you plan to do with the money? 

I want to use it to open a food truck and get started. I am going to save some of it and be responsible. I plan to put some toward college and culinary school.

Tell me about your parent-run Instagram page. 

First off my account is cookinwithcheesecurd. Just starting up in one spot in my life where I can do different things. Cooking was a big thing I wanted to do and learned more about it. That’s what took the page over my page.

Where in the house do you plan to put the trophy? Have they started working on the kitchen yet? 

I plan to put the trophy in a case because I really do not want to break it or have my dog run into something and knock it over. We want to remodel our kitchen and make it look really nice.

Anything you want to say about this experience? 

I want to congratulate  Remy and Michael again for getting to where they have gotten. One big thing is I want to say to people is always follow your dreams.

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