‘Naked And Afraid’ Promo Teases Twist To ‘Weed Out The Weak’

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Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing is coming to Discovery in July, and the franchise is making one major change. According to the synopsis, there will actually be a challenge on the very first day of the competition that promises to eliminate and “weed out the weak.”

Here is what you need to know about the new upcoming season of Naked and Afraid and its changes.

Naked And Afraid Making Major Changes For Last One Standing Season

Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing is coming to Discovery, and there will be some significant changes to the game in the new season. The first big change will completely alter how players play the game. The 14 all-stars will no longer be allowed to share their tools with each other.

Naked and Afraid | YouTube
Naked and Afraid | YouTube

This means that survivalists cannot help each other or create minor factions. This new rule means that literally, every survivalist is on their own. The winner brings home $100,000. This season, the show takes place in Africa’s Munzwa Valley, which provides a fresh landscape and new dangers for the survivalists.

The first-look trailer even has a person saying that exact quote when they repeat, “It’s every survivalist for themselves.” Another competitor simply says, “Today, I fight.” The challenge will last for 45 days.

However, there is another change coming this season as well. On Day One, a head-to-head challenge takes place that will result in a double elimination before the survivalists even make it to camp. This means two people go home before even getting to the location. The show claims this will “weed out the weak.”

What To Expect From Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing

In addition to the new twist of sending two people home at the start and taking away their ability to help each other, there are other new things to expect. The Naked and Afraid promos say there is a “harsh killing zone” with lions, leopards, and hyenas. There is even a point where rhinos and baboons force the players out of their camp.

The narrator says in the video that every minute of every day is competition. It also looks like there might be more danger, as an ambulance actually shows up one day at the camp, making it look like not everyone is walking out of the competition unharmed.

Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing premiers on Sunday, July 14, at 8/7c on Discovery. The competitors are all-stars who have survived between 100 and 200 days in past seasons. The season’s top competitors are Gary Golding (182 days) and Jeff Zausch (245 days).

What are your thoughts on the new season of Naked and Afraid? Are you excited to see the new changes and returning survivalists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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